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Justice for rape victims

I would like to start this petition in the name of a girl named semina halliwell who's devastating story I first come across on TikTok, Semina was bullied and groomed online ending in her taking her own life at just 12 years old. I didn't know Semina personally but the grieving I have seen her friends and family going through I would like to try and help get justice for this poor girl and many other females/males around the world. In my petition I would look to make a stand for sentence time to

Created: 2022-04-14 Statistics

Boycott Disney for Opposing the Education Bill into Law HB 1557 - Supporters of HB 1557 say it would give parents greater control over their children’s education, vindicating their “parental authority

Earlier this year and to the delight of parents everywhere, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and the state legislature passed the "Parental Rights in Education Bill," which prohibits public schools from indoctrinating children grades K-3 with pro-gay, pro-transgender propaganda. Again, the Florida law is simply designed to protect the youngest grade-school children from being taught lies, such as their birth gender might possibly be a freak of nature and that they can change it. I encourage you to

Created: 2022-03-30 Statistics

Diego's Riding Recovery

I made this petition for Diego to be able to ride again. As many of you may know, he recently broke his ankle, and his parents won't allow for him to ride anymore. Meaning they're forcing him to quit. I don't know about any of you reading this, but Diego has brought a lot of joy and freindships into my life through scootering. The last thing I would hate to see is him not be able to do something that he loves and has spent so much time working hard at to come to where he is today. If you agree w

Created: 2022-04-02 Statistics

To Remove The Crown, President, VP, Govt, NWO, WEF, AMA, ANA, CDC, & Corportions.

For the past two years, our global governments and their fiendish cohorts have committed crimes against humanity in the name of pseudo-scientific clinical trials known as bioterrorism, eugenics, and genocide on a worldwide scale involving every citizen in the world. Corona, also known as the Crown, poison was known to kill an undisclosed amount of innocent people with biochemical warfare to succumb to the death of a chemical cocktail overkill that was never approved by the FDA or released with c

Created: 2022-03-18 Statistics

Petition to NOT do a presentation

We the students of AMS do NOT Want to do a presentation nor present it because of public speaking fear and anxiety and our 7th-grade teacher, Lisa Schillaci is trying to force us to do it when we will do the work, we just don't want to have to stand up and be embarrassed in front of our peers and my survey states that 23/26 students want to sign the petition and not present, but instead, do a project and not present it and have our own private thing that other students can't laugh at or judge. P

Created: 2022-03-08 Statistics

Do not rezone the land in the corner of I-69 and Lower Huntington to commercial and/or medical.

 Please consider signing this petition to help prevent IU Health from constructing a large hospital at this location listed below.  Please read through the petition picture below for the details.  Thank you so much for your support and time.  

Created: 2022-01-08 Statistics

Justice for Jordan and Galaxy

      To James Weatherup Chairman of Oswego County Legislature, District 9   From:  The Citizens of Oswego CountyWe, the citizens of Oswego County, New York, demand the immediate termination of Stacy Alvord, the Oswego County Commissioner of Social Services on the grounds of repeated gross incompetence that lead to the deaths of Jordan Brooks and Galaxy Ellis-Cruz among other unforgiveable systemic problems in that department.  Anything less than termination would be a grave injustice, and would

Created: 2022-03-27 Statistics

Stop using single use water bottles!

I pledge to stop using single use water bottles. I will try to carry a reusable water bottle or reuse cups when I need water.

Created: 2021-12-27 Statistics

Bring Back Stainless Steel Swarovski Crystal Rivets

Have you been looking for stainless steel crystal rivets? Swarovski is the only company that makes stainless steel crystal rivets. Yes you heard it right Swarovski is the only company that makes stainless steel Crystal Rivets!! How on earth will we dazzle our dog collars, belts, shoes, hats and purses knowing that they could rust?? Sign this petition with me and help me bring back Swarovski Crystal rivets to business owners, and hobbyists around the world. Don't settle on quality your items are

Created: 2022-04-09 Statistics

Having Williamson and Bellevue Road as entrances to Amazon Facility not Beville Road

Williamson and Bellevue are currently used by commerical vehicles to access the commercial properties and businesses on Bellevue.  There are no residential homes anywhere on the north section of Williamson from Beville and would not affect any property values.  Using Beville Road would created more traffic issues for the homeowners of all the communities on Beville Road for ingress and egress.   The sounds of engine braking and shifting would be a constant problem especially for the homeowners o

Created: 2022-01-23 Statistics