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Cellular Tower in Blue River, WI

As citizens of Blue River, we are requesting that US Cellular provide the Village of Blue River with adequate cellular coverage throughout the entire town. As citizens, we all know that cellular coverage throughout Blue River is spotty at best. Please remedy this situation for us all.

Created: 2010-12-05 Statistics

Save iClubpenguin (icp)

Icp is a fun clubpenguin site where you can get ANY item you want! Its SO fun! but sadly. . . . its come to an end because Disney sent icp a letter saying tht they wanted icp GONE! I dont think that is very fair and im sure many people agree with me! SO if YOU want icp or you Know other people who LOVE icp please sighn my petition!

Created: 2010-10-19 Statistics

We Hereby Claim that Kim Michaels Has No Rights to the Assets of the Shangra-la Mission or its Subsi

Note: For updated information 2011, see the announcement (link above) and We hereby declare the independence of the non profit Shangra-la Mission, and any of its subsidiaries, from any ties to the Ask Real Jesus website or its creator, Kim Michaels. Through the circumstances of the past year, July 2009 to the present, Kim Michaels has abandoned the Messenger, Lorraine Michaels, (herein called "the Messenger") the teachings, stude

Created: 2010-10-18 Statistics

No More Nylon Hair On The Bratz Dolls

    We doll collectors and bratz lovers  WORLDWIDE do no want cheap nylon hair on our dolls after 10 years of saran hair excellence!

Created: 2010-10-12 Statistics

For The return Of Hilarie Burton and Chad Michael Murray in Oth

  EveryBody wants Peyton sawyer and Lucas Scott to come back!!! One tree hill isn't One Tree hill without them and " True love always " and that's why we want them to come back ... Everybody loves them , loves their jokes , their pranks occasionally and also their advices very helpful for everybody ! Some people grew up with Them so why they don't Come Back ? That's why we ask you to sign this petition with us !!! we really need you to change things and then we'll send this petition to The CW :)

Created: 2010-08-15 Statistics

To stop animal cruelty and puppy mills

I do not like puppy mills or animal cruelty that much and i really think that we should not let the animals suffer any more so that is why i want to stop animal cruelty and puppy mills.

Created: 2010-07-08 Statistics

skip beat season 2

pleeeaaaassseee make the second season of skip beat... there is so many episodes that you could make... i'm very eager to watch it on anime....... onegaishimasu....  

Created: 2011-03-26 Statistics

Protect the horses involved in bull-fighting

I watched a couple of videos that had been posted on You Tube which involved very nasty incidents where some of the horses involved were very badly and mortally wounded.  Imagine having your abdomen slit with a blunt instrument which was wriggled around inside then dragged out, bringing all your insides out to drag on the floor, then standing, waiting for another attack to happen. I was horrified, and determined to take action to protect these gentle creatures. I understand that the perpitrators

Created: 2011-03-18 Statistics


To Every Parent and Tax payer... We the community have no rights.. These preditors have been located by "Our Justice System" and our "Department of Human Services"            Our Children can freely walk around UNAWARE  of his Identity, But Their Indentity is under lock and Key... PLEASE RALLY BEHIND ME AND SUPPORT MY REQUEST TO RELOCATE THEM ELSE WHERE.     NOT        GIPPSLAND.

Created: 2010-08-10 Statistics