Most popular petitions in Canada in 2011

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AUC Alumni for Strike

Dear President Anderson, We have been extremely proud of our fellow AUC students as well as the University's workers, staff, and faculty who staged a series of protests starting Sunday September 11, 2011. As members of the AUC Community and advocates of student rights, we fully support the protesters' demands and regret not being able to join them in person up until now, with the intention to do so as soon as possible. However, after receiving several of your mass e-mails addressed to "All AUC"

Created: 2011-09-17 Statistics

Stop the Killing of Cape Baboons.

CALLING FOR A CLEANUP OF CNC CAPE NATURE CONSERVATION; DA ACCOUNTABILITY FOR OUR ENVIRONMENT & ANIMALS. There has been a justified outpouring of grief and shock at the killing of the baboon Fred. OTHER MALE BABOONS HAVE AND WILL BE KILLED UNDER THE WC’S CONTROVERSIAL BABOON POLICIES. Fred’s demise seems to be a sign of a bigger conservation problem within the Western Cape – one of poor management; a lack of transparency and accountability. From the outset, the Western Cape Government and

Created: 2011-04-02 Statistics

Let's give 'The A-Team' a Sequel!

Dear Reader, As an avid fan of the TV show, and the recent remake, I'm destroyed to find out that due to poor advertizing of the film at the time, 'The A-Team' (2010) movie is not to be given a sequel. The movie was released around the same time as the World Cup, and as Mr Neeson rightly says below, that is no doubt a factor in the film's poor performance at the box office on it's first week. Personally, I found the film very enjoyable, as did many other people. Sadly this has not reflected in t

Created: 2011-03-13 Statistics

Jaguar at Los Angeles Zoo needs bigger space

I recently spent  a few hours in front of the Jaguar exhibit at the Los Angeles zoo filming the Jaguar pacing frantically back and forth in this substandard tiny enclosure. People who wandered up to his cage were consistant in their comments about how small the cage was for this big cat, and how miserable he appeared to be. At times he would jump up on his tiny shelf and stare at the sky through the mesh bars at the top.Then he was down and pacing the cage again. Although I am not a fan of zoo

Created: 2011-03-08 Statistics

South African Government-declare Corrective Rape A Hate Crime!

As we start this first day of "16 Days of Activism", the founder and warrior-woman of Lulekisizwe, Ndumie Funda, is in hiding and fearing for her life, which has been threatened by Andile Ngcoza, the man who raped Millicent Gaika! He was arrested last week for breaking his conditions of bail, and was yet again released! WHAT is the SA Government doing about this? Lesbians are targeted and terrorised in townships across the country. Some young men believe lesbians should be raped to correct t

Created: 2010-11-25 Statistics

Free Youcef Nadarkhani

We ask for you help, in signing this petition, to free Youcef Nadarkhami, who is scheduled to hang in 20 days for the crime of "thought" in Iran. Youcef is an Iranian Pastor, who converted from Islam to Christianity. His wife is also incarcerated, and their children are to be taken away to live with other Muslims families. We can not let the atrocity happen. Please sign, and let your voice be heard!

Created: 2010-11-20 Statistics

Petition for saving CIFEJ

Dear friends and members of CIFEJ,   We the undersigned take this extraordinary opportunity because we are worried about our organization. The intention to write this letter is because we are facing an unprecedented situation in the history of CIFEJ and we are convinced that every member needs to know about it.   As most of you know CIFEJ has to solve a lot of problems: Since we moved to Tehran more than 40 members quit their membership. In 2009 we had 14 festivals that awarded the CIFEJ prize

Created: 2011-12-13 Statistics

ISKCON Hungary

The krishna valley project in Hungary is a harmonious blend of nature & religion. Pls permit ISKCON to continue ownership of the farmland. Thanks & Regards,

Created: 2011-12-06 Statistics

Help Bhutanese Refugee women break their fast unto death

  THANKS FOR YOUR SOLIDARITY: An agreement has been reached and fast unto death ended. -----------------------------------   12 Women in Bhutanese refugee camps in Nepal are on fast unto death since last 9 days. Some of them are breast-feeding women. A Bhutanese charity organization, Punya Foundation, hereby appeals Nepal Government, UNHCR and International Community to assist to bring an end to this. About 16% of Bhutan’s population had to flee their country during late 80’s and begin 90’s bec

Created: 2011-11-22 Statistics

mandatory parenting/pychological assessment

This petition was made so that we can make it mandatory for foster parents/kinship parents/or anyone looking after kids  working with child social services to go for a parenting and pychological assessment before caring for kids. Help me help those who dont have words of their own. thank you

Created: 2011-07-29 Statistics