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Petisi Penolakan Sanksi Pemberhentian Bapak Ayub Febriyanto

554 Created: 2023-02-10 Statistics

Тусгаар тогтнол хөдөлгөөний Тулгыг хэлмэгдүүлэн яллахыг эсэргүүцэж байна.

187 Created: 2022-12-15 Statistics

Reinstate the post of Professor of Burmese at SOAS, University of London

544 Created: 2022-08-24 Statistics

Indiegogo support regarding Micro Drone 4.0

117 Created: 2022-03-09 Statistics

The Argument against Nuclear Power as Sustainable for Finance

1502 Created: 2021-12-21 Statistics

Investigation and Prosecution of Those Individuals Responsible for Crimes Against Humanity

73262 Created: 2021-09-29 Statistics

ජනතා පරමාධිපත්‍ය බලයේ වැදගත්ම අංගය වූ චන්ද බලය ජනාධිපති මැතිවරණයේදී වංචා කල මහින්ද දේශප්‍රිය නීතිය හමුවට පැමිණවීමට බල කරමු !

4083 Created: 2021-06-27 Statistics

Vi ønsker en pensjonsavtale mellom Norge og Japan. / 日本とノルウェーの間で、社会保障協定が締結されることを望んでいます。/ We want a pension agreement between Norway and Japan.

430 Created: 2021-03-17 Statistics

“STOP THE RELIGIOUS STATE” PETITION - removal of article 196 from Polish Penal Code in defence of artistic freedom and freedom of expression

10974 Created: 2021-03-12 Statistics

Securing the long-term future of Latin and of the CSEL at the University of Salzburg

3851 Created: 2020-10-05 Statistics

Justice for Hathras gang rape victim and her family and to penalize all police officers involved in the cremation of the rape victim

19423 Created: 2020-09-30 Statistics

Petition to Stop Vista Residences from Cutting 54 Trees in Baguio City

4268 Created: 2020-06-24 Statistics

Thank you Taiwan

10617 Created: 2020-06-04 Statistics

عدم بازتاب یا پیگیری مشکلات نیروهای شرکتی وزارت بهداشت ، درمان و آموزش پزشکی علیرغم تماس ها و ارسال هزاران پیامک اعتراضی به آن سازمان

1630 Created: 2020-04-10 Statistics

تبدیل وضعیت نیروهای شرکتی وزارت بهداشت، درمان و آموزش پزشکی

3430 Created: 2020-03-25 Statistics

Sports friends help us!

2090 Created: 2020-03-21 Statistics

STOP Zynga closing Star Wars: Commander

1181 Created: 2020-03-14 Statistics

Stop littering on the streets

8 Created: 2020-01-14 Statistics

Stop World Taekwondo from using new dobok in Tokyo 2020

3142 Created: 2019-09-28 Statistics

Save the Norwegian Institute at Athens!

3701 Created: 2018-10-28 Statistics