Most popular petitions in Australia in 2021

  • Country: Australia
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Do you think the current people and extend family members in charge of native title in the Ipswich and locker Valley have done enough to keep them there

Created: 2021-11-29 Statistics

Grace is hot

Created: 2021-10-18 Statistics

Petition Against Mandatory Vaccinations At Stellenbosch University

Created: 2021-10-02 Statistics

No Mandatory Vaccination or Vaccine Passports! Do Not Discriminate Against Unvaccinated

Created: 2021-07-25 Statistics

Stop The Migrant Channel Crossings

Created: 2021-07-15 Statistics

Help volunters help

Created: 2021-07-09 Statistics

Mobile Homes are an affordable, durable, healthy, safe & attractive solution to housing needs in the Gisborne Region

Created: 2021-06-09 Statistics


Created: 2021-05-30 Statistics

To support the funding from the Mauritian Government to build a tunnel underneath the racecourse for vehicle and removing the crossing at the 500m mark avoiding danger.

Created: 2021-05-25 Statistics


Created: 2021-05-22 Statistics

Bye bye Family Zone

Created: 2021-04-23 Statistics

#EndSARS #StopPoliceBuratality

Created: 2020-10-10 Statistics

Extend the Upfield Bike Path to Upfield

Created: 2018-04-27 Statistics

Find missing 916 missing babies from Bessborough including my twin siblings Ann Veronica and Vincent Joseph Finn 1959

Created: 2021-09-30 Statistics

Justice for Hathras gang rape victim and her family and to penalize all police officers involved in the cremation of the rape victim

Created: 2020-09-30 Statistics

STORMONT! END the violation of our Human rights NOW! Face masks should NEVER BE MANDATORY!!!

Created: 2020-07-17 Statistics

Bring ALDI supermarkets to New Zealand!

Created: 2017-07-06 Statistics

Should Mark McGowan be removed from office?

Created: 2021-12-24 Statistics

Merlin Project 2021

Created: 2021-10-21 Statistics

Stop animal testing

Created: 2019-11-07 Statistics