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Peticija za hitno osnivanje azila za pse u Novom Sadu

Peticija za hitno osnivanje azila za pse u Novom Sadu! Na ulicama Novog Sada ima oko 25.000 pasa lutalica, a grad nema strategiju za njihovo zbrinjavanje. Zbog napada ovakvih pasa lutalica, grad je preko JKP Čistoća u toku 2010. godine navodno isplatio građanima na osnovu tužbi do 35 miliona dinara, a broj tužbi raste iz godine u godinu upravo zbog povećanja broja napuštenih životinja. Novi Sad je za iznos isplaćenih odšteta samo u prošloj godini mogao da napravi dva azila za pse lutalice.

Created: 2012-01-07 Statistics

Get Kelly Kelly out of the WWE!

We all know that the RAW viewer's choice 2011 was rigged. The real winner was Beth Pheonix. But noo, let the blonde bimbo get the title! For the past six years, Kelly Kelly has shown no impact and probably no interest in this business! She sucked way too much d*ck to get where she is! She's like some kinda immitation Trish Stratus, on top of every huge star in the WWE but still no real title reighns unlike trish! we need to get this bitch out! A.S.A.P

Created: 2011-11-11 Statistics

Qwerty Keypad for SMS in Corby 2 in PHIL.

"Samsung GT-S3850" is a Samsung product which is already spreading around the Globe. And one of the problems about this phone is that it has "NO qwerty keypad for sms" feature. According to some Corby 2 users, qwerty keypad for sms is only available at other countries NOT in the Philippines. In fact, a lot of people in the Philippines have complained about this problem! To the samsung company: You shouldn't have sell the Corby 2 phones which are not complete in technic

Created: 2011-09-13 Statistics


Please, let me introduce you to Tyson a 5 year old Pit Bull mix who wiggled his way into many hearts! He had a wonderful temperament and laid back personality, truly a gentle soul an amazing ambassador for “THE Breed” and dogs in general – he is the reason for change!  Tyson had a way about him, a way to your heart…I always thought he would make a great Therapy dog but he never got the chance – Providence stole that from him! He was a dog full of love and life until that night.  The night of Sun

Created: 2010-09-14 Statistics

Re-evaluate the purging of

This is address to the readers of danica, an online fiction writer, who owned A background on danica:She brought to us the wonderful and well crafted Best I Ever Had, Chicharong Flower, The Prince's Homecoming, 7 Days: Menelli's Toughest Mission and numerous other original fictions and fan fictions. The issue:Last June 14, 2012, as I was informed, was purged due to inappropriate content as reported by four anonymous reports. danica, as she claime

Created: 2012-07-08 Statistics

Pour que Big Time Rush vienne faire un concert en Suisse

Bonjour ! je fais cette pétition pour que Big Time Rush vienne en Suisse. C'est un groupe de 4 mec, Kendall, James, Carlos et Logan.   Big Time for Rush to come to SwitzerlandHello!I make this petition for Big Time Rush come to Switzerland.This is a group of four guy, Kendall, James, Carlos and Logan.

Created: 2012-06-11 Statistics

co-op victimisation

i am launching a petition to raise awareness of the unfair and unjust victimisation of a very good friend of mine, he is at the moment going through a very bitter and destructive court case to try and protect his children from his ex wife who has taken it on herself to try and destroy my friend both emotionally and financially to stop him gaining custody and contact of his two children. 18 months ago my friends wife was found to be having an extra marital affair after being with my friend for 24

Created: 2012-05-17 Statistics

We want the old Cartoon Network back.

We the people around the world. Who grew up watching the amazing shows like Ed Edd and Eddy, Dexter's laboratory, Kids Next Door, Billy and Mandy, Pokemon, Powerpuff girls, Samurai Jack and many other .These shows were actually funny. Unlike most of the shows that air on C.N. now .Don't you want your little siblings/kids to watch all the awesomeness that you did when you were a child? Don't you want you make their Childhood worthwhile ?I know this petition meant something to you deep down that i

Created: 2012-03-28 Statistics


Cirali beach is one of the rare hot spots of Turkey in Mediterranean ecological system.  The beach is 3.2 km long and hosts 18 different endemic plants and is one of the succesful nesting sites of Caretta Caretta sea turtles which are growing in numbers every year due to dedicated conservation efforts. Many other animal and plant species are under the protection of international Bern Treaty and international organisations are putting their efforts for their protection. Cirali beach is in 1. Degr

Created: 2012-02-19 Statistics


This petition is to let Turner Entertainment, Warner Bros. and Hanna-Barbera know we want all 9 seasons of the smash hit 1980s cartoon series The Smurfs on commerically single season set DVDs for retail. Season 1 - 39 episodes Season 2 - 46 episodes Season 3 - 55 episodes Season 4 - 48 episodes Season 5 - 40 episodes Season 6 - 63 episodes Season 7 - 67 episodes Season 8 - 24 episodes Season 9 - 39 episodes 

Created: 2011-07-14 Statistics

5D Mark III (3D, 6D) Demands

UPDATE 2/3/2012: WE GOT WHAT WE WANTED: THANK YOU MAEDAA!!!!!!!!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To: Canon Inc., Japan Attn: Mr. Masaya Maeda Director and Chief Executive of Image Communication Products Operations. Dear Mr. Maeda, All of the undersigned hereby respectfully request your fucking attention for the following:

Created: 2011-02-10 Statistics


Please sign the petition, with all the recent suicides, we need to help young people. We need to get a petition going to get suicide prevention classes/talks and meetings into all the schools in Ireland. We also need to get bullying programmes set up to inform students and parents of what bullying really is and how it can affect the young.  

Created: 2012-12-14 Statistics

tvxq come in tunisia ''jaejoong,yunho,yuchun,junsu,changmin''

for all Tunisian  who loves TVXQ made this petition so they know they have fans in Tunisia let's go all cassies or others must have more than 500 person then let's chingu

Created: 2012-07-13 Statistics

Petition for Preservation of Bahamian Culture on West Bay Street

We as concerned residents living in the Cable Beach community oppose plans to construct any kind of commercial complex which includes fast food or  drive-through restaurants  east of the entrance to the Westridge Shopping Centre on West Bay Street. We want to avoid at all costs, unnecessary traffic, noise, drive-through speakers, gas fumes, amplified radios, commercial garbage, kitchen exhaust, rodents, noise pollution and unwanted food smells.  We hereby request assurance from town planning tha

Created: 2012-05-20 Statistics

Return of Detective Adrian Monk to TV

Across the world, fans enjoyed the hit series Monk, and ask for it to return to TV.

Created: 2012-05-16 Statistics

the almost bermudians

Born and raised in Bermuda but were not able to obtain Bermudian Status. Do you want to make a change? Let your voice be heard. Start by signing here. We were born in Bermuda, we were educated with you and raised with you. Sign here and support us.

Created: 2012-04-27 Statistics


Citizens of the United States.We are ANONYMOUS.There is a new bill that the United States government has successfully passed. It is called the Stop Online Piracy Act, or (SOPA) for short. Also known as The Protect IP Act of 2011. The US Congressional Budget Office estimates that implementation of the bill would cost the federal government 47 million dollars through 2016. Translated into plain english, It will cost tax payers 47 million dollars over the next 4 years.The SOPA act will censor you f

Created: 2012-02-29 Statistics

Dragon Ball Specials

I have recently been in contact with Funimation, and was told that there are currently no plans to have (Episode of Bardock, Goku and his Friends Return, and Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans) dubbed in English, as the studio currently does not own the rights of these specials. I was told however that a petition would help and that it would be beneficial for them to know how many people are willing to buy the reproductions, should they be dubbed and released. I am creating this petition to ask Funim

Created: 2012-02-21 Statistics

Protetst for the issuance of some LTTE stamps in Norway

The issuance of some stamps by Norwegian postal department  that depicts pictures of late LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam) leader, Velupillai Prabhakaran and some symbols used by LTTE is unacceptable to all peace loving people in the world. Issuing a stamp of a terrorist leader who is responsible for assassination of many political leaders in south asia including late prime minister Rajiv Ghandhi and late president of Sri Lanka Ranasinghe Premadasa as well as massive bloodsheds by killing

Created: 2012-02-08 Statistics

Julia Montes (Mara Montes Schnittka) Realife Story in MMK

TO: ABS-CBN, MS.CHARO SANTOS, MMK Channel 2 KAPAMILYA! Julia Montes (Mara Montes Schnittka) is considered as one of the most finest actress in this generation because she can sing,dance and especially she can act.She brings amazing talent on screen like in MARACLARA,GOIN BULILIT,LIGAW NA BULAKLAK,HIRAM..ect.Especially in MARACLARA she proven that she's a very good actress she made us happy and most of all made us cry.  We as fans we are so inspired by her own story. She has a deaf mother and fat

Created: 2011-02-14 Statistics