Most popular petitions in South Africa in 2015

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We, the residents of Observatory Estate, agree to and support the implementation of anything that will improve the safety of St Georges Road, including the installation of speed bumps and speed cameras. We also support JRA setting up roads blocks to enforce safe driving and constructing a proper pavement alongside the Observatory Golf Course in St Georges Road.  

Created: 2015-07-15 Statistics

Vodacom Signal Problems Bela Bela

The community of Bela Bela, are not happy with the poor service delivery of Vodacom in Bela Bela.  This includes: Calls that are unable to connect Unreliable 3G internet (mostly only GPRS) Inability to connect to the internet Sending of SMS / Whats app messages, which can take up to 12 hours or even days to be delivered, in which case a phone call is the only alternative Receiving text messages Poor handling of these issues by Vodacom Customer Care This petition was created to inform Vodacom of

Created: 2015-05-13 Statistics

Abandoned building for Church at Sun City

  The church at Sun City is doing amazing work in a difficult environment.  They currently meet in the staff social club, but could really do with their own building, as they are restricted as to when they can use the building.  There is an abandoned building right there, but they are experiencing some opposition to their taking it over. It seems such a waste, when the church could transform the area from a breeding ground for criminal activities, to a place where young people can meet and soci

Created: 2015-03-13 Statistics

Exams to happen this year

Dear all,   I have just been informed by a legitimate source that if exams do not take place by the 9th of November they will not happen until February next year.    Please sign the petition so that we can write exams!!!   Im sure this has been very disruptive to all of us and also this will not mean that we do not believe in the cause that is being fought for.   

Created: 2015-10-26 Statistics

Traffic/ speed control in Ruimte road, Centurion

To:     MMC Vadi                     Department of Roads and Transport   PROVINCIAL ROAD - RUIMTE ROAD, with the extend from Heuweloord till Wierdapark. Ward 70, Centurion, Tshwane       This petition is in support of the establishment of a set of traffic lights on the corner of Ruimte road and Erasmus avenue, Raslouw, Centurion. Ruimte road is in Centurion, with the extent from Heuweloord till Wierdapark. This road is a Provincial road, and is used each day by thousands of residents during all

Created: 2015-08-27 Statistics

Illegal squatters - Lorentz str, Eldoraigne (ward 69 Tshwane)

We, the residents of Eldoraigne (ward 69 Tshwane) demand immediate intervention and ensure that illegal squatters and vagrants be removed from open stands in Lorentz str, Eldoraigne as well as surrounding areas.

Created: 2015-06-03 Statistics

Bring back Cadbury YES/NO Chocolate bars!

Created: 2015-10-15 Statistics


Please remove Mr Zuma as a president. South Africans are enough of the blunders he always makes! Enough is enough already!!! He has proven he can not lead!

Created: 2015-12-12 Statistics

Save Our Parks

  Frank Marret Park and Wetland Area Did you know the Ekurhuleni Metro want to develop this green belt for mix use housing with an estimated 250+ units! A few years ago the Metro considered the proposed areas for a clinic and offices for the Department of Environmental Affairs, which was rejected on the basis that the Roads Department indicated that they will not support development due to the already congested roads in the area. Furthermore after the Metro investigated the matter they determine

Created: 2015-07-20 Statistics

No mining in Rondavel "Bushveld"

I object to the APPLICATION FOR MINING PERMIT FOR AGGREGATE, GRAVEL AND SAND BY TSHWANE YOUTH BUSINESS SERVICES (PTY) LTD ON REMAINDER OF FARM SCHOONGEZICHT 109 JR   The following is my concerns 1.              Dust impact on Fauna & Flora 2.              Dust impact on agriculture (Animals and crops) 3.              Dust impact on the residents(houses) and health of the residents (Silicosis) 4.              Habitat distraction of endangered and rare plants and animals (python, African bu

Created: 2015-04-21 Statistics