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Diego's Riding Recovery

I made this petition for Diego to be able to ride again. As many of you may know, he recently broke his ankle, and his parents won't allow for him to ride anymore. Meaning they're forcing him to quit. I don't know about any of you reading this, but Diego has brought a lot of joy and freindships into my life through scootering. The last thing I would hate to see is him not be able to do something that he loves and has spent so much time working hard at to come to where he is today. If you agree w

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Learnhub Movement

Learnhub Learnhub is a genuine and genius idea that can replace the well known Google Classroom into something more engaging. This idea provides a relatable concept, and is very easy to remember because of it. Google Classroom is a mouthful and contains four syllables, While Learnhub is an easy two syllables.

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League of concerned gentlemens petition to rename the Cleveland Guardians the Cleveland Shmindians

Because anything is better than the freaking Cleveland Guardians! 

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Kicking Micheal Out Of Class

In ninth-grade FACS class, Micheal makes trouble by making terrible jokes by insulting our teacher. His jokes consist of drug use, inappropriate comments and various animal sounds (pig and zebra) idk why. Worst of all he has a BLONDE MULLET. He is a spawn of Alabama and needs to be sent back. (this is mostly a joke) This is Micheal Approved as you can see!!

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Let’s keep Ron (UPS)!

UPS Harrisburg is changing routes and only those of us in 19551 and 19565 are losing Ron Hinsey from our route (he is retaining 19608).  Ron has become an extended member of so many of our homes up here on the Mountain and as much as we don't want to see him go, the feeling is mutual.  He knows all of  our families, looks out for our packages and properties and is a friendly face we look forward to seeing every day.  Let's stand behind Ron and try our best to keep him here before the change is s

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Repeal SAPA Emergency regulations

We, the undersigned legal citizens of the United States of America, residents of the State of New York, in the interest of public health and well being of the citizenry, hereby OBJECT to the extension of the State Administrative Procedure Act (SAPA) for emergency regulations as outlined in the PHHPC Agenda for April 5,2022 in but not limited to the following sections;Section 2.13 as it relates to Isolation and Quarantine Procedures (Agenda 04.05.2022 document pages 7-11) as it is in violation of

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May the trees have a chance?

We understand that the trees in the boulevard are the property of the city.  We also understand that the trees being removed would eliminate several costs for the city. In the long haul for the future of the city - the present and future citizens that call Colby their home would like you to please consider this request. Our request is that the street work is completed without the removal of all the trees. The trees are a great asset for many reasons.  Oxygen for us as people.  Habitats for wildl

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our beloved friend... was gunned down by a repeated offender Donovan Bookout Tuesday morning while doing his security rounds...there was no reason to shoot and kill a security guard doing his took away a son a father a brother and a friend...his life was cut short leaving behind 6 children... we all want justice for his death and as a friend I seek keep Donovan behind bars and don’t let him back out...

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Sidney’s law

Pedophiles or sex offenders should be locked up for life. reasons why they should remain locked up for life: 1. The mental damage they do to others when they touch them. 2. Pedophiles rob children from their innocence and childhood  3. they cause permanent damage to families.  4. The ripple effects that are caused from the effects of SA. - the ripple effect in this case would be one kid was touched then it spread from just that one kid to that kid doing it to other kids.  In all, pedophiles shou

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Boycott Disney for Opposing the Education Bill into Law HB 1557 - Supporters of HB 1557 say it would give parents greater control over their children’s education, vindicating their “parental authority

Earlier this year and to the delight of parents everywhere, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and the state legislature passed the "Parental Rights in Education Bill," which prohibits public schools from indoctrinating children grades K-3 with pro-gay, pro-transgender propaganda. Again, the Florida law is simply designed to protect the youngest grade-school children from being taught lies, such as their birth gender might possibly be a freak of nature and that they can change it. I encourage you to

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