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Instatement of Masks-Optional Policy at CCUMC Preschool

To Whom it May Concern: As parents of children currently attending CCUMC Preschool, we are growing increasingly concerned with the pace of the church's updates to broadly accepted COVID policies. As of this writing on March 9, 2022, a significant number of CCUMC's peer schools within the Chevy Chase / Bethesda area have lifted their mask mandates to 'mask-optional.' This includes the entirety of the Montgomery County Public School System.  COVID's minimal effects on children is well documented a

Created: 2022-03-10 Statistics

Save the remaining 494± English Forest in Southeast Tallahassee

We the undersigned are opposed to the re-zoning and development of the remaining 494± acres of forest (PUD TRZ210013). As residents neighboring this English Forest, we are anxious about the numerous adverse consequences of the deforestation of 494± acres for construction purposes.  These are Primary Adverse Consequences: Increased flooding and erosions (due to eradication of forest floors) will continue to threaten in already high risk low-ground communities. Increased stormwater contaminants wi

Created: 2022-02-18 Statistics

keep morris at DG

morris is a homeless cat that my store and customers have been treating and taking care of. the store is his home. He's never caused any trouble or problems. our new DM wants us to get rid of him. that's not happening. help us keep morris there. 

Created: 2022-02-02 Statistics

Support Healthcare Heroes Who Witness The Truth of Vaxx Harm & Underwhelmed Hospitals

Our Healthcare Workers, our first responders, have witnessed firsthand what is really going on in the medical and hospital arenas, yet they are being censored. They know the truth about the serious side effects and adverse reactions and events caused by the mRNA vaccinations/treatments used to combat the Sars-CoV2, Covid-19 infections/disease. They’ve seen that the hospitals are not overwhelmed with covid-19 patients, but rather reports leave out pertinent explanatory data or are highly exaggera

Created: 2021-12-20 Statistics

Petition for Gates to be Operational in El Prado Pod and Closed outside of Construction Hours (6pm-6am)

We have been told that the developer (The Lookout Group) will not start closing our gates for our security until the construction of all the homes in our pod is complete. We have already had burglaries in our pod that may have been prevented if we had our gates closed during that time. I am asking you to sign this petition and if we get all of our neighbors in El Prado to sign, maybe that will motivate the Developer to get our gates working now vs. waiting until the pod has finished building all

Created: 2022-06-26 Statistics

Petition to End Masking of Students In Charleroi Area School District

We, the undersigned, urgently request that Charleroi Area School District immediately and fully revoke its policy that students must wear masks (also called face coverings) in order to attend and/or while attending school; and while participating in any school events (including but not limited to concerts, sporting events, and clubs). We assert that: Parents, adoptive parents, and legal guardians have primary responsibility for the health and welfare of their children. Governments and school dis

Created: 2021-12-13 Statistics

ELIMINATE all Elements of Comprehensive Sexual Education & Gender Agenda

     We, as concerned citizens of Oklahoma are deeply concerned that highly controversial “comprehensive sexuality education” (CSE) programs are increasingly being presented to children in Oklahoma and across America and are harming them in many ways.   What is CSE?   Alters the sexual and gender norms of society    De-constructs family   Undermines the parent-child relationship-violating parental rights    Teaches youths to advocate for their sexual rights    Indoctrinate youths to embrace rad

Created: 2022-11-02 Statistics

Fund the park that Northwest Fresno deserves

I support fully funding a well-amenitized park at Parc West. As someone who has a vested interest in this park, either as a current area resident or as a future resident of Parc West, I support the development of this park as envisioned by Granville Homes. I believe a park with these amenities would benefit this underserved part of town, and I would like to see the city use the area residents’ park fees as they were intended: by fully funding this park as it has been designed.  

Created: 2022-03-15 Statistics

We request that Jason Smith, Josh Hawley, & Roy Blunt meet with The People’s Convoy Representatives.

We the people of Missouri support the restoration movement of The Peoples Convoy. They have come to speak on the American People's behalf. We therefore request that our elected officials meet with the Representatives from The People's Convoy. Further, we demand the Covid-19 National Emergency Declaration be terminated, and that our Consititional rights be restored! 

Created: 2022-03-09 Statistics

Declare the WEF and all Associates an International Terrorist Organization

To whom It may concern. The WEF (World Economic Forum) consists of a Private Organization that not only engages Head of States and CEO's of top tier business and in general leaders of our society globally but it has programs on which they "groom" the next generation of bright young individuals into "Global Leaders of the Future". It is a fact that many of the policies currently adopted by Nation States such as the "Build back better" and Vaccine Mandates were developed by this Organization. Othe

Created: 2022-06-07 Statistics