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Voting Poll in Brisbane

Respected Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Australia As you are aware, the eleventh presidential election will be held on Friday 14/06/2013 (1392/03/24). Unfortunately we have been informed that a voting poll will not be provided in Brisbane. We, a group of Iranian residents of Queensland request; with due consideration that at the present time approximately four thousand Iranians with the eligibility to vote reside in Queensland; that a voting poll be organised for the city of Bris

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Road Safety at Boldrewood Pde / Broadway Intersection

Reservoir residents are demanding changes to this dangerous intersection located close to a state primary school, senior citizens’ centre and other community facilities.A group of concerned residents recently met with 2022 Victorian election candidates, and Darebin councillors, at the intersection to see for themselves the lack of safety for users of the roundabout. Darebin Council’s Darebin Advocacy Platform 2022 includes specific reference to this issue: ‘Fix the safety issues at the Boldrewoo

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Save teddy from being put down

Teddy bear is a loving and caring american bulldog who was taken from his home on friday illegally by the police under the dangerous dog act and will be put down this Thursday if he doesn't pass his behaviour test (bare in mind what dog would listen to a complete stranger in a strange environment instead of his owner ) ,he is not just a dog but a sentient mind, he is a gentle soul who is much a part of toms family. This is an animal not a monster, personally as a friend to tom and teddy, i am re

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Petition to Moreland City Council on Adani and Procurement policy

We, the undersigned, hereby implore and petition the City of Moreland Council to amend Council's Procurement policy in line with strategic decisions to oppose the development of the Adani mine (8 February 2017) and to declare a climate emergency (September 2018). We note that a proposal for this was rejected at the October 2019 Council meeting (CAMoreland 2019) Australia is enduring a bushfire disaster emergency clearly linked to climate change and the rise in temperatures due to global heating

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Diamond Beach Urbanization.

PETITION 391 Diamond Beach Road Diamond Beach Construction of 42 townhouses DA2021-1724   We object to the above development on the following grounds; Not what it proposes to be - The development has been presented as “Tourist and Visitor accommodation” but is actually a townhouse development for permanent occupation before the land is actually zoned for residential use. It appears to circumvent appropriate legalities and processes related to current council zoning and an attempt to rezone by

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Expression of dissatisfaction to SAFA about specific rules and lack of member engagement

The SAFA Operations Manual contains the following rules, that many SAFA members say are ineffective, and/or overbearing, and /or reduce safety rather than increase it. The purpose of this petition is to let SAFA know that a number of members are not in agreement with these specific regulations, and want better communication and consultation processes with the members as standard process moving forward. SAFA should share reasoning behind rules and evidence used, to help make rules with members. 1

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the grape & HOP wine bar

This petition is to show your support of the grape and hop wine bar as a valued business of Montmorency. the g&h is a fantastic local wine bar that is used mainly by locals but has a greater Melbourne reach of clientele that use the bar as a meeting place to catch up and enjoy the Were street amenity. The bar is easily accessed via foot, train, bus and bike. It has a mature friendly atmosphere that supports the local traders, community, residents and encourages local music artists.  Thanks

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Jack is not a dangerous dog!

Hi My dog Jack is a lovely big boofhead who has stood in front of snakes and barked and chased off foxes to save chickens. He is not a big scarey aggressive dog who attacks people. He loves children. He loves the old neighbours next door. From being a baby I have made him take treats from my mouth so he learned early on to be gentle taking treats, as I didn't want his big mouth snatching treats from little hands. Note if he was a big bitey dog he would try attack/ bite snakes or foxes - but his

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Say NO to more traffic and parking chaos in Glenmore Park

PETITION - Objection to the size and scale of proposed DA19/0419 to build 142-bed Aged Care Facility located 5 -7 Floribunda Avenue, Glenmore Park NSW on the following grounds: 1) It is not in the public interest to build this massive development, which contravenes Council Provisions for the current R2 zoning, which is for low density residential development without adequate provision of parking spaces and traffic management 2) The developer seeks to promote their own commercial interest at the

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