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We, volleyball players and residents of the City of Montreal, are opposed to the introduction, in 2018, of a fee for the reservations of beach volleyball courts in La Fontaine Park. We beleive that Plateau-Mont-Royal borough should support and promote free access for everyone to the sports and leisure facilities that are essential to the health and well-being of the community. In addition, the beach volleyball courts require only minimal amenities and maintenance, namely, a sand area with two ne

Created: 2018-04-14 Statistics

Petition to Oppose: Regina Saskatchewan City Councillors Proposal of Fines For Not Shoveling Snow on City Owned Sidewalks

Hello and good day,  My name is Jesse Keith. I am a resident of Regina, Saskatchewan and I am creating this petition in regards to the recent preceedings toward a potential bylaw the Regina City Councillors are attempting to establish against residents who do not shovel the snow from the city sidewalks infront of their property.  There will be a motion presented at the City Councel meeting on Monday Feburary 5th 2018, by Andrew Stevens and Lori Bresciani. The proposal will call for residents to

Created: 2018-01-31 Statistics

Stop the Salvation Army Shelter from moving to Vanier

The Ottawa Salvation Army announced yesterday that they plan to move their shelter form the ByWard Market to 333 Montreal Road in Vanier.  Salvation Army shelter to move to Vanier The city of Ottawa has been encouraging the Salvation Army to move their shelter out of the market area.  City encourages the Salvation Army shelter to move. The Vanier area already has issues with crime, gangs, drugs, arson, poverty, prostitution, graffiti and panhandling and does not need the added stress of a massiv

Created: 2017-06-22 Statistics

Subvention pour les couches lavables pour Sherbrooke

Nous voulons avoir accès à des subventions pour les familles utilisant les couches lavable.    Plusieurs municipalité extérieure à Sherbrooke offre déjà des subventions. Comme Magog et coaticook, mais pas une grande ville comme Sherbrooke.    Les couches lavables sont de plus en plus utilisé par les familles et il serait bien de favoriser cette méthode plutôt que les couches traditionnel. Plusieurs bénéfices son reliés aux couches lavables, comme l'économie d'eau ainsi qu'une diminution de la po

Created: 2016-09-24 Statistics

Revision of the regulation on overnight parking in Chateauguay

Under municipal regulations 4.7, the parking of vehicles is prohibited on all streets of the municipality, from December 1st to April 1st, between 23: 00h and 6 h, to ensure cleaning of the road network. " We think, by the fact that this Regulation should be revised. The winters are not what they were, and often the first snow does not arrive before mid-December, which complicates the parking of citizens unnecessarily for a month. We offer in this air technology, the city revises its approach as

Created: 2016-06-20 Statistics

Stop the abuse

The Family Worship Center is located in North Western New Brunswick. A village called Plaster Rock. Since the Church was taken over by the McKillop family it has certainly deviated from biblical truthes. There has been much public awareness on Facebook posts written by Trevor Argue a former church member. Trevor has written story after story from victims who once attended the church. These victims, one by one have contacted him and shared their own horror. Please review his posts if you haven't

Created: 2016-02-11 Statistics

Against the salary of the deputy's of government Couillard


Created: 2015-03-03 Statistics