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Solution for Arab Health 2022 Indian Exhibitors

This Petition is on behalf of all the Indian Exhibitors who are participating in the upcoming exhibition in Dubai UAE from 24.01.2022 to 27.01.2022 to either postpone the dates of the exhibition to a later date or exempt them from Exhibiting at Arab health 2022.    All exhibitors have made an individual request to either postpone the exhibition or exempt them from participation in 2022. The organisers have dismissed any individual requests for cancellation as currently travel from India is open.

Created: 2022-01-12 Statistics

Radiocarbon-dating of the Bakhshali Manuscript - Earliest zero in history?

Context: Please sign and share this Petition widely to encourage the Bodleian Libraries to take concrete steps to have follow-up Radiocarbon-dating of the Bakhshali Manuscript conducted in the interest of scientific advancement in the field.  The Zero Project [Zero Project] has been in contact with the Bodleian Libraries, Oxford, since the time prior to their announcement of the Radiocarbon-dating of the Bakhshali Manuscript (BM) conducted in 2017 [Bakhshali Manuscript]. As the results of the R

Created: 2022-02-26 Statistics

Justice for LAVANYA

 Tamil Nadu: 12th standard girl ends life after missionary school allegedly pressurised her to convert to Christianity to continue her study M Lavanya, a student of standard 12th in Sacred Heart Higher Secondary School, Thirukattupali in Thanjavur, Tamilnadu, killed herself after she was allegedly tortured by her school authorities for refusing to convert to Christianity. Reportedly, the school had said that she must convert to Christianity if she wishes to continue her studies in the school. L

Created: 2022-01-22 Statistics

Online classes petition by Lady Irwin students

 This time of the year is usually when summer holidays begin , unfortunately as we started our semester late , we have a lot of syllabus to cover in a short period of time  but, due to the hot weather many of us face dehydration , fainting spells etc and overall weakness ,  not only that , some other colleges have conducted many of their classes online. We humbly request our college to listen to our plea via this Petition.

Created: 2022-06-11 Statistics

Extension in the hybrid education mode

Respected mamAs it has been notified in the university notice yesterday that the examination mode for the odd semester students is going to be OBE, also the academic calendar states that the preparatory breaks are going to begin from 11th march. Taking into consideration both the points, practically only 20 days are left in the classes that we need to attend. We as out station students especially the first semeter ones have no idea of the accomodation and othe settlement requisites in Delhi as w

Created: 2022-02-13 Statistics

Stop guest faculty system in universities which is exploitation of highly qualified people.

Please join us to stop exploitation of highly qualified people caused by Guest faculty system. Since childhood we were told by the society to study as education makes a person better and also successful. However, now a days we highly qualified/educated people are not getting a good salary job to feed our family evem after more than 30 years of intense hardwork and education. The root cause of this is Guest faculty system where guest faculties are also being exploited by the universities financia

Created: 2022-04-27 Statistics

BTS come to Kolkata!!!

A very warm welcome to all my dearest ARMY friends.. BTS has amassed a huge popularity in India and has been inspiring us for years with their amazing works. It is an ardent desire of so so many armys to attend a BTS concert. We definitely want, or rather need India to be included by BigHit in the list of countries for their World Tour and hope that they come perform in Kolkata as well as the North East cause we often get excluded for a lot of concerts, especially Kolkata and we really want to m

Created: 2020-09-13 Statistics

The Indian government should make self-defense training free and mandatory for all female students in schools, colleges, and other institutions on a regular basis.

The safety of a woman is a topic of concern in our country. A woman should be capable and strong to protect herself.The art of Self-Defense is therefore really important in this regard. Kindly sign the Petition and Support the demand that the Indian government should provide free self-defense training to all women in schools, colleges, and other institutions on a mandatory and regular basis. इस मांग का समर्थन करें कि भारत सरकार सभी महिलाओं को स्कूलों, कॉलेजों और अन्य संस्थानों में अनिवार्य और नि

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Sacred Heart Senior Secondary School BRS Nagar Ludhiana Punjab refuses to abide by Punjab CM’s announcement barring private schools from increasing fees

This petition is to stop Sacred heart senior secondary school BRS Nagar Ludhiana, Punjab from increasing the fees of the academic session 2022-23. The school has increased the monthly fees from around Rs 3000-3500 in the academic session of 2021-22 to Rs 4800-6000 in the academic session of 2022-23. This increase was informed after Punjab CM’s announcement barring private schools from increasing fees. This is a huge burden on the parents and we want the school to nullify it's action and keep the

Created: 2022-03-31 Statistics

Justice for Non Grant Agriculture and allied College Employee of Maharashtra state

There are nearly  150 non grant agriculture and allied colleges in Maharashtra state under Four Agricultural University . This petition demand of following Points 1. All employee of Private Agricultural and Allied colleges should be given providant Fund and Health Insurance facility including ESIC facility . State government, MCAER and State agricultural Universities should made providant fund , health insurance and  ESIC scheme compulsory for employee of non grant Agricultural and Allied colleg

Created: 2022-04-02 Statistics