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Please help to get another Season of the best reboot ever! #saveBH90210 Season 2 

Created: 2019-11-09 Statistics

Against giving name of one street in Kragujevac after Draža Mihajlović

We express oposition to honoring Dragoljub Draza Mihajlovic by naming on of the streets after him. We demand annuling this decision. Antifascists of Kragujevac

Created: 2019-11-03 Statistics

Impeach Hillary Clinton

 It is time to Recognize the 14th amendment sec 2 and 3 we need people to notice the hard facts of Hillary Clinton engaged actions into rebellion and criminal activity as so our congress. In fact this is our opportunity to recognize the people they have supported on a doubled stander issue of racism against white people as the black lives matter party has done. Although we have Hillary's Administration campaign inciting violence also at trump rallies it is time to put your name to use as we say

Created: 2016-11-08 Statistics

Lena must not leave Unit 17, 81 Columbia Street West, Waterloo

In regard to the recent unfortunate events, we have noticed how Lena Mueller, resident of Cambridge, Ontario, d/o Elizabeth Mueller, has been taking in consideration her departure from 81 Columbia Street West, Waterloo and her beloved yet annoying roomates.  We would like to present arguments in denial to the above mentioned issue. Lena Mueller has proven to be the only rational/sane person in the house who is so sexy we all are lowkey jealous. Her jokes and humour in general lights up the atmos

Created: 2019-12-08 Statistics

Petition to the Institute of National Remembrance

Dr. Jarosław SzarekPresident Institute of National RemembranceCommission for the Prosecution of Crimes against the Polish Nation Dr. Adam SiwekDirector of the Office for Commemorating the Struggle and MartyrdomInstitute of National Remembrance In reference to the rights guaranteed to us by the Constitution of the Republic of Poland and the Act of 6 January 2005 on national and ethnic minorities and on the regional languages, we ask the authorities of the Institute of National Remembrance to chan

Created: 2019-12-05 Statistics

More Ornn Skins!

Ornn has been forgotten for far too long! We shall bring his name to the top of the list for Riot's next skin release. Ornn deserves his Project skin. Ornn deserves his Pool Party skin. Ornn deserves his Christmas skin. Ornn deserves his Dark Star skin. Ornn deserves his Arcade skin Ornn is the next Star Guardian!!!  Image by user Galrock on

Created: 2019-11-23 Statistics


ATV'S SHOULD BE ALLOWED ON ROADS IN CLARENCE ROCKLAND!!! Clarence Rockland need to change their by-laws.So many little towns are allowing ATV'S on their roads now.For residents of Rockland and surrounding areas they have to trailer bike which increases the amount of traffic , but yet snowmobiles have the right to gas up, stop in at restaurants or coffee shops. And by-law officers do nothing. We pay just has much for the freedom of riding but yet limited. Members of the club are supporting the to

Created: 2019-11-05 Statistics

Toronto NFL Team Relocation from Cincinnati

Toronto NFL Team Relocation from Cincinnati: The NFL is one of the biggest and most viewed sports leagues in the world. Fans in the United States passionately cheer on and represent their team's colours daily. Fantasy Football, tailgates and many other events are common festivities which NFL fans create and participate in to show their support. With the recent championship of the Toronto Raptors, there were approximately 7.7 Million Canadians watching game 6, millions of Torontonians downtown ce

Created: 2019-10-29 Statistics

Our kids freedom to speak any language during free time.

This petition is to let the school know that we are not in favor of disciplining our children for speaking any language other than french during their free time.  As it stands now,  our kids are getting official warnings everytime they are caught speaking a language , other than french, outside of class time.  We want to positively encourage them to speak french, not fear them into it.  If you agree, and feel they should be encouraged without punishment  please sign this petition.

Created: 2019-10-09 Statistics

Fire Frank Valentini and the writing team of General Hospital

  As a long time viewer of GH, I am fed up and I want to call your attention to several issues with the show and those in charge. I have watched this show for over 35 years with other members of my family and I am saddened by absolute trash that has been airing in the last year. First let me begin with the writing and story lines. Stories are started, dropped and dragged so long folks just tune out. The entire show lacks creativity, consistency or flow. The continuous repeat dialogues, the rewri

Created: 2019-01-23 Statistics