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New manager for LA fitness rutherford

fed up with the unnecessary harassment of ravi from LA rutherford? Sign this petition for a new manager to finally be able to workout without his presence. Why get him fired? His behaviour and actions strongly resemble all traits you shouldn't have as a business manager let alone gym manager. A gym is a place of peace. With his presence there is no such thing as peace. Constant harassment towards women, incorrect dialect of conversing with males and staff, illegal smoking indoors, random closure

Created: 2022-03-23 Statistics

JUSTICE FOR THE 48 that never came home

Please only if you want to sign our petition in support for the Stardust families and the lost of their loved ones and the treatment from this government and passed ones on this disaster 41 years is to long to wait for Justice

Created: 2022-02-05 Statistics

PARO for Residents demanding improved working conditions

This petition is to spur action from PARO to demand from the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care (the ministry) improvement in our working conditions in 4 key ways and to stop all forms of systemic exploitation:   1.     End all 24 hour shifts or receive a minimum of $50/hour for working any extra time past 12 hours.   2.     A significant increase in salary.   3.     A drastic shift in the culture around residency.   4.     Removing all registration fees from Universities.     We the undersig

Created: 2022-01-23 Statistics

No New Autonomous RCMP Detachment for $18.25-$24+ Million & No Removal & Development of Parkland For It: Demanding Fiscal Responsibility and Accountability to Pitt Meadows Residents

Every Pitt Meadows resident 18 years+ may sign. Multiple signatures per household permitted.Please note: If you have already signed the paper copy of the paper petition please do not sign this E-Petition as it will duplicate your signature. As of February 15, 2022:   523 Signatures (incl. paper copy)Helps Us Reach Our Goal: 1,500+ Signatures NOTE:  Council Meeting May 3, 2022 to discuss Options Building Estimated cost for building alone now at $21.733 Million - see webpage below for Agenda pkg.

Created: 2021-11-04 Statistics

Bring Back the Chicken, Fig + Brie Sandwich at Earls

Earls has removed the Chicken, Fig + Brie Sandwich from their menu. Sign this petition to show them why they need to add it back on the menu...forever!  *I do not own the rights to this photo. But damn, doesn't this look delicious? **Please make sure to finalize your signature by confirming your email address after you sign!

Created: 2020-11-17 Statistics

Dear Mr. President of the wonderful and heroic Ukrainian Nation! 

We evangelical Christians look with great admiration, prayer, and real support of many of our churches at the heroic struggle of the Ukrainian people against Russian barbarism. We admire your Nation’s devotion to your homeland, your unity in the face of Russia's aggression, and your concern for your women, children, and the elderly. We assure you that especially Ukrainian orphans, widows, and others in need will continue to be provided with our necessary help until the complete victory over Puti

Created: 2022-03-23 Statistics

Bring hot apple cider back to tim hortons

Do you like tim hortons apple cider. Well they discontinued it. If you want them to bring it back sign this petition. Share with as many people as you can country wide and lets try and get tim hortons to bring this delicious drink back to all stores.

Created: 2017-12-07 Statistics

Petition to President Duda and Prime Minister Morawiecki on the boycott of the Games in communist China

Mr. President, Mr. Prime Minister, We appeal to you not to participate in the events related to the 24th Winter Olympic Games, which are to take place in communist China in 2022. Not far from the Olympic Village, there are concentration camps and prisons for political opponents of the totalitarian regime.The people of Poland have been respected for centuries for standing up for freedom, not only their own but also someone else's. The motto "For our freedom and yours" and the ethos of the "Solida

Created: 2021-12-22 Statistics

The removal of the Canadian liberal government.

Petition to the House of Commons. (Humanity is in extreme and imminent danger!) Where as we the people of Canada feel "The Government of Canada" (on both a Federal and Provincial level) is a corporation obeying orders from the World Economic Forum and is no longer serving the people. Where as we the people of Canada also feel that "The Government of Canada" (on both a Federal and Provincial level) are acting in contravention of international and national law's and no longer have any legitimacy.

Created: 2020-12-05 Statistics

Bring Justice for Dan Markel: Charge Charlie and Donna Adelson for his murder

We, the undersigned, urge State Attorney Jack Campbell to bring charges against Charlie and Donna Adelson, based on investigators’ probable cause to believe that they were responsible for the murder of Dan Markel. Six years ago, on July 18, 2014, Markel, an FSU professor and father of two young boys, was executed in broad daylight in his garage in Betton Hills. Investigators have clearly shown who is responsible: members of the family of Markel’s ex-wife, Wendi Adelson, and the three accomplices

Created: 2020-07-11 Statistics