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Please sign a petition for Nayatt to have 4 third grade classrooms & reasonable class sizes for 2022-2023

August 25, 2022 Barrington School Committee Superintendent Michael Messore 261 Middle Highway Barrington, RI 02806   Via email:    Dear Chairwoman Bae, Members of the Barrington School Committee and Superintendent Messore:  We are deeply concerned about the third-grade class sizes at Nayatt School for the upcoming school year. Historically, there have been at least four classrooms for third-grade students at Nayatt. This year a decision was made to elim

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Petition against the implementation of a Ban on the Export of Scrap Metal from South Africa

The proposed ban, by the government of South Africa on the export of scrap, is being justified by the South African government as the only feasible option to effectively address the theft of infrastructure materials affecting the South African economy. We ask that you sign the petition here below, if you are in support of the viewpoints expressed by RASA - the Recycling Association of South Africa.

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National Transparent Youth Football Coaches Background Check Register

Please sign the petition to request USA FOOTBALL, the National Governing Organization of youth football in the United States to: 1. Administer background checks for all coaches, volunteers, and football event operators in the United States; 2. Be the sole approved administrator of background checks for all youth football teams and leagues in the United States;3. Administer the Safe Sport Act Certification; 4. Provide a transparent online portal for any PARENT or other interested parties to verif

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Heart signs of encouragement on the trail

Hi there, My name is Kim Bell and I am asking for your support. My hope is to change the minds of city officials to put up my heart signs of encouragement along the bike trail through Hiawatha and Cedar Rapids. I started these "hearts" during the pandemic and after the Derecho. With walking on the trail daily I felt I needed a "pick me up" that would motivate me. The city took down and disposed of at least 20 of my signs, as they were not approved and seen as litter. Attached are some pictures o

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 Short Story:Please sign this petition to stop IPL/AES from destroying your backyard trees and ask them to instead use underground directional boring to bury the power-lines to not only save the trees, property value, privacy, animal habitat, and shade for generations to come...but to permanently reduce the threat of power outages caused by downed trees.Long Story:As you already know...IPL/AES has contracted Iowa-based Wright Tree Service to butcher our shar

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Stop the metal roof mandate

I, the undersigned, do not want the association rules to be changed as recently proposed. Homeowners must be allowed to replace their roofs with asphalt tiles should they so choose.

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Declaration of Texas Border with Mexico as an Invasion

Though securing the border is the federal government's responsibility, the Constitution empowers state governments to act when our federal government refuses.   Article I, Section 10, Clause 3 of the U.S. Constitution states, "No State shall, without the Consent of Congress, lay any Duty of Tonnage, keep Troops, or Ships of War in time of Peace, enter into any Agreement or Compact with another State, or with a foreign Power, or engage in War, unless actually invaded, or in such imminent Danger a

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Removal of the DA councillor for eThekwini Ward 34

We the residents of eThekwini Ward 34 have enough of the lack lustre performance of Ward Councillor Bobby Maharaj of the DA. We have endured water outages , electricity outages all due to poor maintenance, lack of maintenance and vandalism. When these issue are brought to the councillors attention he shows no empathy to residents and picks and chooses you he responds to with varying degrees of success. The councillor spends his days shifting messages between various social media platforms and av

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Canaryville residents say NO to a ZONING CHANGE at 4746 S. Union

Canaryville residents deserve better! That's why we are vehemently opposed to a zoning change request that would increase the number of apartments at 4746 S. Union from TWO to THREE apartment units. The 11th Ward Alderman's office has a thick file on the countless public safety issues that 4746 S. Union and its renters have posed to our community over the years. It's also located on a block that has two other troubled rental properties. If approved, this zoning change will increase the number of

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Neighbor Support for Camp Curiosity's Variance Request from Plumstead Township

As neighbors to Camp Curiosity and Jeremiah Thomas, we wish to express our desire for Plumstead Township to approve Camp Curiosity's request for a zoning variance in order to continue offering pickleball and other programs that are currently restricted by the R3 zoning. Camp Curiosity has long been a staple in Doylestown offering excellent programming and a beautiful property.  Jeremiah and his family have served the neighborhood faithfully and are excellent neighbors.  

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