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Petition to deny the rezoning of the property located at the corner of Falcon Ridge Parkway and Conestoga Parkway. Anthem Sun City case no. ZCM-21-004B and TM-21-007

 We the residents and homeowners of Sun City Mesquite respectfully request that the Mesquite City Council vote NO on Case no. ZCM-21-004B and revise TM-21-007 to remove the Rec 2 AR-CR1, the requests to rezone the property located at the corner of Falcon Ridge Parkway and Conestoga Parkway from Residential to Commercial Residential. This rezoning would result in the building of 16 pickle ball courts and 1 basketball court, as well as a parking lot and lights, resulting in undue stress on the sur

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Hey On Pink play my damn favorite song at gigs

These fcking kids won’t play a lighter live.

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Requesting an appointment to the NANDC board as an At-Large Rep

Hello. My name is Jon Tieuel. I am requesting an appointment to the North Area Neighborhood Development Council (NANDC) as an At-Large Representative. I have spent the last 9 years representing our neighborhood, but our job is not finished. We still must contend with developers who want to put high rise buildings in our neighborhood in the middle of residential districts. We need proper and smart development that our neighborhood benefits from. Help me represent your voice by signing my petition

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Justice for Ruchian Kay Lawak

On 29 September 2021, 28-year-old Ruchian Kay Lawak Scottsdene sadly lost her life due to stabbing by her her ex-boyfriend whilst in the presence of her 2-year old daughter. Her family is traumatised by the violent manner in which she departed from this life. An entire community in mourning about yet another senseless killing. Women across South Africa are angry that we are not safe South Africa has unacceptable high levels of violence against women and children despite having a Constitution tha

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Stop the Tyranny in Pima County!

Supervisor Heinz has yet again petitioned the Board of Supervisors to have a mask mandate.  From his memo: Discussion/Direction/Action: Directing the County Administrator and County staff to implement a mask mandate for all students, staff and visitors at all K-12 public and private schools within Pima County, effective immediately, as an emergency measure necessary for the immediate preservation of the peace, health or safety of Pima County. The rest of his request here.  In addition, looking a

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Complete Overdue Renovations at Johnson Middle School

Currently, Johnson Middle School 6th graders have classes on the 4th floor where only half of the floor is used for instruction.  The 4th floor renovation began years ago and was halted due to insufficient funding. This greatly limits the number of classrooms available for instruction.  Furthermore, without completion of the unfinished classrooms and other half of the 4th floor, the teachers, staff, and 6th grade students are forced to try and maximize social distancing in a limited space, incre

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Petition to End the LCA Lawsuit

We undersigned Leilani Community Association (LCA) members respectfully request that the LCA Board of Directors (BoD) immediately end the lawsuit against six former board members.Some BoD members have taken their once-private lawsuit [1] and handed their plaintiff responsibilities to our entire LCA membership [2-4]. The BoD made this decision in April of 2021 [5 (see pages 4-5)] without community knowledge or consent, and it remained unannounced until the President's Report on August 22 [6]. Th

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This is a petition to show support for AT&T Fiber in our neighborhood, Abbington Downs in Madison Alabama.

AT&T is seriously considering bring their Fiber service to Abbington Downs.  In order to make it worth their while, they need to know how many people are actually interested in the service.    By signing this, you are NOT required to subscribe to their service when and if it's available.  This just shows that there is definite interest in possibly subscribing.  

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Petition Against Mandatory Vaccinations At Stellenbosch University

Stellenbosch University Council, We stand against Stellenbosch University Council's decision to create new university regulations, to make COVID-19 vaccinations mandatory. Signing this petition does not mean that we are anti-vaccine, It means that we believe that people should make their own decisions regarding medical procedures. Hence follows reasons for and against taking the vaccine, as well as constitutional arguments against a mandate from a government institution. Whether people choose to

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Allow Australian stores to sell Star Wars Legion and Marvel Crisis Protocol Product

 **Please review and sign this petition if you agree Australians should be able to sell Australian stock of the following items which are on hand** - Star Wars Legion Wookie Warriors - Star Wars Legion Yoda - Star Wars Legion IG-100 Magnaguards - Star Wars Legion - Super Tactical Droid Commander - Marvel Crisis Protocol - Blade and Moon Knight - Marvel Crisis Protocol - Doctor Voodoo and Hood - Marvel Crisis Protocol - Doctor Strange and Clea - Marvel Crisis Protocol - Sanctum Sanctorum Terrain

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