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Petition for Vic to Honor Her Follow Goal for a Minion Cosplay

On July 7th, 2021, @vvictoriaan tweeted: "ive reached an all time low…. ive become what i feared most….. i’ve made a follow goal…. for a minion cosplay… kinda excited though i won’t lie.."   Though she hit this goal not long after, she has yet to honor her promises to do a minion cosplay.   Especially with the new minion movie having been released recently, We think it extremely important to both the wellbeing of her fans as well as her friends. Please sign this petition as proof that there are

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Petition to have. Native Oaks Golf course take responsibility

This is a petition to Native Oaks Golf course to take responsibility for the damage and or injuries cause by rougue golf balls from their patrons..We are asking for nets to be put up in effected areas to lessen the damage caused by rougue golf balls that continually accure  on Woods Valley rd. And or compensation for damages...these are just a couple picture....  

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Ministers call for federal investigation to protect all citizens from wrongful incarcerations

FORBES Questions US Attorney's Claims Hello Citizens. We all are guaranteed the right to truthful service by elected officials and public servants. Please join and support the Ministers request to Ohio Senators Sherrod Brown and Rob Portman, Ohio Governor Mike Dewine, Cincinnati and Columbus Ohio Mayors Aftab Pureval and Andrew Ginther asking them to publicly call for a federal investigation into wrongdoing by federal government employees within the US Attorney's Office in Cincinnati and Columbu

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Restoration of Herbert House Vallejo 2022

Hello Vallejo Community and Neighboring Cities!! We need your Help!!! As a 47 year-old Vallejo native my heart is to see something beautiful happen for the good in our city and the greater Northbay area!  My husband Elder Farley and I have founded Blessed Bed and Breakfast.  A community based emergency shelter after God's own heart that will provide 5 star temporary shelter for FREE for up to 22days for those who need of the most. From fire evacuees to homeless to the recently jobless effected b

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Stop the Washington Blvd. Light Rail Train Project

PETITION FOR MONTEBELLO, AND PICO RIVERA RESIDENTS, AND LOS ANGELES COUNTY RESIDENTS AND TAXPAYERS AGAINST THE LOS ANGELES COUNTY METROPOLITAN TRANSPORTATION AUTHORITY GOLD LINE TRANSIT CORRIDOR PHASE2 EXTENSION WASHINGTON BOULEVARD ALTERNATIVE. I, the undersigned, declare that I am a taxpaying resident of Los Angeles County, and I am firmly opposed to the proposed Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) Light Rail Project known as the Gold Line Eastside Transit Corridor

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Remove Alan and Yeon from server 1032

Both Alan and Yeon of Server 1032 have made playing on the server miserable. I am startng a petition for everyone in Server 1032 to sign a petition requesting Evony remove these two individuals. Please sign the petition. 

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Gainesville's Future

To the Gainesville City Commission: We the undersigned vigorously object to the City’s proposal to do away with single-family zoning. We believe this proposal will disproportionately impact historic African-American neighborhoods and families in economically-challenged neighborhoods close to UF and Depot Park. Moreover, we believe this proposal will lead to a reduction in home-ownership, an important way for all citizens of all races to build family wealth. We object to any comprehensive plan am

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For the Return of the Series "The Time Traveler's Wife"

Written by Steven Moffat, former director of Sherlock and Doctor Who, and with Rose Leslie and Theo James as main characters, the series, produced by HBO, was recently canceled shortly after the end of the first season.   Based on the book of the same name, the series was unfairly canceled, even though it showed its enormous quality and potential in the first few episodes. With an eye-catching plot and touching script, the series had been increasing its number of fans, so its future looked very

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Urgent call for Palestinian Comprehensive Democratic Elections

We, the sons and daughters of the Palestinian people and representatives of Palestinian national and social forces, are pained by the continuation of the divisions amongst us, and by the absence of a unified national leadership and a comprehensive national strategy.  This comes at a time when democratic freedoms are in retreat, and when the right to expression and assembly is being suppressed. There is also a serious imbalance of power in favor of the Israeli occupation and the apartheid regime

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Allowing operation of All-Terrian vehicles on local roads in Ballard County (Kentucky)

We are trying to pass an ordinance to be able to operate All-Terrian vehicles on local roads in Ballard County. This will bring more revenue to the county. We need all people who support this to come to the Fiscal Court meeting on Tuesday July 5th @5:00 at the Judege Executives office.

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