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That the municipalities, counties, and regions create a Inter-municipal Transit Working Group to Link the Watershed

That the City of Guelph, Region of Waterloo, City of Brantford, Wellington County, and the County of Brant, create an Inter-municipal Transit Working Group to discuss ways to better integrate municipal transit across regional lines. And that a proposal from the Link the Watershed Working Group ( is utilized as a starting document for discussions.

Created: 2021-10-27 Statistics

Merlin Project 2021

Following Eoin Macken's request (21/10/21), who portrayed Sir Gwaine in the BBC TV serie "Merlin", here's a petition to show our support and endless love towards the show which ended in 2012.  The show recalled the adventures of a young warlock -in a land of myths and legends. His name : Merlin.  Despite almost a decade since the finale, this is still a well-beloved serie, and fans around the world are still active, creating content such as artwork, fanfictions and endless gifsets.  Since the s

Created: 2021-10-21 Statistics

Make employers liable for any injury caused by mandatory vaccines.

Right now the vaccine companies are completely immune from liability for their products and the governments around the world are mandating that employers mandate the "vaccines" for employment.   If the vaccine companies are immune, and the government is immune, then the corporations that are mandating these for their employees must be made financially responsible for any injuries or death that occurs from taking any of these "mandatory" vaccines.   It is a simple ask really, shouldn't any employ

Created: 2021-10-16 Statistics

Petition against SHA vaccination policy for health care workers

SHA is developing a policy to mandate the SARS CoV 2 vaccine for all healthcare workers across the province. Many workers are not anti vaccination but are against a vaccine that has not completed its clinical trials and has a plethora of side effects, including death.  The SARS CoV 2 vaccinations that are currently available in Canada do not prevent contracting the virus nor do they prevent transmission of the virus. Employees who have chosen not to get vaccinated are being discriminated against

Created: 2021-10-13 Statistics

Allow Unvaxxed people entry into Malls in Singapore

The original petition had been removed on 12 Oct'21 morning! Censorship by Big Tech again! It has garnered more than 7350 signatures as of 11 Oct'21 night! Please sign this petition to let your voice be heard again! Allow unvaxxed people to enter malls in Singapore! Singapore is a densely-populated island and most goods n services are concentrated in malls for this reason. How can unvaxxed people be denied of important, including essential, goods n services for themselves n their families? This

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STOP BASIT'S EXPULSION! At the age of 13, Basit Syed left his native country Pakistan and with his father, fled to Sweden. 3 years later, his mother and brother also came here. Basit has now lived in Sweden for more than 6 years. Although his entire family has received a residence permit, he himself has not. Basit grew up in Åre. He went to primary school in Duved and started a high school education in technology. The first year he went to Åre gymnasium and the second to Wargentin in Östersund.

Created: 2021-10-08 Statistics

Support us in our quest to get PACE into the lower island soccer association (LISA)

PACE FC would be a great addition to the Lower Island Soccer association (LISA.)  PACE offers great training at a low price.  Harj is a great coach and holds kids to high standards.  He gets the best out of players and encourages all of the kids to work harder.  Harj is very knowledgeable and passionate about the sport.  Please sign below to show your support for PACE becoming a part of LISA.  Thank you - Justin Paulson age 13  

Created: 2021-10-03 Statistics

Petition Against Mandatory Vaccinations At Stellenbosch University

Stellenbosch University Council, We stand against Stellenbosch University Council's decision to create new university regulations, to make COVID-19 vaccinations mandatory. Signing this petition does not mean that we are anti-vaccine, It means that we believe that people should make their own decisions regarding medical procedures. Hence follows reasons for and against taking the vaccine, as well as constitutional arguments against a mandate from a government institution. Whether people choose to

Created: 2021-10-02 Statistics

Sign Petition To End Road Runner Driving Services in Houston, BC

This petition is in support to show our community agrees to have THE ROAD RUNNER DRIVING SERVICES terminated from our community. Over the years she has been caught many times driving reckless, carelessly, cutting people off and almost causing many accidents with people in town. The horrible customer service, the drama and headache she has caused people in our community is disgusting. Her record shows bootlegging, stealing from customers, drug dealing, inappropriate touching of customers and the

Created: 2021-09-28 Statistics

Emergency Use of Early Treatment Options

We the people of Canada demand early treatment options be made available now! The current treatment options for the virus and variants is very limited- it's either preventative or too late in hospital. As Canadians we need to stand together to have options for every Canadian. There are many different types of early treatment options: Iver mectin (Japan is using this very successfully) HQ and zinc  IV vitamin C & D Steroidals  Anti-virals Please sign this petition to let the Canadian Governme

Created: 2021-09-21 Statistics

City of Greater Sudbury Employees & Residence Against Releasing Medical Information & Receiving Treatment for COVID-19

We understand the impact of COVID-19 and will continue to follow social distancing & sanitization measures when at home, in public and in our work environment.  However, the release of our medical information is illegal and goes against the Human Rights Act (See reference below) This petition is signed by vaccinated and non-vaccinated individuals who strongly believe the right to keep our medical information private, including employees who have received the vaccine AND who have already comp

Created: 2021-09-18 Statistics

Keep OBS services at the BPHCC!!!

The new "Health Accord NL" is making changes to our health care system. Obstetrics is one of the services that is being scrutinized and may be cut from the Burin Peninsula Health Care Centre. This hospital is the only facility able to deal with such medical services and to travel 3 hours away is more then “a stretch” to receive proper medical care. To think that OBS can be exempt from this hospital is asking too much of our communities and surrounding areas and quite frankly completely irrespons

Created: 2021-09-14 Statistics


TAKE ACTION TO CHALLENGE THE MASS, BULK AND HEIGHT OF DEVELOPMENTS IN THE WYNFORD / CONCORDE COMMUNITY 1-3 CONCORDE GATE, 10-12 CONCORDE PLACE AND 175 WYNFORD DRIVE It’s your community, have your say! Please join us in challenging the applications as proposed. The proposed developments are inappropriate for this location and will negatively impact the infrastructure, integrity and character of our established neighborhood! We support the need for development of more housing in the city and simpl

Created: 2021-09-07 Statistics

For Kids Sake

We are a group of concerned parents who are appalled at the lack of parental consent obtained from the North West School Division by forcing medical devices on our children. We have been given no information on the potential risks or benefits associated with masking our children for 6 hours a day. In fact, a large number of us are reporting harm being caused to our childrenas a result and still no response or inclusion from the School Division.We want the right to decide what medical procedures

Created: 2021-09-06 Statistics

No Mask Mandate for Parkland Children!

I believe whether we send our children to school in masks should be of our own choice! We should not force children out of school who cannot wear a mask. And we should not have the right taken away to choose! Please sign this petition if you agree that we should not be forcing our children to mask up and taking that right away from parents to decide! 

Created: 2021-09-04 Statistics

STOP The Port Albert Master Plan

This petition is to demonstrate and prove that there is a strong and overwhelming majority of Port Albert Residents who oppose the Port Albert Master Plan.  Please provide your address. Write Objections & Opinions that you  wish to be expressed to the Mayor and Councillors in the comments section. The residents and friends of Port Albert deserve their voice to be heard fairly on this issue. The Port Albert Master Plan will have huge negative ramifications for the community  if it is not stop

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A single father of colour, fighting for his innocence due to a miscarriage of justice

Jasbinder Singh has been sentenced to life in prison. Without any forensic evidence or eye-witness accounts to aid his conviction and be proven guilty, he endured a 10-week long trial period to long protest his innocence.As a single father of colour, his 4 children, one currently in foster care, are left alone. Jasbinder has been in prison since last August and has been over-strained mentally and physically as a result of being sustained in harsh conditions before, during, and after his trial. H

Created: 2021-07-23 Statistics

Stop Tony Attwood Mocking Autistic People

Tony Attwood publicly mimicked and mocked having a meltdown on stage, twice, to make the crowd laugh at a presentation in Brisbane, Australia, on the 15th of July, 2021. Apparently, he has done this type of thing before and it is not unusual behaviour for Mr Attwood. This petition is to ask Tony Attwood to stop publicly mocking autistic people. We ask him to recognise that it is highly offensive to impersonate disability for amusement. It is especially offensive, inappropriate, and unprofessiona

Created: 2021-07-17 Statistics

ජනතා පරමාධිපත්‍ය බලයේ වැදගත්ම අංගය වූ චන්ද බලය ජනාධිපති මැතිවරණයේදී වංචා කල මහින්ද දේශප්‍රිය නීතිය හමුවට පැමිණවීමට බල කරමු !


Created: 2021-06-27 Statistics


Funko distribution in Canada is very limited and giving rights to one large company/corporation to distribute is not fair. The niche market sellers who understand and protect the Funko brand as well as the collectors should be able to purchase these product with easy and not being forced onto the price gouging second hand market because the big box company cannot distribute this product correctly or fairly to the consumers an don’t care about the brand only their bottom lines. I even wonder if a

Created: 2021-06-16 Statistics