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Pela Proibição dos Rodeios em Bauru

Ilmos. Srs. Vereadores Bauruenses,Há exatos  quinze anos Bauru perdeu a  grande oportunidade  de se tornar um dos primeiros municípios  brasileiros a banir a prática dos rodeios, mas, infelizmente, preferiu perder o bonde da história. A lei municipal bauruense nº  4.428, de 26 de julho de 1999, baseada em um projeto de lei de autoria do vereador Antônio Garms, por meio dos incisos IV e V de seu artigo 12, proibia a realização, em locais públicos ou privados, das práticas de "provas de laço e de

Created: 2014-07-24 Statistics

Neighbors Against Windstream

For many of us around the North Central Florida region we know all to well the horrible service that is provided to us by Windstream.  Everyday we must fill out the same forms over and over, because half way through your internet disconnected.  Many people in our area can not even watch a youtube video unless it is at 144p.  Netflix stops 10-15 times during a movie, and lets not forget the gamers whom are tired of having 150ms+ pings.  Then there are somethings that are more serious.  As a compu

Created: 2014-02-21 Statistics

Save Richard's Life

Hi, my name is chelsea I have a story that I would like to get out to the world. My dad, Richard Benish, is held unconstitutionally incarcerated at the Lincoln Correctional Center in Lincoln Ne. He was given a plea agreement of which I have papers to prove, it was a plea agreement for 10 years in prison, he accepted the plea agreement and they did not hold up there end he is now going on 12 years in prison. He recently developed cirrhosis of the liver About 2 years ago, he is now reaching his fi

Created: 2014-08-07 Statistics

End is giving pitbulls and Rottweilers an even worse rap than before that they don't deserve at all because they are loving dogs

Created: 2014-03-07 Statistics

جمع آوری امضاء برای ابطال حکم اعدام #سهیل_عربی

STOP EXECUTION OF SOHEIL ARABI IN IRAN   Death Sentence for “Insulting thes Prophet” on Facebook A blogger found guilty of insulting the Prophet Mohammad in his postings on Facebook has been sentenced to death. Soheil Arabi, will be able to appeal the decision until dec 20, 2014.

Created: 2014-11-26 Statistics

Immediate construction of Charles River Skatepark within 6 months

PLEASE SHARE!!! Over 10 years ago the plan to build this magnificent skatepark was underway and 10 years later the money has been raised and we still have not seen any progress. As a skateboarder born and raised in Boston, this outrages me. Please sign this petition so we can bring it to the Governer and get this project underway. No more lies and false hopes. Every year they say the park will be open, the last being an article stating the park to be open in 2013. Now it's mid 2014 and still not

Created: 2014-05-30 Statistics

We support Rasta and Gommida. We condemn Elsa Churum and Meskerem

We condemn Elsa Churum and (meshrefet webside) abuse campaign against honest Eritreans Mr Rasta and Gommida.We also predicts where is our money?

Created: 2014-03-06 Statistics


************** Feel free to sign this letter if you are a supporter of Highlands Nursery School in Melrose, MA. We would like this letter read to the church membership during their next meeting in early January, 2014. Not sure if for any other reason than making them aware of how we feel... Then we can begin the dialogue with regards to next steps. Thanks for reading and supporting!!  And please feel free to forward along. *************** December 19, 2013 Dear Melrose Highland Congregational Ch

Created: 2013-12-20 Statistics

Acknowledgement for Babies born before 24 weeks

I am fighting for the memory of my son Jacob Jaxon-Lewis Mclean, who was born at 18+3 week gestation on the 24th October 2013 at 9.10 and lived for twenty minutes. I was informed that i get no acknowledgement because he was born before 24 weeks gestation. I never stop fighting for my son, and in the end I was granted a birth and death certificate. A grieving parent should not have to extend their greif and heartbreak even more, in the UK a baby born before 24 weeks subsequently dies within 28 da

Created: 2014-03-22 Statistics

Save Farm Creek

  We, the undersigned, object to the construction of any new structure on the peninsula of land that extends into the MIDDLE of Farm Creek.  This land should be considered a part of the Farm Creek Open Space and preserved for generations to come.  

Created: 2013-10-16 Statistics