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Developing Nations Stand Against Sodomy!

753 Created: 2022-08-24 Statistics

Permanent security provision against Somali Bandits in Mutha, Mutomo Kitui

5 Created: 2022-05-20 Statistics

Petitioning Hon Imran Okoth to vie independent on the 9/08/2022

195 Created: 2022-05-17 Statistics

Redesign of Kianugu Blackspot (Kikopey Gilgil) and Erection of Bumps at Laikipia University Mbaruk Area

5 Created: 2022-02-07 Statistics

Investigation and Prosecution of Those Individuals Responsible for Crimes Against Humanity

73249 Created: 2021-09-29 Statistics

Stop Kenya from taking Ksh 800 billion in Eurobond

19 Created: 2021-04-07 Statistics

#EndSARS #StopPoliceBuratality

4840 Created: 2020-10-10 Statistics

Awards Nomination for Rafael Serrallet

447 Created: 2020-01-10 Statistics

Stop World Taekwondo from using new dobok in Tokyo 2020

3142 Created: 2019-09-28 Statistics


152 Created: 2019-07-16 Statistics

Free ASAP Rocky from Jail

1002 Created: 2019-07-06 Statistics

Let Nemat Stay!

1356 Created: 2018-09-04 Statistics

The UN to intervene on the chaos in zimbabwe

3367 Created: 2018-08-01 Statistics

Petitioning FIFA to pair W57(France) against W(59) and W58(Belgium) against W(60) in place of France vs.Belgium at the semis.

5 Created: 2018-07-06 Statistics

Petition to have the VC and the DUPA head step down from office.

162 Created: 2017-11-28 Statistics


977 Created: 2017-03-02 Statistics

Eritrea፡We believe the Pfdj regime is a threat to Eritrea and to the horn Africa region

15371 Created: 2016-06-22 Statistics

Stop the extinction of wolves in Norway!

91389 Created: 2016-05-22 Statistics

Justice for Baby Elephant, Agam

7311 Created: 2014-11-09 Statistics

Portas Owino Ongondo right to remain in the UK 2

1021 Created: 2014-08-01 Statistics