Most popular petitions in Bulgaria in 2014

  • Country: Bulgaria
  • Language: English
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One Direction in Bulgaria!!!

Please, help on a BULGARIA!!

Created: 2014-05-10 Statistics

Rectify an unjust situation regarding the name of a boy in Quebec

Our efforts were successful! Please read our announcement. _____________________________ The Quebec government requires a newborn boy to have the surname of his mother, ending with 'a' - Gateva. We, members of the Bulgarian community in Quebec confirm that: - A last name that ends with 'a' is the name of a girl - The Gateva name for a boy is ridiculous and unacceptable -A boy who bears the name of a girl is exposed to be ridiculed and harassed by society With this petition we call on the Governm

Created: 2014-06-06 Statistics

Меден протест / Beekeper's Protest - No money No honey

Протест и петиция за изравняване на цените за износ на мед от България с Европейските стандарти Protest and petition for flatten the export price of honey from Bulgaria with the Еuropean standards     До Президента на Република България До Министър-председателя на Република България До Председателя на Народното събрание на Република България До Евродепутата Мария Габриел До всички политици и партии в Република България До Омбудсмана на Република България До всички медии в България До цялата

Created: 2013-03-26 Statistics


Dear Sir or Madam,For several years, despite of the numerous letters addressed by the Principal of the school to the competent authorities in Varna, the lives of dozens of students at the school "Vasil Droumev" - Varna have been daily exposed to a fatal risk as a result of the irresponsible conduct of drivers of vehicles in the area who park on the walkways, in front of the entrances and on the sidewalks adjacent to the school. Every day the emergency exit of the school "Vasil Droumev"which is s

Created: 2014-11-13 Statistics

Във Велинград ТРЯБВА да се направи приют за бездомни животни

Да отправим поглед към улиците на Велинград. Там се набива на очи един проблем, който от години няма решение - бездомните животни.Ясно е, че за осъществяване на подобна идея са нужни средства. В търсене на варианти писмата се изпратени  до Президентството и до Европейската комисия. И докато от президента все още чакаме отговор, отговорът на Европейската комисия е пристигнал само за 3 дни. В него се препоръчва да бъде търсено финансиране чрез проект и се подчертава, че повечето от програмите се р

Created: 2014-08-05 Statistics

Free iranian soldiers

  این موزه  با تشکر از همه ملت ایران بخصوص هنرمندان و ورزشکاران ، دانشگاهیان  و همه اقشار ملت ایران که همبستگی خود را با این عزم ملی نشان دادند نتیجه نهایی آمار امضاهای ثبت شده در دو سامانه رایانه ای  موزه صلح تهران و پیامکی برنامه نود را بشرح زیر  اعلام کرد تعداد امضاهای ثبت شده در سایت موزه صلح تهران 392303  عدد تعداد پیامکهای برنامه نود  1200012  عدد مجموع کلی   1592315   عدد در ضمن برای روشن شدن اذهان درباره بعضی از اظهار نظرهای مطرح شده در این روزها،  این موزه به صورت رسمی  اعلام داشت که در

Created: 2014-03-07 Statistics

Initiative to build a monument to Ilian Nikolov in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

In regards with the efforts and devotion of Ilian Nikolov as the creator of Stara Planina Fest "Balkan Folk", inspirer and founder of World Association of Folklore Festivals - WAFF and European Association of Folklore Festivals - EAFF, we believe that the outstanding achievements in the preservation of folklore arts of Bulgaria, Europe and the world, Ilian Nikolov deserves a monument to be build in his home town of Veliko Tarnovo. Under the aegis of the European Association of Folklore Festivals

Created: 2014-07-22 Statistics

Stop Testing on Monkeys

I ask that the Regents immediately take action to stop the unethical and scientifically unnecessary use of nonhuman primates in experiments at University of California campuses and laboratories. Animal experimentation fails to hold the promise of new technologies, including nanotechnology, microfluidic methods, stem cell research and personalized medicine; or to yield the comprehensive results of well-established research protocols such as clinical and epidemiological studies.  Ethically, animal

Created: 2013-09-12 Statistics

Dog Dragged to Death

On Friday April 20, a dog was tied to the back of a car and dragged to death on the Gyeongbuk expressway in Seoul, South Korea. A police investigation is underway to find the person(s) responsible for this malicious crime. Eyewitnesses have provided video footage and the license plate number to Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth (CARE) ( CARE has handed this evidence to the Seocho police station, filed an official police report, and is doing everything possible to support t

Created: 2012-04-23 Statistics

Stop killing stray dogs

خمام، شهری میان رشت و بندر انزلی، در این شبها قتلگاه سگ های خیابانی شد!همراه با آغاز دوباره ی سیر سگ کشی در کشور، عبور و مرور از ساعت 12شب به بعد در شهر خمام ممنوع گردیدهدلیل این ممنوعیت کشتار سگ های خیابانی در این ساعت مقرر بیان شده!از تمامی دوستان برای جلوگیری از این جنایت سازماندهی شده بر علیه حقوق حیوانات طلب یاری داریم.آنچه از این حقیر بر می آمد، طراحی چند پوستر بود. کمی ها و کاستی ها را به عمق فاجعه ببخشید. تازه رسیدم پناهگاه، صدای سفیر گلوله در دوردستها میپیچد و سگها به ناگهان شروع به واق

Created: 2014-03-08 Statistics