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Appoint Majd Alsahwy and Matthew Dempsey to the Fox Hills Board of Directors

With Paul Konen's recent retirement as president of the HOA board of directors, there are now TWO vacancies on the board and Josh Otting has recently sent out applications to homeowners who might be interested in filling the vacancies. A group of homeowners concerned about the state of the association and its future would like your support to get two homeowners elected - each with a background we believe would be VERY valuable to the board and for all homeowners. If you are a homeowner in Fox Hi

Created: 2020-09-22

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1399نامه به وزیر بهداشت/دوره تکمیلی تخصصی علوم آزمایشگاهی

به نام خدا استاد گرامی جناب آقای دکتر سعيد نمكی  وزير محترم بهداشت، درمان و آموزش پزشكی با اهدای سلام و احترام همانگونه که مستحضرید دوره تكميلي تخصصي علوم آزمايشگاهی پس از وقفه طولاني سی ساله، از سال 1396 با جذب سالانه 15 دانشجو در چهار دانشگاه راه اندازی شد. این دوره علاوه بر حمایت قانونی مجلس محترم شورای اسلامی، از پشتوانه شواهد محکم استانداردهای علمی- تخصصی و قوانين بين المللی حوزه آزمايشگاه نيز برخوردار است. ضمن تشکر از حمایت معاونت محترم آموزشی وزارتخانه در اصلاح آیین نامه مربوط و بروز نمود

Created: 2020-09-21

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SAY NO to the tower placement while SUPPORTING better emergency communication in Woodland Twp, NJ

SUPPORT better emergency communications BUT NOT a tower placement in the heart of Chatsworth  The communications tower should not be placed within a Residential Zone located so close to homes, historic buildings, scenic Rt. 532 and public open spaces at the Chatsworth Cranberry Festival Commons and Franklin Parker Preserve.  This location creates potential health, safety, and financial impacts on Chatsworth residents and visitors, and degrades natural, historic and scenic resources of the New Je

Created: 2020-09-20

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Free Anthony C. Shy II (Inmate: 340427) Due to Covid-19 Risk

Greeting my name is Sheila Wallace and I have created this petition for my son Anthony c. Shy II his inmate number 340427. Nearly 12 years ago, my son was almost 18 years old. Anthony Was Trialed as an Adult and Sentenced to 15 years first offence not even being 18 yet. I am asking people to sign along with me for an early release for Anthony C Shy II Due to0 Covid -19 and other reasons along with those dangers alone.  If you need a reason Use the Text Below: Compassionate Release: Under Title 1

Created: 2020-09-17

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Save Education!

There are many opinions about remote and in-person learning. I understand that some may not want to send their children, but there are also parents that believe they are better off in school with their teachers for more adequate learning. As COVID has taken over our lives, we are aware that masks are a requirement. By signing this petition I understand the requirements and would like my child(ren) to attend school with in-person learning from 8am-2pm. 

Created: 2020-09-15

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New Jersey Shellfish Hatchery Permit-by-Rule

Thank you for taking the time to review the following petition.  While you will notice that this petition is tailored towards my specific operation, it is our hope that this will expose the ambiguous regulations that hinder the expansion of the aquaculture industry in New Jersey.  With your support, we hope to become the first fully permitted shellfish hatchery and nursery in the state.  Please note that by signing this petition you are agreeing to have your business name included on the petitio

Created: 2020-09-15

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Say "No" to standardized exams and computer-based assessments in our school district for the year.

Sign this petition to support young people in our district by REJECTING district-wide standardized exams and computer-based assessments for this year.   What do our young people need most right now?  If you are an educator who brings social-emotional support to your students in any meaningful way, you must empathize with young people at this time of social-distancing and rising issues for families in urban districts.  Currently, the Vallejo City Unified School District offers lip-service to soci

Created: 2020-09-14

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Bring back the Grand Floridian Society Orchestra!

We ask the Disney Management to bring back the wonderful sound of the GFSO to the most magical place on earth. This orchestra brought so much joy to the guests and visitors at the Grand Floridian. When Mizner's was closed (a decision Mizner's guests cant understand) it was sad to see that the orchestra lost the regular place in front of the bar. Hearing that they are gone forever now is another disappointment from the company that otherwise brings so much joy. Photo (c) James Thomas Langdon  

Created: 2020-09-13

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Millersburg Township residents in support of non-highway vehicle use on township roads

We the undersigned residents of Millersburg Township are in favor of the Mercer County Non-Highway Vehicle Ordinance #08-2020, which allows the use of recreational off-highway vehicles, also known as side-by-sides or utility task vehicles, on designated roadways throughout Mercer County, including Millersburg Township roads.

Created: 2020-09-11

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Charles Towner should wear the family pajamas

Charles Towner should put on the matching family pajamas.

Created: 2020-09-11

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