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Environmental Health of Moreleta and Constantia Spruit areas

This petition is there to speak to the need to keep of the Moreleta and Constantia Park spruit area's in ward 45 clean. To work towards getting the vagrants out of the spruit areas.  

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Extension of Labour law assignment due date

As students studying the course Labour law,  we ask for an extension of the due date of the research assignment to be moved from the 2nd of September to 16 September which is the last business day of the week after our recess. We ask for such extension as a result of the numerous tests and assignments we face towards this month and we believe that to fully do this assignment to the best of capabilities we are given the recess as an opportunity to research free of other academic pressures. 

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Durban Gen shouldn’t be cancelled by etv. Durban Gen opened as many opportunities for people & still would.  Durban Gen taught us the importance of our dreams in the near future if we want to work in the medical industry - doctors, nurses.  Durban Gen engaged with true stories.  We laughed, enjoyed the story and we still expecting more.  Durban Gen we want to see the Nurses enrolling into Interns as Doctors & we want to see Interns enrolling to Doctors.  Durban Gen we want to learn more

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Bring Woolies Food to Nahoon

If you are interested in helping our Nahoon community gain a Woolies food please sign this petition for Woolworths head office. 

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Property Management to Tend to Non-Functioning Electrical Fencing at Silverstream Complex

"Landlord" in this case shall also refer to the Property Management Company of Silverstream Complex, Trafalgar. Background: Just as a landlord has certain expectations from their tenants – for example, paying rent on time and honouring the stipulations of the lease agreement – a tenant also has certain expectations from their landlord. Ultimately, renting should be a mutually beneficial agreement where all parties are respected and working towards a harmonious contract. The Rental Housing Act an

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Free Economic Equity Scheme

  I agree for all my debts to be fully paid through a South African Reserve Bank  promissory note!

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Removal of the DA councillor for eThekwini Ward 34

We the residents of eThekwini Ward 34 have enough of the lack lustre performance of Ward Councillor Bobby Maharaj of the DA. We have endured water outages , electricity outages all due to poor maintenance, lack of maintenance and vandalism. When these issue are brought to the councillors attention he shows no empathy to residents and picks and chooses you he responds to with varying degrees of success. The councillor spends his days shifting messages between various social media platforms and av

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Keeping Melkbosstrand at its Best - Developments to adhere to our town!

Dear Melkbosstranders We NEED YOU! just your signature could make a difference! we are presenting in 3 days as many signatures as possible to ask for this Development to adhere with the melkbosstrand environment!  If we do not do anything about it, our safety, traffic and ocean waters will be affected due to SEWAGE spills, excesive traffic and change of melkboss "village feel" We encourage you to be part of the solution!!  SIGN TODAY! thanks BE AWARE of what is HAPPENING in Melkbosstrand! Develo

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Petition against the HPCSA lack of support to dietitians/nutritionist

Lack of support for evidenced based nutritional information is a struggle for Dietitians in South Africa. The lay public is being flooded with nutrition advice from individuals that are:  1. Not an accredited health professional, specifically nutrition health professionals such as registered dietitians or nutritionist. 2. Promote themselves as nutritionists, sports nutritionist, nutrition specialists etc without any accreditation or registration with the HPCSA.    In addition to this, the rights

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Ronnie Doko must not get bail. Doko must get life sentences for the murder of pastor Citwa, Mr bhushenge, Mr Ntsompo and attempted murder of Mr Koli.

The systems of justice should apply fair judgement against the murder of three bread winners whom he killed, Giving him bail will not serve justice to the 3 suffering families that buried their spouse after the brutal murder in a church place .

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