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Slow Down Gerrard Street East.

We are seeking community support to implement important measures to slow down Gerrard Street East. (The roadway east and west between Victoria Park and Main Street.) The excessive speeds, running of red lights  and unsafe practices are putting the surrounding residential community in danger. We are hoping to gather signatures to put the city in a position to slow down Gerrard Street and make things safer for us all.  Over the past year police reports and emails have been sent to the appropriate

Created: 2022-03-26 Statistics

Cut Russia off SWIFT

Russia launched an open war of aggression against Ukraine under fabricated pretexts on February 24th. This must have immediate, far-reaching consequences. One of the most effective means would be the exclusion of Russia from the international payment system SWIFT. According to consistent media reports, only Hungarian government is blocking Russia's exclusion out of consideration for its own economic interests. This course must be revised immediately. To contain Russia's war of aggression, every

Created: 2022-02-26 Statistics

IKEA: pause your 27 Russian stores during the war! Let's try to make a change where we can!

IKEA’s founder Ingvar Kamprad believed he could change societies where he brings his stores. There should be NO BUSINESS AS USUAL during a time of war in Europe. Your act can have other international retail chains to follow. Spark the conversation.  IKEA has 27 stores in Russia (with e-commerce) - the same number as EU Member States. IKEA symbolically carries the blue and yellow colours just as Ukraine does. Sign this petition to encourage IKEA to lead with a symbolic example!  This petition wi

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24 Hour Gym Access to Residents - Fob Required

Residents of Centurion are petitioning to have 24 hour access to the gym rather than being limited to 7am - 10pm.  We're talking about a 24-hour gym access model for the fitness business that has a tight-knit community of members. Everyone should be able to use the amenities and the building managers should accommodate differing schedules; the easiest way to do this is to allow for 24/7 access to fob holders. With the help of accountability, mutual respect, and proper security; 24/7 gym access i

Created: 2022-05-07 Statistics


As you know on April 4th 2022 the new law came into effect in Ontario for sports betting. As of that day they eliminated horse racing from their platform. This petition is simple , if you would like to see horse racing back on all sports betting apps in Ontario , please sign this petition thank you.

Created: 2022-04-08 Statistics

We need a new PRIME MINISTER

Mr. Trudeau no longer represents the poor poorer people in Canada. He has driven inflation with the BANK OF CANADA to make the elite richer and drive civil unrest to a point where we must all stand up and make a difference. We desperately need a new Prime minister. Please sign this petition to let Mr Trudeau he needs to RESIGN. I realize this may not be the answer but I have to do something before Mr Trudeau makes CANADA his communist country. 

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As parents, we have been conditioned to be reactive during the pandemic – not this time!  It’s time for parents to stand up for their children.  The pandemic is having enough impact on our children – they are voiceless, innocent and finally finding their academic footing and seeing their friends.  Countless medical professionals and think tanks have pleaded to get the children back in the classroom where they belong.  And this union leadership wants to derail this.   NOT this time.  The Toronto

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TO THE The Canadian Prime Minister     Justin Trudeau Deputy Prime Minister                Chrystia Freeland                                                Minister of Defence                     Anita Anand                                                        Canadian Ambassador to UN       Bob Rae                                                            Leaders of Opposition                  Candace Bergen, Jagmeet Singh                    President of the EU                      Ursula vo

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Opposition to City of Burnaby By-Law Change #20-27 Mixed Use Development Royal Oak Community Plan

The City of Burnaby is proposing the development of a 20 story tower & 15 story tower of 292 units on top of 3 story office complex on a former light industrial site zoned for low/med density ( 3-6 story) multi family residential  at 6877,6891,6913,6939,6945 Palm Ave which is within the existing Royal Oak Community Plan We the citizens of Royal Oak are residents and believe this proposed development is in the wrong location, and will have significant impacts on traffic, parking and pressure

Created: 2022-03-07 Statistics

Long Island Seeks Change to a broken Healthcare System

Im asking all Long Islanders and those who love our island to support this letter addressed to Dr. Michael Darville, Minister of Health & Wellness. Let's speak up about our concerns so that they hear us! #LongIslandStrong   Dear Sir: We, the residents of Long Island, write to you with heavy hearts following the recent tragedy that happened on our peaceful island on Friday night (21st January, 2022). In the midst of our own heartbreak and disbelief, we also write with disappointment and great

Created: 2022-01-25 Statistics