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Ithaca College COVID-19 Booster Mandate Opposition

URGENT MESSAGE TO INTERIM PRESIDENT CORNISH AND ITHACA BOARD OF TRUSTEES: This letter and the sentiments enclosed represent students, parents, alumni, faculty and staff of Ithaca College, along with prospective students and their families, and supporters within the Ithaca community. While we appreciate Ithaca's efforts at keeping students and the Ithaca community safe during this pandemic, as concerned members of the Bomber family, we are writing to express strong opposition to Ithaca College's

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Meridiana Against Discovery Road Expansion

We homeowners of Meridiana are (Against) the expansion of Discovery Road thoroughfare ending at the new High School and connecting to Hwy 6.Alternate routes are available that would not disturb the residents use of Adventure Lake- Green Space Amenity and preserve the peacefulness of a quiet Neighborhood. Outside traffic from surrounding Communities such as Sterling Lakes/Sierra Vista should utilize and improve accessible roads outside Meridiana; not invite them to drive through Adventure Lake.

Created: 2021-12-10 Statistics

Improving CA Science Education (AB 2565 amendment)

Dear Assembly Member Rubio, The State of California has made great strides in advancing TK-12 science teaching and learning over the past decade. Despite these advancements, the members of the CA TK-12 science education community are deeply concerned about the current state of science education. Our concern is considerably heightened in respect to TK-5 science education. Due to a lack of state funding for teacher and administrator professional development, a lack of funding and support for an in

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The citizens of Port Jervis, NY are demanding the eradication of mask mandates within the Port Jervis City School District, effective immediately.  Decisions regarding our children should rest solely with the parents of our children in the Port Jervis City School District.  Any current or future mandates regarding masks for our children will not be tolerated or honored unless approved by the citizens. We pledge to stand together against any governing body, institution, group, or individual that

Created: 2022-02-05 Statistics

No More Remote Learning

There been talks of remote learning rearing it's ugly head again. Some schools have already closed, with indefinite reopening dates. If you are opposed to remote learning for our children please sign the petition below. A copy will be given to our district superintendent, Nicole Pormilli.

Created: 2021-12-23 Statistics

Response to DeskOps Management and the Events of 10/05

The purpose of this petition is to gather signatures in support of the collective concerns of DeskOps staff regarding the actions of upper management on 10/05/2022 during the campus shooting. Please read through the following statements and sign the petition if you agree with all of the statements listed below: I understand my responsibilities as a Desk Assistant/Desk Manager and acknowledge the expectations outlined in my contract. I understand that as desk staff I am considered "Essential Per

Created: 2022-10-07 Statistics

Apply Surtax 4 funding to restore the Hudson Bayou-Oak Street Canal

We, the residents of Laurel Park and the surrounding area, urge the commission to fund the clearing/restoration of the Hudson Bayou-Oak Street Canal to address this environmental concern in the heart of our beloved city.   Issues with this tributary have been discussed for a decade, starting with the 2012 Sarasota Bay Water Quality Management Plan. Since then, the canal has progressively deteriorated, and problem has become acute in the last few years due to missteps in nearby development, which

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Justice For Oakley

On January 3rd 2022 , baby Oakley was welcomed into this world early at 29 weeks, weighing only 2 lbs. 13 oz. via an emergency C-Section. I  had to have a full hysterectomy due to having placenta previa with accreta that turned into placenta percreta. I was home alone with her other two girls & 2 1/2 hours away from U of M when the complications began to take a turn . I was then rushed to covenant hospital. And later transported out to U of M where Oakley was born 2 days later due to Me hemo

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William & Mary Vaccine Booster Mandate

As taken from a petition to Boston College, written by Hooman Noorchashm MD, PhD Bachelor of Arts, University of Pennsylvania, School of Arts and Sciences (Biology/Chemistry) Graduate Degree, University of Pennsylvania, Biomedical Graduate Studies (Immunology) Doctor of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania, School of Medicine (Medicine) Intern in General Surgery, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA Resident in General Surgery, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania

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Receive a refund from AU Dining Services

We deserve to be refunded a portion of our student meal plan as we were charged $1900 this semester. Most of us were not able to spend all of the money in our caf account, and many of us have a considerable sum left. This leftover money should either be refunded back to us or be used to pay for next semester's meal plan. Many of us were unable to eat on certain days because of conflicting schedules with our classes and the cafeteria, forcing us to choose one or the other. Bon Appetit is responsi

Created: 2021-12-16 Statistics