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National anthem

We think the our national anthem dose not do our country good we think it should be the team america world police theme song

Created: 2017-12-28 Statistics

Kelly On 4OU Pt. 2

PUT KELLY ON 4OU PT. 2!!!! #KellysPotatos @GraysonDolan @EthanDolan 

Created: 2017-03-29 Statistics

Stop dog meat trade worldwide

Made by Niamh and CJ . This petition is to stop dog meat trade worldwide and save dogs. We have worked hard on our Instagram @dogslivesmatterto and are trying to reach our goal of stopping dog meat trade and animal abuse world wide... we have had our account since the 5th of February and in 5 days we have gained 89 followers and hope to gain more as we grow and help all the dogs in the world

Created: 2017-02-11 Statistics

Bridgetown Middle School Washington DC Trip Busing

As the Parents of future Bridgetown Middle School students, we are demanding that you allow the less expensive option of busing for the Washington DC Trip.  As this is a school trip, we as parents should be given the option to ensure that every student has the opportunity to attend this very important trip. As it stands, parents are not allowed to chaperone this trip.  Teachers are able to attend the trip for free and earn their required continuing education credits by attending.  We are told th

Created: 2017-01-16 Statistics

درخواست تشکیل کمیته حقیقت یاب بین المللی فجایع حج ۹۴ (Multilingual)

 به نام خدا :ریاست محترم شورای حقوق بشر سازمان ملل با سلام، این صدای بازماندگان شهدای حج 1394 است که پس از بیش از یک سال  از آن فاجعه هولناک به گوش شما می رسد ، فاجعه ای که به واسطه آن در مراسمی آئینی جان بیش از 7000 مسلمان بی گناه  ستانده شد، رقمی بیش از تعداد  قربانیان بسیا ری از جنگهای صد سال اخیر جهان، رخدادی که ابعاد حقوقی، مدنی وکیفری آن در سکوت سهمگین بین المللی دفن شد دراین  واقعه کم نظیر، حجاج  بی گناه  و غیر مسلح  به دلیلی نامعلوم به خیابانی باریک و فرعی هدایت شدند و درگرمای طا قت فرسا

Created: 2017-01-06 Statistics

Purge To Kill Off KKK

The KKK is starting a petition to "purge" the black people? Or people of color? Well, let's start one to kill them off! Too long the African American culture has been tearing each other down when we should be building each other up! Let's see how far we can get with this petition. Sign today!!

Created: 2014-07-24 Statistics

EHS Gender Neutral Bathrooms

This petition is being started by Jacob Wallace and the Enfield High School GSA. Our plan is to convince the school board head to convert one of the several staff bathrooms into a gender-neutral bathroom. This is to alleviate the anxiety, bullying, and dysphoria caused by the idea of going to the bathroom for those that fall under the Trans* umbrella, and would benefit those that just don't go to the bathroom because of the idea of other people being there. It's unknown when this plan is going t

Created: 2017-01-14 Statistics

Child Abuse Awareness

Child Abuse: The physical, emotional or mental maltreatment or sexual molestation of a child.   Approximately 4 children die every day due to abuse and neglect. More than half of those children are under 5 years old.   There are almost 6 million of children a year that are assigned cases with Child Protective Services, and those are only the cases that people know about. Many more children are too afraid to talk and they are left defenseless against their abusers.   This is a subject that people

Created: 2017-01-10 Statistics

Keep the Current Grading Scale

As of right now our grading scale is going to be changed from the A, B, C, D, and F grading scale based on numbers to mastery, proficient and not proficient.  This new scale will be translated to A, C, and F for transcripts. This means that if you get a B this year it would be a C next year.  This change will not only hurt our GPAs but drop our school ranking.  With a lower school ranking colleges will think our school is easier to get good grades in than it really is. 

Created: 2017-06-09 Statistics

High School Musical 4

We demand a High School Musical 4 movie with the original cast! Sign this petition and we will deliver it do Disney

Created: 2017-12-30 Statistics