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     City of Rockville Comprehensive Master Plan declared, among other things, the intention to:     Protects the character of its neighborhoods,    Fosters a vibrant Town Center that has a distinctive character, and    Emphasizes its parks and open spaces and provide a green park within 10 minutes’ walk from home. •             There is limited green space in or within walking distance. The Town Center Park Plaza (known as the Town Square) can hardly be considered parkland or “green space” inas

Created: 2017-06-02 Statistics

Help Refugees Today

Terrorist groups and violence have forced millions of people to flee for their safety. They rely on the help of other countries to keep them safe but unfortunately are being denied their basic rights on an international level. Their freedom and self-reliance are being damaged by refugee camps run by other countries and international groups. The United States' current policy is incredibly complicated and forces these people to remain in war-torn unsafe areas for far too long.  We believe that we

Created: 2017-05-24 Statistics

Cover up! Petition

In the 1960's and 1970's, boys with long hair were attacked by classmates, and so many schools implemented rules of keeping their hair cut short. In the 1990's, the student dress code was pushed to not promote gang related violence (ie. bandana's). More recently, girls have begun to protest school's seemingly unfair policies. Girls are now often punished disproportionately for what they wear. The rationale behind the student dress code is problematic, prohibiting garments of clothing because the

Created: 2017-05-18 Statistics

CJ Graham For Jason Voorhees 2017

The following list of fans, the same ones who will be buying movie tickets, want C.J. Graham as their "Jason" for the 2017 release of Friday The 13th. We as fans realize there is are many cogs in the wheel of hring hiring an actor. However, we hope this will reflect how C.J. Graham has captured and our reatined attention to the films based on his portrayal of Jason Voorhees.

Created: 2017-01-01 Statistics

Save Bitsy & Floyd in Peterborough

One of our beloved Peterborough busker Eddie always seen on Bridge Street with his faithful dog Floyd needs your help.On 8th February 2017 is being taken to court because they say his dog is vicious. He has another dog Bitsy who isn't allowed to be in the city.The aim is to destroy both dogs which would break his heart as both dogs are his life and we can't allow this to happen.Please show your support for Eddie, Bitsy & Floyd.

Created: 2017-01-21 Statistics

Save The Lake Charlotte Greenbelt

Let’s preserve the greenbelt at the Lake Charlotte Playground. Waterside Estates residents need this greenbelt for outdoor activities like football, baseball, soccer, and kite flying.The Fort Bend MUD 118 is trying to transform our small greenbelt by adding a pavilion, a second playground structure, and a large parking lot for 10 cars.  To view the MUD's proposed changes to the greenbelt, please visit this website. These proposed changes by the Fort Bend MUD 118 should be moved to the existing

Created: 2017-01-14 Statistics


How can you NOT induct this great singer into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? When they held their FIRST induction ceremony--Aretha Franklin was inducted--but MARY WELLS should ahve been included in that Mary Esther Wells (May 13, 1943 – July 26, 1992) was an American singer who helped to define the emerging sound of Motown in the early 1960s. Along with the Supremes, the Miracles, the Temptations, and the Four Tops, Wells was said to have been part of the charge in black music onto radio statio

Created: 2017-01-11 Statistics

My babies are innocent

My dogs are at the pound because they escaped from our back yard. Apparently one my dogs attacked another dog and the owner "seen" it. They were up until today considered dangerous and vicious. The people said they seen my dogs do it at 2am Sunday morning but they don't know which one of them did it, all they seen was the dogs running away. The owners dad, even told the judge that he didn't see which one it was and that all he seen was them run off but he told them that he knew it was our dogs f

Created: 2017-08-03 Statistics

Make Justin Wilson Get an Instagram

Hello everyone I made this petition because if two hundred people sign it Justin Wilson will make an Instagram. Please sign this the world needs more Justin.

Created: 2017-05-19 Statistics

Opening Powerhouse Gym in Huntingdon Valley

Powerhouse Gyms is looking to open a state of the art gym facility in Huntingdon Valley to offer a first class 24 hour 7 day a week fitness and training center. This facility will be unlike other standard cookie cutter gyms providing cutting edge amenities for members to experience to heal after their workouts.     

Created: 2017-01-20 Statistics