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Help save Belgium's last forests!

Belgium is a country that is densily populated and very ' concreted' but in the south we still have some forests with great biodiversity : The Ardennes. These green lungs, are now threatened by developers who want to exploit natural areas there. How is this possible? Local legislation has made 'Tiny houses' and other light structures legal since this year. In the village of Herbeumont, where we are setting up a permaculture project, this law is currently being 'abused' by a powerful property dev

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Remove the football goals from the basketball fields in Maastricht

We want to ask the city of Maastricht to remove the football goals from the basketball fields in Maastricht so we can safely play basketball whitout getting injured when we try a lay up or dunk. The football goals are preventing us from practicing the sport to the maximum. But also create an unsafe situation for players who attacking the ring with speed. We specifically talking about the 2 most used fields for basketball in Maastricht. The Griend and Sport park west. On a real Basketball field a

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Petition pour le rugby féminin à XV en Belgique / Petitie voor de XV Belgische rugby in Belgie

PETITION adressée à la fédération Belge de Rugby (NL hieronder) Le 12 juin, dans une newsletter adressée à ses membres et de façon laconique, la fédération Belge de Rugby annonçait la suppression de la coupe de Belgique féminine à XV. Un événement qui, à l’initiative de joueuses et de passionnées du rugby, a pourtant mis des années à se mettre en place et qui permet de rendre la saison des joueuses belges plus riche de compétition et d’échanges entre divisions. La fédération annonçait, dans un m

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Red de Paalcamping: De Nederlandse natuur is van iedereen

[English below] Ondanks dat Nederland een ontzettend dichtbevolkt en bebouwd land is, heeft het een rijkdom aan bossen en natuur zoals de Veluwe en de Biesbosch. Eén manier om van het publieke goed van de Nederlandse natuur gebruik te maken was de zogenaamde ¨paalcamping¨, de enige mogelijkheid in het land om daadwerkelijk een nachtje in ruige, onverstoorde natuur door te brengen. De campings, beheerd door het staatsbosbeheer zijn sinds de Coronamaatregelen gesloten en sinds 1 Juni is er beslot

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Keep the Heikantberg green

We, the signatories of this petition, hereby request the College of Mayor and Aldermen of the municipality of Rotselaar, the Permanent Deputation of the province of Flemish Brabant and the Flemish Government to immediately suspend any further fragmentation and reduction the forest stock in the Heikantberg residential park area in Rotselaar. We request the Flemish Government to give priority to the implementation of the Forest Decree on the protection of the Most Vulnerable Valuable Forests. We r

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Stop lightpollution

Lichtpollutie, niet vele liggen er wakker van maar het is er zeker en vast. Met deze petitie willen we een halt toeroepen aan de lichtpollutie.Steden, gemeenten, dorpjes en gehuchten zouden snachts minder lichten moeten laten branden (uitgezonderd op-afritten, kruispunten, oversteekplaatsen) Laat de mensen genieten van de sterrenhemel.Bij voldoende handtekeningen zal de petitie doorgestuurd worden naar de ENVI afdeling van het Europese parlement...   Delen is lief ;)------------Lightpollution, m

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We are against the rule for NIGHT SHOPS to open till 10 pm.

I am the owner of Night Shop.I am against the rule to open the shops till 10pm.Why is this discrimination with only Night shops &  if only we are spreading corona ?We are using all the measures that govt. has asked to follow.Then why with us only this discrimination & if we don't have families,if we don't pay the required taxes or if we don't have expenses!!Please stand together to fight with this dictator rules of the government.

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Appeal against the Qm2 Exam decision

Students should not suffer disadvantages due to mistakes made by the university which could have a negative impact on their future university career. This disqualification of grades is based solely on the error of the university to implement randomazation in the exams. Due to this misconduct on the part of the university, the Gpa and overall Gpa are interpreted as a disadvantage for the students. Furthermore, no costs for further educational measures will be reimbursed. Furthermore, the quiz sco

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We ask for Blue Air airline investigation regarding the way they managed the ticket cancelation situation!

I've created this online petition to draw the attention of the competent authorities in order to start the investigation on the Blue Air airline and the way of operating the canceled tickets / vouchers issued, during the state of emergency / alert. During the coronavirus pandemic,  from March 15th to June 30th , all Blue Air flights were canceled and for customers were issued vouchers, many of the customers not even received them. The main problem is that the VOUCHERS CANNOT BE USED ON-LINE (the

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Shades of color Lego bricks must become better, pricing is high so quality as well

 The last months we see lots of problems with shades of color in new LEGO sets, even in new sets like 42115 (lamborghini sian), 75979 (hedwig) and 75275 ( a-wing starfighter). The problem was already known for dark red and dark blue but now also happening with white and newer colors. We would like to send this petition afterwards to LEGO in order to inform them that we AFOL's are not happy with this problem because sets are expensive if you compare them with other copycat brands.

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