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New Zealand Flower Farmers deserve fairer treatment and consideration. Support contactless deliveries for cut flowers through level 3 and 4 Delta lockdown.

Our local cut flower growing industry is sinking fast! From small family farms to larger operations, all have been forced to destroy a heartbreaking amount of their beautiful blooms. Level 4 Delta has left the cut flower farming community at a breaking point - financially, physically and emotionally - even though there are many ways to distribute their flowers safely.   Listen to Ella Stewarts report on our industry with Aila and Christy and the way this has affected their production and a possi

Created: 2021-09-07 Statistics

STA TC's - Stronger Together

Please sign this petition if the following is applicable to you: “I am a current or past employee of STA. During my employment at STA I have work one or more shifts that were only the 4 hour minimum. On these occasions I was not paid a travel allowance.I am requesting the AWU assist rectifying this under payment.” …   Clause 11.7 Travel and fares allowance.  

Created: 2021-04-16 Statistics

Unite together to work against COVID-19; To Condemn any protests in Australia during lockdown; request prompt State & Federal Government actions

Petition Letter: Unite Against COVID-19 The current COVID-19 situation in Australia is extremely dire. The number of COVID-19 cases and deaths in NSW has risen rapidly over the last few weeks. Starting as a small cluster in the eastern suburbs, it has now spread to south-west Sydney, and even crossed the border into other states. If we don’t contain the situation now, we will soon follow the path of India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam where the scale of cases, hospitalisations and deaths complet

Created: 2021-07-27 Statistics

Petition to WI Governor to Pardon Brendan Dassey and Steven Avery

  Brendan Dassey was 16 when he gave an unreliable, uncorroborated and inconsistent set of statements about a crime, details of which were provided to him by those interviewing him. His youth and cognitive and social limitations made him extremely sensitive to suggestibility, making his confession a text book example of a false coerced confession.   Steven Avery, already proven to have been wrongfully convicted and imprisoned for a rape case, had a civil suit of $36 million for his wrongful con

Created: 2018-11-05 Statistics

Against the development at 380 Hawthorn Road, Caulfield South, 3162

The residents of the Cedar Street area are against the development at 380 Hawthorn Road, Caulfield South, Melbourne, 3162. The development is unsightly, it creates unacceptable shadows for the residental homes around the building and post development their gardens will be overlooked.  As a community we want VCAT and the council to reconsider the proposal so the building is more appropriate in size and nature for the area. 

Created: 2021-05-27 Statistics


Hey Epic, hoping you can take this petition into consideration.    As as a whole hoping we can get enough people on this petition for them to even take this into consideration. Show them there is a lot of people in OCE who are wanting duos. Please stop taking it out especially on WEEKENDS !!

Created: 2019-10-08 Statistics

Save our Sharks! Save the heroes!

Some people may think, that oh, if the sharks are killed i can eat my flake! If Sharks become extinct our oceans will not be the same. If sharks are killed our ecosystem and food chain will never be the same. This Video will tell you why we need to save them.

Created: 2021-09-02 Statistics

AFRICA Down Under Conference - There is Nothing for AFRICA without AFRICANS

The 19th edition of Africa Down Under (ADU) Conference will be held on 1-3 September 2021 at the Pan Pacific, Perth (Australia). According to ADU,  virtual access including live streaming will be made available for all companies and stakeholders based offshore who are unable to travel to Australia due to COVID-19 travel restrictions. Paydirt Media stated on its Conference Page that, "ADU is the leading forum for Australian-African business and government relations and was first launched to raise

Created: 2021-06-10 Statistics

Petition for the protection of the Vltavska metro station concrete cascades spot

We, members of the Foreign parkour community, supporting the Czech parkour community, based on the official organization of the Czech Association of Parkour, z. s. (ČAPk), as well as other public, demand that the concrete cascades at the Vltavská metro station be preserved during the new planning of the Vltavská Philharmonic and surrounding buildings, or that changes be consulted with representatives of the Czech parkour community, ie ČAPk. The Vltavská concrete cascades are an integral part of

Created: 2021-06-06 Statistics

Provide more accessible public outdoor basketball courts

We, the undersigned, are calling on the Minister Yvette Berry MLA, Minister for Sports and Recreation, to establish more accessible outdoor public outdoor basketball courts.

Created: 2021-08-29 Statistics