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Nationwide recount for the 2020 election

Update: Thank you to all for your support, it is much appreciated. This petition needs to keep moving, so I encourage all to sign this petition and any other that may come your way. Forward them to all your friends and family as well. I do believe that Trump knew this was going to happen and has a plan, but petitions like this one are the only way that, we as Americans can register our discussed. Stand with me to ensure this election is not stolen from the American people. We deserve so much mor

Created: 2020-11-05

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Last month 82 81

Remove Biden as a Presidential candidate

We the people know this election was a fraud. The liberals along with mainstream media and big tech are trying to silence the voice of the American people. The evidence has been ignored repeatedly and we will not tolerate this attempt to steal our country away from us. We are calling on every elected official to contest Joe Biden as legitimate and remove him from the running. Stand for what is right and do not allow America to be destroyed. Defend our constitution as is your OBLIGATION as an ele

Created: 2020-12-17

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All time 82 80
Last month 77 76

Demand for Non Violence - Red House Eviction Protest

Attn: Red House Activists Mayor Ted Wheeler Chuck Lovell, Chief of Police Portland City Council   This is a beloved community of families and small businesses in the vicinity of the Red House eviction protest.  We cherish the safety of our neighborhood and right now we feel incredibly unsafe. Whereas: Lethal weapons and threats of violence are clearly visible at the Mississippi/Albina Ave. blockade. Escalation could lead to serious violence. Serious violence threatens the safety of the residents

Created: 2020-12-12

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WE DEMAND THE PENNSYLVANIA LEGISLATURE TAKE ITS CONSTITUTIONAL AUTHORITY AND SELECT THE PENNSYLVANIA ELECTORS NOW   Jake Corman [PA Senate President] Bryan Cutler [Speaker of the House]   Summary: This Petition calls for the Pennsylvania Legislature to do their duty under federal plenary Constitutional authority to meet and to decide the Electors from the Commonwealth for President of the United States. Our Commonwealth Constitution was violated and there was both massive voter fraud and electio

Created: 2020-12-07

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Last month 75 73

Petition to Halt the Purchase of New Voting Equipment

We, the citizens of Stark County, petition the Stark County Commissioners: Richard Regula (president), Bill Smith (vice-president), and Janet Weir Creighton (member), Jeff Matthews (director), Regine Johnson (deputy director of Stark County Board of Elections), Travis Secrest (administrative assistant, Stark County Board of Elections), and the Stark County Board of Elections: Samuel J. Ferruccio, Jr (chairman), Frank C. Braden, William S. Cline, and Dimitrios Pousoulides. We reject the use of Do

Created: 2020-12-23

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Last month 69 69

Captain Don Day May 21 in Bonaire, NA

Petition for Captain Don Day – May 21 In July 2019 a formal proposal was sent to Bonaire’s Lt. Governor Rijna to establish May 21 as Captain Don Day. This was in response to a speech he gave in celebration of the day the Captain first arrived. This petition is in support of the formal proposal. Captain Don Stewart, known as the father of Bonaire diving, was one of the world’s first ocean conservationists. Captain Don created Bonaire’s permanent dive boat mooring system, which eliminated the need

Created: 2020-12-01

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Last month 107 58

Keep Steve Allen who murdered my brother in prison

I am asking for people to sign this petition to keep Steve Wayne Allen in prison the the next 16 years the rest of his sentence for murdering my brother Chuck Leeper may 8th 1988 in cold blood ..and on mothets day. He shot him in the head and shot his gf up pretty good also...he dont need to ever step out of prison. .he did shoot him he admitted it to me in a letter he sent me ..and he acted alone ..he was mad..not how you act when brother has been gone 32 years .didnt get to see his so c

Created: 2020-12-09

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Preserve the Montgomery County War Monument

We, the undersigned citizens of Montgomery County, do petition the Montgomery County Board of Commissioners to leave the Veteran's War Monument on the courthouse lawn as is. 

Created: 2020-11-01

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Last month 40 40

Mandatory African American History In The WSFCS.

The Winston-Salem Forsyth County schools teaches mandatory European history and has made African American History an elective.The superintendent has the purview to make African American history mandatory and required  for graduating students without creating a burden for those students.The Winston-Salem Forsyth County schools should immediately cease indoctrinating children with European history until African American history is mandatory. We believe African American history benefits all childre

Created: 2020-09-25

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19 October 2020   The Honorable Steuart Pittman Arundel Center 44 Calvert Street Annapolis, MD 21401   RE: #OdentonNeedsApark     Dear County Executive Pittman, I am writing to you in support of the Odenton Library Park.  Most of the land in Odenton is privately owned and landowners have little to no incentive to partner to create sufficient green space and establish parks and other non-revenue generating locations. When the County has an opportunity to create a park, it must seize that opportun

Created: 2020-10-19

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Last month 36 36