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Fire Chiarelli and Edmonton Oilers coaching staff

We, the Edmonton Oilers fans, can not accept that kind of performance. The blame rests mainly with Mr Chiarelli, who has destroyed this team with disastrous exchanges, and a team of coaches who do not seem to know how to make the most of their players. We therefore ask for the dismissal of Peter Chiarelli and his entire coaching staffThank you for considering our request.Oilers fans.

Created: 2018-01-24 Statistics

Free Sanitary Pads

This petition is to demonstrate the urgent call for the South African government to prioritize women and girls with regards to allocating National Government Expenditure towards the supply of FREE SANITARY PADS across both rural and urban schools, public toilets, Higher learning institutions as well as corporate working environments nationally.  It has been noted with deep grave concern that women are experiencing career setbacks as well as missed advancement opportunities (at school and outside

Created: 2017-12-23 Statistics

"No" for killing animals in polish Cyganowka!

source:   We express a strict objection against killing animals in a rescue sanctuary in Cyganowka! Most of these animals have been rescued, orphanted, and this is suppose to be their safe place! The excuse of a veterinary service, that it's a protection and a prevention agains ASF is totally fake, because there were no cases of ASF in a sanctuary. The animals have no contact with wild animals living around or farm animals, there is no possibility of them - getting infected. Also no

Created: 2018-07-30 Statistics

WFH 2 days/week

To maximum utilization and efficiency of our abilities, we feel it would be beneficial for the NOC team to have 2 days a week to work from home just the same as many other teams.

Created: 2018-07-25 Statistics

Free Hindu Temples In India

At present, various state governments of India manage the administration of thousands of Hindu temples, both small and large. No such practice exists anywhere among secular democracies. Even in India, Muslim and Christian places of worship are exempt from government control. Every Hindu is likely to get a decent religious education, better facilities, better treatment and improved services if the temples are managed by the local Hindu communities where they exist. There is a long list of undesir

Created: 2018-04-30 Statistics

Justice for Hard Working Alumni: They get Free Education Why Can't We?

Why do most of us pursue a secondary education? Easy, because we are promised great jobs and a bright future. How many of us actually got what we were promised? With the job market offering a majority of part-time and casual positions it's hard to believe in the future we were promised when we were young and naive. With Kathleen Wynne's new "free education" platform one third of Ontario secondary students, who are deemed low to middle income, can now pursue a higher education at a lower cost.  M

Created: 2018-04-17 Statistics

Please, sell the Psy's items again

For many, we did not have the chance to buy for lack of time or money or being on the CA NA at that time. That's why we ask you to do a new contract with PSY so you can sell these fun items again !Thank you for your understanding, from the Combat Arms community    

Created: 2018-03-07 Statistics

Snow Removal In Toronto

Snow isn’t being cleared properly all over the city and sidewalks aren’t being salted properly either wich could lead to dangerous road conditions people injured or possibly even dead. 

Created: 2018-01-19 Statistics

Bring Missanabie Cree Back to Balance

We the voting members of Missanabie Cree First Nation call for Councillor Michael Nolan to be removed from Council and create a vacancy due to his inability to perform his duties over the last 9 months as council to Missanabie Cree First Nation. This impacts the decisions that are made on Chief and Council and creates an imbalance within our leadership. If you are a voting member of Missanabie Cree First Nation and agree with this petition, please sign to show Chief and Council what our members

Created: 2018-01-07 Statistics

Bring hot apple cider back to tim hortons

Do you like tim hortons apple cider. Well they discontinued it. If you want them to bring it back sign this petition. Share with as many people as you can country wide and lets try and get tim hortons to bring this delicious drink back to all stores.

Created: 2017-12-07 Statistics