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Declare Pennsylvania November 2020 Election in Dispute

     We, the undersigned, petition in the strongest possible terms our Pennsylvania Legislature to declare the November 3, 2020 election to be in dispute, due to extreme election fraud.  The Pennsylvania Supreme Court and the Pennsylvania Secretary of State took actions which had the effect of writing law.  The People of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania have only given that authority to the Legislature under the Pennsylvania Constitution.       The Secretary of State directed County Election Off

Created: 2020-12-26

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درخواست بازگرداندن تکایای تاریخی معاون الملک و بیگلربیگی کرمانشاه به زنجیره‌ی گردشگری استان کرمانشاه

محضر وزیر محترم میراث فرهنگی، گردشگری و صنایع دستی؛ ،جناب آقای دکتر علی اصغر مونسان همانطور که مستحضر هستید به دنبال پخش یک کلیپ مربوط به سالیان گذشته در مجموعه‌ی تاریخی معاون الملک کرمانشاه اعتراضاتی نسبت به این رخداد در شهر کرمانشاه شکل گرفت که دامنه‌ی آن به تجمع معترضین در محوطه‌ی تکیه‌ی معاون الملک کشیده شد. بدیهی است که اعتراض به رخداد مذکور از طریق قانون حق همه‌ی معترضین بوده و هست و کسی نمی‌تواند این حق را از ایشان سلب کند، اما در کمال تأسف اخباری مبنی بر احتمال تعطیلی تکایای تاریخی معاون

Created: 2020-12-25

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Change The Hunting Laws For People With Disabilities!

To: PA Game Commissioners   What changes are requested? *The antler restriction for people with disabilities, would be changed to that of the youth restrictions. *The allowing of people with disabilities to hunt during the youth and special firearms seasons or to have a special season for those with disabilities be created.   The reasons for these requests are as follows: 1 With the added movement that it takes with a disability, or the added help and/or voice communication of a guide; the disab

Created: 2020-12-24

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Please support not rezoning or developing 140 Waltrip Ln off Lake Powell rd.

Lake Powell Road area residents ask that James City County deny the planning, rezoning and building of 140 Waltrip Ln. Lake powell rd cannot handle another 17 duplexes, 12 single family homes or the additional 60 to 120+ vehicles that would use it daily. There is only one way in or out of Lake powell rd. This development would also infringe on the old home place and cemetery of 4 generations. Let's keep this area green for the wildlife and generations to come.

Created: 2020-12-23

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Vaccines for Americans Abroad

Over 9 million Americans live, work & represent the US abroad. Sign here to demand the US government provides access to vaccines for Americans abroad. 

Created: 2020-12-23

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Petition to Halt the Purchase of New Voting Equipment

We, the citizens of Stark County, petition the Stark County Commissioners: Richard Regula (president), Bill Smith (vice-president), and Janet Weir Creighton (member), Jeff Matthews (director), Regine Johnson (deputy director of Stark County Board of Elections), Travis Secrest (administrative assistant, Stark County Board of Elections), and the Stark County Board of Elections: Samuel J. Ferruccio, Jr (chairman), Frank C. Braden, William S. Cline, and Dimitrios Pousoulides. We reject the use of Do

Created: 2020-12-23

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International Treaty to Protect and Restore Mother Earth

International Treaty to Protect and Restore Mother Earth Preamble We, the Members of the Human Family speak as one, guided by the sacred teachings and spiritual traditions of the Four Directions that uplift, guide, protect, warn, inspire and challenge the entire Human Family to live in ways that sustain and enhance human life and the lives of all who dwell on Mother Earth.  We hereby dedicate our lives and energies to healing and developing ourselves, the web of relationships that make our worl

Created: 2020-12-22

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Release Mr. Ali Wazir

Dear Sir/Madam, As you might have heard through the media, Pakistani police have arrested Mr. Ali Wazir, who is an elected member of the national assembly of Pakistan and a prominent member of Pashtun Tahafuz (Protection) Movement (PTM). He is accused of passing derogatory remarks against state institutions (Pakistani military) during his speech to a huge gathering in Karachi on 6th December, 2020. The speech is on the record and the only remarks Ali Wazir has used are a cry for justice and acco

Created: 2020-12-21

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Say 'No' to Proposed ICN project on 248th Ave - Naperville

Please ONLY sign this online petition if you have NOT already signed the paper petition. The Islamic Center of Naperville (ICN) is seeking approval to develop a mosque, K-5 school, multi-purpose hall, gymnasium and expansion to mosque on 248th Ave. (between 95th St and 103rd St). This is to be built in an entirely residential area, surrounded by homes, parks, walking trails and bike paths. Say 'No' to the proposed oversized ICN development and dangerous traffic conditions it will create. Please

Created: 2020-12-19

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This is a petition to change OHOA deed restrictions rules to allow portable basketball goals without the need to enclose them in a structure or screen them from view.

To the Olympic Height Board members and OHOA, Inc. (℅ RealManage):   This is a petition to ammend Section 3.15 of the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (Deed Restrictions) for OHOA, Inc. in part from: "Portable basketball goals are not allowed except when in use.  Portable goals, when not in use, must be stored in an enclosed structure or screened from view at all times." To: "Portable basketball goals are allowed. Portable goals, when not in use, must not obstruct sidewalks

Created: 2020-12-18

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