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Spectrum Internet on or around Ballard Rd in Fuquay Varina

Spectrum internet has long denied laying the cable for their services up and down Ballard Rd in Fuquay Varina. Their claim is that there are not enough people to justify them extending their network.  The best way to get them to lay their cables is to show them with hard data the number of people willing to switch to their services. With the new housing divisions going in on Ballard Rd, I'm sure the number of people would be in the hundreds. The reason for this petition is to provide their buisn

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Mr. Tamosaitis is planning to lave next year. He thinks the students don't want him anymore, and he's heard students making fun of him more than once. I'm sure he's hurt about that. He's a brilliant musician, just a kind of bad teacher, mostly because he's old. I've heard he used to be an amazing teacher too. Knowing that students support him and want him as their teacher would give hime something to live for, especially after his wife's passing. I'm kindly asking anyone who has him for an orche

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Make Masks in Optional

Make masks optional! Healthy adults and children should not be forced - by the school district - to wear masks when the benefit of wearing a mask is highly questionable and can lead to additional health concerns. Please SIGN this petition which asks policymakers to reverse mandatory mask mandates in the KGBSD schools.  The KGBSD did a survey in July 2021. One of the questions was: "Taking into consideration CDC guidelines, would you feel comfortable with masks being optional for students" 76.2%

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More security guards at East Allegheny Jr./Sr. High School and Logan Elementary School

We should have more security guards in both the East Allegheny Jr./Sr. High School and Logan Elementary School to protect our children from the numerous fights that have occurred mainly in the Jr./Sr. High School. By signing this petition you are agreeing to support the presence of more security guards in our district's schools. 

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Allow Unvaxxed people entry into Malls in Singapore

The original petition had been removed on 12 Oct'21 morning! Censorship by Big Tech again! It has garnered more than 7350 signatures as of 11 Oct'21 night! Please sign this petition to let your voice be heard again! Allow unvaxxed people to enter malls in Singapore! Singapore is a densely-populated island and most goods n services are concentrated in malls for this reason. How can unvaxxed people be denied of important, including essential, goods n services for themselves n their families? This

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Forensic Audit of the 2020 election with a focus on rank choice voting

Stolen identities which happened twice in Alaska in the last year through the division of elections and the division of health and human services will predictably result in stolen elections  All across the country starting with Arizona forensic audits are resulting in reversing the initial results of elections  Audits are not the same thing as forensic audits The Lt Governor of Alaska was advised and warned to avoid purchasing Dominion machines by multiple informed Alaskans,  Kevin Myer ignored

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Keep the Johnson Park Animal Haven OPEN

The animal haven at Johnson Park has been open for 80 years. There is no reason why an updated emergency plan should not be implemented BEFORE even considering closing it! The animals are well cared for and host THOUSANDS of happy visitors every week!People in the community love the animals. Schools, camps, groups representing the disabled, and so many more frequently visit the park animals in this sanctuary.The animal haven is home to surrendered animals, often unable to survive in the wild. Th

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Shortened Quarantine Period for Butler R-V Schools

I support a shortened quarantine period of 7 days (currently 14 days) for COVID "close contacts" as long as no symptoms are present.  I would also support my student potentially masking for the second 7 days after returning to school, should the board deem this absolutely necessary to allow the shortened quarantine period.   Children that are not sick belong IN school!

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Steve Jobs needs to have a 2nd funeral

Due to recent events it has come to my knowledge that Steve Jobs is dead. Now at first this may not be of suprize to you but what if I was to tell you... HE'S ALIVE AGAIN! Well that would be a lie but now I bet your sad like me. Ok good now that we are all sad and remembering the good times we all had with Steve Jobs I can tell you what this petition is for. I made this petition because now that we are all sad that Steve Jobs is dead again the only way we can put our hearts to rest is by digging

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Joseph J. Pandolfo for NAARSO President

Per NAARSO constitution section 1 (b ), "Additional nominations for any office may be made by written petition signed by not less than 100 voting members of the Association, provided such petition is presented to the Secretary of the Association by January 1st of the even numbered year in which such election is due to be held." To have the name of a Candidate printed upon the Official Ballot for the 2022 National Association of Amusement Ride Safety Officials (NAARSO) Election of Officers. We th

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