Most recent petitions in Gibraltar

  • Country: Gibraltar
  • Language: English

Investigation and Prosecution of Those Individuals Responsible for Crimes Against Humanity

73435 Created: 2021-09-29 Statistics

The People V HM Government for False Advertising surrounding Covid19

18843 Created: 2021-02-01 Statistics

Government of Gibraltar to close Line Wall Road between 2pm and 4pm on Sunday's to all vehicles

14 Created: 2020-05-06 Statistics

Harsher laws for severe dog attacks against other animals and humans.

90 Created: 2020-04-27 Statistics

Support Karen Serra, the founder for Counselling in Schools within Gibraltar.

37 Created: 2019-08-12 Statistics

Change Gibraltar National Day Holiday to the 11th of Sept

506 Created: 2017-08-16 Statistics

Gibraltar Night Bus Service Petition

44 Created: 2014-12-06 Statistics

Save "Kims Animal Rescue" Kennels from demolition Order

1758 Created: 2013-06-27 Statistics

Save the "Current Use" of the Convent Guardroom

163 Created: 2013-04-22 Statistics

Save the Convent Guardroom

159 Created: 2013-04-21 Statistics

Суд над Бхагавад-гитой / Attempt to ban Bhagavad-gita

51464 Created: 2011-12-16 Statistics


44221 Created: 2011-12-03 Statistics

Save Gibraltar's Street Names

802 Created: 2011-05-26 Statistics