Most recent petitions in Bulgaria

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Resignation of the Director! Support for the Library Cat!

1588 Created: 2024-03-12 Statistics

Stand up for freedom: Stop the expulsion of political dissident Abdulrahman al-Khalidi to Saudi Arabia

941 Created: 2024-03-04 Statistics

Against detaching the National Observatory of Athens from Greece's network of research centers

2700 Created: 2023-11-19 Statistics

Stop the deportation and guarantee the protection of Alireza Hassan Beigi against a death sentence in Iran!

2460 Created: 2023-07-20 Statistics

Delay or possibly remove the Sofia pride 2023

5 Created: 2023-04-04 Statistics

Support Yosef

537 Created: 2023-03-21 Statistics

Let Mr. Milko stay

27 Created: 2023-02-22 Statistics

Save Shadowhunters

547 Created: 2022-06-06 Statistics

Не на забраната на достъп до Руски интернет

5 Created: 2022-03-23 Statistics

The US congress should abandon their communist allies in China and RNM and condemn the bulgarian genocide committed by the government of RNM starting on 1/7/1945

111 Created: 2022-01-07 Statistics

Punishment and responsibility from Atanas Mangarov

943 Created: 2021-12-09 Statistics

Оставка на Георги Христозов, който подписва смъртната присъда на БРФК / Immediate resignation of Hristozov, who destroyed the Bulgarian Cynology Federation!

386 Created: 2021-12-04 Statistics

Investigation and Prosecution of Those Individuals Responsible for Crimes Against Humanity

73472 Created: 2021-09-29 Statistics

Hold Dr. Fauci accountable for lying about COVID-19

953 Created: 2021-08-10 Statistics

Petition for the protection of the Vltavska metro station concrete cascades spot

2885 Created: 2021-06-06 Statistics

Незабавно освобождаване на задържания в Беларус журналист Роман Протасевич

127 Created: 2021-05-24 Statistics

“STOP THE RELIGIOUS STATE” PETITION - removal of article 196 from Polish Penal Code in defence of artistic freedom and freedom of expression

10995 Created: 2021-03-12 Statistics

We require Recycling Bins in Tsatsarovtsi ASAP!

18 Created: 2021-02-08 Statistics

Save the building of Raduntsi Hospital

341 Created: 2021-01-16 Statistics

International support for non-governmental organizations at No. 6 Metelkova Street in Ljubljana, Slovenia

1329 Created: 2020-10-24 Statistics