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Jaybi Forever

petition to make Jayro and Rubi a thing ❤️

Created: 2016-10-24 Statistics


The ongoing unlawful protests taking place at Limpopo University are preventing many of the students from attending lectures and thus are a violation of our constitutional right to education.  We are missing lectures and tests. As the "silent and intimidated" majority of the university students, we do not condone this unlawful behavior and believe that the university should be protecting the rights of the majority of our students, rather than pandering to the whims of a small group of unlawful a

Created: 2016-09-28 Statistics

Kick Craig out of Chamber

Craig sucks so kick him out. He dosnt belong

Created: 2016-09-21 Statistics

The flute emoji

we NEED a flute emoji. Sign the fricken petition!

Created: 2016-08-20 Statistics

Stop Shookya from spamming forums with useless shit

We're all aware of this constant stream of cancer flowing through the forums.It's time to block the stream.

Created: 2016-08-07 Statistics

Lets take back our ancestral land in Villavallelonga, Italy.

This petition is to authorize the removal of the National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise (PNALM) both in administrative and territorial presence on ancestral territory belonging to citizens, past and present of Villavallelonga. We also demand that the territory belonging to the community of Villavallelonga is no longer under PNALM control, and that PNALM must remove all barriers restricting movement to and from this ancestral and private property. Ancestors and present citizens of Villavallel

Created: 2016-08-05 Statistics

Emergency Petition Regarding The Well Being/Placement Of Morrigan

  Morrigan Taeler Anderson's well being has been compromised, due to the fact's  that parenting time is not allowed, Morrigan has been coping in self destructive ways such as self mutilation, and has recently attempted suicide. Morrigan also has an open case with child protective services due to the current placement with Retha, and William Jefferey Jaramillo.  I respectfully ask the courts to grant reunification, or said child to express relocation. I have rehabilitated, and remain a constructi

Created: 2016-08-05 Statistics

Take Hartz Pet Products Off Shelves!

Hartz Pet Products kill cats and dogs! The company knows, but they don't care. All they care about is their million dollar business! DON'T YOU REALIZE THAT ANIMAL LIVES MATTER MORE THAN MONEY?! Sign this petition to take Hartz Pet Products off the shelves, they don't deserve that money!      

Created: 2016-08-03 Statistics

Trent Harmon on The Ellen Show

Trent Harmon won season 15 of American Idol and he would be amazing on The Ellen Show. If you didn't already know who Trent was you would fall in love with him. He's an amazing person with an incredible talent. His vocal range is unbelievable and his ability to tell a story and enegage with an crowd is insane!

Created: 2016-08-02 Statistics

Trent Harmon on The Late Late Show, Carpool Karaoke

Trent Harmon won season 15 of American Idol and he would be amazing in Carpool Karaoke. If you didn't already know who Trent was you would fall in love with him. He's an amazing person with an incredible talent. His vocal range is unbelievable and his ability to tell a story and enegage with an crowd is insane!    Trent Harmon needs to be on Carpool Karaoke Because he's insanely talented and it would be very funny

Created: 2016-08-02 Statistics


Dear codemasters, we want to ask you to consider a SAAB dlc for DIRT rally, because as SAAB enthusiast we are truly missing SAAB rally cars in DIRT rally, in the 60's SAAB competed with the MINI, We'd ask you to consider a DLC with SAAB 96 (Carlsson) SAAB 96 v4 SAAB 99 (Blomqvist) SAAB 9-3 pikes peak SAAB 900ng rally x     On behalf of the Saab enthusiast world wide, we hope it'll eventually become reality  

Created: 2016-07-31 Statistics

Remember Lizzie Forever

Since Lizzie Warren's death on July 30, 2015, Lizzie has been forgotten. Together we can make sure that Lizzie is remembered in Duxbury's history

Created: 2016-07-16 Statistics

Save snapeee

They are going to terminate a app everyone loves . We don't want it to go so were here to fight this so we can still have our app that we love ! 

Created: 2016-05-17 Statistics

Against Circus with Animals in Gryfice (Poland)

NO TO CIRCUS WITH ANIMALS IN GRYFICE (POLAND) ! Please sign this petition and support us in our action agains wild animals captivity in circuses. We are people from small city in Poland and We don't want to see circus in our place so we decided to get as many signatures as we can and with Your support ask our major of the city to stop inviting circus. We are against animal abuse ! Please sign and share ♡ Joanna Butynska Agnieszka Kuryło Łukasz Kozak

Created: 2016-04-18 Statistics

Play Sunlight by Nicky Byrne on Irish radio

Nicky Byrne is representing Ireland at this years Eurovision in Sweden with his song "Sunlight" the song for whatever reason has received very little AirPlay. Regardless of personal opinion  Nicky's going out there to represent the country and  it would be great if we could get the song played in the lead up to the show and all get behind him.

Created: 2016-04-08 Statistics

Petition for the respect of the human rights

I want to draw to your attention to a big error made recently by the Romanian autorities by putting the refugee and yoga teacher, Gregorian Bivolaru, on Europol's "Most Wanted" list, under false and illegal accusations (namely "sexual exploitation of children” and "infantile pornography” - reasons for which he has never been convicted). This huge lie and abuse led to Mr. Bivolaru being arrested in Paris on the 26th February 2016.   In keeping with his status of political refugee in Sweden and ho

Created: 2016-03-26 Statistics

Pretoria Road

The Ekurhuleni Metro’s Roads Department has only 200m of Pretoria Road left to complete, but when the initial contractor failed to finish phase 2 of this project by the 31 December 2015 deadline, the metro dismissed him. The tender process to award a new contractor to this project will now have to start over again and up until such time as a new contractor is assigned, business continue to suffer.   If the metro allowed the initial contractor to finish the last 200m of road by simply extending

Created: 2016-02-03 Statistics

Free Europe

WE ARE WORRIED ABOUT CENSORSHIP AND THE DEMOCRACY IN EUROPE. We demand an immediate discussion on the European forum on these issues. Free Unbiased Media and Free Speech Uninhibited debate in the media and freedom of speech is the foundation of democracy in Europe. We are concerned about the phenomenon of conspiracy of silence or even deliberately misleading the public by the big European media. Recent events mass sexual assaults by Islamic immigrants initially intentionally ignored by the maj

Created: 2016-01-10 Statistics

Jean Passanante, Listen to Your Veteran General Hospital Fans!

This is a petition to Jean Passanante the head writer of General Hospital, to please listen to your longtime viewers of the only remaining iconic soap left , from being axed! We ask her to stop focusing on the Corinthos family , end current storylines before starting new ones. Write some people off before adding new cast members into the fold. Let veteran characters like Felicia Jones have EQUAL SCREENTIME LIKE OTHERS DO.  Continue to let Laura Spencer and Dr. Kevin Collins have a friendship. Co

Created: 2015-10-26 Statistics

Raise the VAT and duty free level on gifts

If you, as a private individual receive a gift from another private individual residing in a country outside the EU, you must pay VAT and customs duty if the gift has a value of more than 360 dkk. That makes it difficult to those of us living outside of the EU to send presents to family and friends. This limit has not been raised in the past 20 years and we think it is time.   You can read more here:   Kind regards, Rikke and Gertrud.

Created: 2015-09-22 Statistics