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Psychotherapy to be added to covered OHIP services / Psychothérapie à ajouter aux services couverts par l'OHIP

This petition is to appeal to the Ontario Provical Government to have Psychotherapy added to the list of approved coverage services under the Ontario Health Insurence Plan making it accesible to all Ontarians pocessing an OHIP card / Cette pétition vise à faire appel au gouvernement provincial de l'Ontario pour que la psychothérapie soit ajoutée à la liste des services de couverture approuvés en vertu du régime d'assurance-santé de l'Ontario, ce qui la rend accessible à tous les Ontariens qui po

Created: 2022-04-20 Statistics

Proposed development @ 801 York Mills Rd and 1855 Leslie St.

  Please join us in opposing the application for Zoning By-law Amendment at 801 York Mills Road and 1855 Leslie Street.   First Capital Realty has proposed a major redevelopment of the property on the south east quadrant of York Mills Road and Leslie Street.   It includes the buildings currently housing Windfield’s Restaurant and Swiss Chalet. It also includes the property on Leslie where Browns Veterinary clinic was.  It does not include the property at the corner containing a strip plaza wit

Created: 2021-05-14 Statistics

Expansion of Public & Non Profit Child Care

There is a shortage of quality childcare centers in all of Ontario. As many people already know, The Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care is looking to change that, by establishing a curriculum-focused childcare center in many areas. We ask that you show our community leaders that you support us on this adventure. As parents, guardians, and caregivers, it is your voice that matters, let it be heard.  Ontario must limit for-profit child care and expand only in public and non-profit sectors to

Created: 2022-04-13 Statistics

Defund Main Stream media

I have made this petition because everyone made before seems to have been hacked it keeps sending it to another one that’s number hasn’t moved in days and is 2 years older.  -1.4 Billion Tax Dollors are thrown away every year to support the CBC with Justin Trudeau now wanting to give them “The state media” 400 million more so they can have less advertisements. The government covers 70%of their costs, -Today, Fewer Canadians are watching CBC with the network taking just 5% of the available Englis

Created: 2022-02-26 Statistics

Free the Kia

Memorable. Loveable. Laughable. Green. Kia. Arrived quickly in our town and lives and has made an impression on us all. This is more than a vehicle. This is a source of undeniable joy for at least 48 hours or until something better comes along. We cannot allow this vehicle to be ticketed and thus shaming, nay tainting, our enjoyment.  NO TICKET FOR THE KIA. FREE THE KIA.

Created: 2022-01-17 Statistics

Chief transparency or Change

I want to take a demographic of our voting people incuding councillors. We've had two years of the Chief running a muck and doing whatever he wants including sexual allegations and using Band money to keep this quiet. Whatever the case may be, no one hears from this person we all call our Chief. Enough is enough so by signing this petition will be a step towards change and how that change will occure. If your happy with what's happening then by all means don't sign, if your not happy and want so

Created: 2022-07-09 Statistics

Truth in the news

this is a letter I sent to CP24 - I want them to know that we are very tired of their miserable and incomplete versions of both our local and world news :   Why is CP24 coloring or slanting the news to meet its own agenda?  CP24 is not fully informing the public of any and all events that should be fully disclosed to the viewers.   Myself and 1000's of like-minded CANADIAN citizens are having to turn to alternate sources to be able to access the correct and entire full story of any news reported

Created: 2022-05-25 Statistics

Support LGBT people at UoR after pro-conversion therapy for trans people talk

The point of this petition is announce support for the LGBT students at the University of Reading and the larger community as a whole. On the 25th of April, a pro conversion therapy for trans people speaker was invited to the UoR. The UN has called conversion therapy torture and the talk violated several University of Reading policies but was still allowed to go ahead. The University of Reading should make a public apology as the talk was abusive, disciminatory and harassment using the UoR's own

Created: 2022-04-25 Statistics

Let’s stop Justin Boydell from victimizing anyone else.

Please sign this petition if you have been done wrong by this man. He victimized us and many others. He has hurt so many people and will continue to do so unless we as a community do something about it. 

Created: 2022-01-22 Statistics

PETITION Municipal tax bill l'Ile-Bizard-Ste Genevieve. Year 2022.

The level of mandatory levies in Quebec is the highest in North America, and Montreal has the highest level of municipal taxes in Quebec. For the year 2022, L'Ile-Bizard-Ste Genevieve is hit by an average increase of 7.4%, or 3.2% for the city of Montreal, and the staggering rate of 28% for the borough.For comparison, a pensioner under the Quebec Pension Plan was increased over one year by 2.7%, and we do not think that salaries in the private or public sector are much more advantageous. This pr

Created: 2022-03-05 Statistics