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New skatepark for Ingersoll

 This petition is to show support and to prove that there is a legitimate need for a new skatepark here in the town of ingersoll. The undersigned truely belive that our community and surrounding could strongly benefit from a new park. The undersigned strongly agree that our community and surrounding will benefit from a new park. The new skatepark will be a free to use, safe, inclusive and family orientated for users of all ages. The park will be professionally constructed by a company sellected

Created: 2019-09-13 Statistics

UARB ...say NO to NS Power Hike

Nova Scotia Power's rate increases are proposed to take effect in three stages, beginning this August and then on Jan. 1 for the next two years. Lets try and stop this Power Rate hike,at least voice our opinion. Will this help ? Who knows,  but we have to go outside of talking on Facebook. Once we have a thousand signatures, I will forward to UARB and our Government representatives.

Created: 2022-01-29 Statistics

Stop rezoning at 54 George Street Port Colborne

Please this will take a community to help our neighborhood. You come to our city to develop townhomes that will be sold and not rented to our families in need, you disrespect our neighborhood by not maintaining the building or property unless bylaw orders a work order on the premises. You publicly apologized about not maintaining the premises at the City meeting on January 18,2022 . But again bylaw must be called for another order to have you remove snow from last weeks snow storm. You are askin

Created: 2022-01-24 Statistics

Option for Extra Hours

This petition indicates that we, the undersigned, Screening Officers at Pearson International Airport, Terminal 1 and Terminal 3, submit this petition to our Union, IAMAW LOCAL LODGE 2921.  Our members have not worked extra hours since January 2022 because of the Union’s position to insist that extra hours worked must be paid-out as overtime. It has been nearly 3 months our Union and the Employer have not reached an agreement. This lack of extra hours is hurting our members. We, therefore, reque

Created: 2022-03-10 Statistics

support orthoptists to benefit from Qébec Government aids during Pandemic Period

Profession : ORTHOPTISTE- 2259     Nous sommes des professionnels de la santé spécialisés dans l’évaluation et le diagnostic des troubles de la vision binoculaire (travail des deux yeux ensemble).   Rôle : Dans notre pratique journalière, nous voyons aussi bien des enfants que des adultes de tous âges, et ce pour toutes sortes de problèmes visuels, en particulier les suivants :              Pour les enfants, la grosse majorité nous sont référés pour des problèmes de strabisme vers l'intérieur (

Created: 2022-01-21 Statistics

Shut Puppy Mills Down

Before you buy a dog, you should know about puppy mills. You may think that a puppy mill is simply a place where puppies are produced in a mass production, however if you knew the atrocious living conditions the puppies had to endure you would be horrified. Imagine being crammed in a small, dirty cage, and you receive barely any health care, food and water. This is what happens in puppy mills. The dogs are bred until they can’t any more, and then killed. Puppy mills only have one intention: to m

Created: 2022-01-24 Statistics

Protect Journalists Covering Ukraine

  Journalists covering the Russia-Ukraine conflict need the support and protection of the Canadian and U.S. governments.   Many journalists who have published or broadcast material deemed to be critical of the Ukrainian government have been added to "hit lists" where they are identified as "Enemies Of Ukraine".  In some cases journalists have been targeted, arrested, detained, and some journalists have been killed in acts that may be connected directly or indirectly to these lists. There are al

Created: 2022-06-14 Statistics


On February 4th 2022, Brad DamphousseAndrew Ballester, creators of Gofund me decided to cancel the account set up for the truckers convoy in Ottawa. They have collectively decided that the protests aren't peaceful (despite having had no problem with blm keeping the $100 million they raised through Gofund me). Not only have they chosen to cancel the account which is currently around $10 million, they have also issued a statement telling anyone who donated that they have until February 14th to wit

Created: 2022-02-05 Statistics

CP Rail - Track Level Switch Clearing Devices / Blowers - Noise Pollution

TO: Canadian Transportation Agency ("Agency") and CP Railway (“CP”) On behalf of our community at 60 and 61 Heintzman Street in Toronto, we are asking for an order to be issued by the Agency, requiring CP to implement any measures necessary to eliminate the severe, constant noise pollution generated by their two switch clearing devices  / blowers, installed at the CP tracks access point at 61 Heintzman and Indian Grove, within a few meters from our buildings,  by November 2022. The two blowers

Created: 2022-04-04 Statistics

Certified Municipal Sprayer for High Level, Alberta

We are writing to the Town of High Level to request that they train a certified municipal sprayer for the community. We have a mosquito infestation which seems to be worse in the last few years. With all the rain this year, it's intolerable. Many residents have purchased all types of mosquito control devices for their yards yet we still battle mosquitoes indoors and outdoors.  As well, there are a lot of dandelions and it is our understanding that a certified sprayer would be able to deal with w

Created: 2022-06-03 Statistics