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2015 Spec Miata Cylinder Head Rules

Class Petition An appeal to SCCA and NASA   Intent: Compromise Spec Miata racers proposal to the SCCA/NASA Spec Miata Head Rules To: SCCA/NASA Spec Miata Rules Committee. A Call To Action By The Spec Miata Community Due to a protest and disqualification of several racers and pro motors at the runoffs, SCCA and NASA have met and have proposed reversing the current plunge cut head rule, in favor of returning to the rules in place in 2009. The Stock Head Rule. This means that any competitor who ha

Created: 2014-11-09 Statistics

Resignation of council members, Dan Struthers & Betty Braegelman

The citizens of the cities of Brooten MN and Belgrade MN, petition Belgrade City council members, Dan Struthers & Betty Braegelman to resign from their elected positions for the following reasons. 1. Non-feasance in office. 2. Creating hostile work environment. 3. Causing discord among employees. 4. Lying to the public. 5. Refusing to work with fellow council members.

Created: 2014-11-06 Statistics

Reinstate Coach Fader

I have had many people ask what they can do in wake of the non-renewal of Coach Fader's contract. Our voice needs to be heard! Please sign this petition in support of reinstatement of Coach Fader!The administration needs to be made aware of the amount of support behind the program and Coach Fader.

Created: 2014-07-04 Statistics


The undersigned basketball fans remind Big XII executives that the conference has 10 teams NOT a tackling foul (cost Tigers the game, no wonder they went to SEC)   NOT a charge (cost Cyclones the game)   NOT goal tending (likely cost Cowboys the game)   NOT out of bounds                                   NOT a moving screen. Foul on KSU.   "Jump ball" in Lubbock, 2/18/2014. Cost Tech the game.   Fifth foul on KU star Withey? Nope, two views showing foul on his twin Kevin Young #40!   Fo

Created: 2014-02-15 Statistics

Support the Ale House Staff

December 1, 2014   Dear Mr. Gomez;   I understand you are poised to take ownership of Pete’s Waterfront Ale House, an establishment I’ve been enjoying for nearly a decade. According to the letter Sam Barbieri distributed to employees, you intend to keep many of the Ale House’s distinguishing features, such as the name, some of the décor, and the staff. Writing on behalf of Ale House patrons, we do hope that is true, especially in the case of the latter.   I don’t remember what drew me to the

Created: 2014-12-01 Statistics

RENEW "Ladies Of London" On Bravo Television Network!

This is an online petition to gather support for renewing the television show, "Ladies Of London" on Bravo Television Network. Please sign AND share this petition with others, for we'll need as MANY signatures as possible!  Share via email, Facebook, Twitter, and by word of mouth! Thank you for your signatures AND for your support!  Let's do this!  Team #Minions! Follow me on Twitter at: @The_Head_Minion

Created: 2014-07-28 Statistics

CCSD Sex Ed Petition

We the undersigned registered voters and Nevada Residents: agree that sex-education in the State of Nevada and not limited to and including Clark County, must comply with parental rights by keeping within the following six (6) guidelines: 1. Sex-education is for the teaching of human reproduction and STI's. It is NOT to include sexual behaviors, in order to protect the rights of parents and the individual. 2. Sex Education should NOT be taught below 5th Grade. 3. Sex Education should NOT be "com

Created: 2014-11-06 Statistics

Barrel O' Fun Plant in Waterford, PA

I want to give ALL Waterford residents the chance to let our community leaders know how much we need and want KLN Snackfoods to come in to Waterford and expand and create 500+ jobs! So sign the this petition to let our community leaders know where our beliefs and dreams are!

Created: 2014-06-22 Statistics

Dear FERC: STOP Stealing My Property!

Dear FERC: Your one-size-fits-all Shoreline Management Plan regulations encourage your operators to take my property rights without compensation. FERC STOP imposing new shoreline regulations decades after hydroelectric projects were first built. You are discouraging private investment, lowering property values, killing jobs, limiting access to project waters, inhibiting fee simple landowner’s ability to sell, violating multiple Federal, State and local ordinances, and trampling on our personal p

Created: 2014-08-02 Statistics

Please bring Magcon to Ohio

On January 22, 2014 Bart tweeted "Oh btw we plan on Cleveland LA Indy Chicago Minn/St Paul for @MAGCONTOUR too!! Charlotte Seattle PHX, etc" It has been almost four months now and we are ready for you to come the Cleveland! And we hope this wil show you how much we want you to come!

Created: 2014-04-29 Statistics