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Protest Against Closing Down the Lukács Archive

  We, the undersigned, wish to express our deepest worries about the resolution of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences to close down the Lukács Archives in Budapest. Görgy Lukács was one the significant philosophers of the 20th century, an author of modernity outstanding not only in philosophy but also in the fields of political mindedness, theory of literature, sociology and ethics An author of international renown, Lukács represented one of the intellectual peaks in Hungary's history of civilisa

Created: 2016-03-08

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Save the Solstice Sunrise - Army Basing Plan for Larkhill

The Ministry of Defence has proposed a number of housing development sites in Larkhill, Wiltshire for personnel returning from Germany. Two of these sites lie across the Summer Solstice Sunrise alignment as seen from Stonehenge, directly in the "Sun Gap".We call upon the MoD to abandon plans to build on these two particular sites. Note: As well as signing this petition, please submit your objection to the MoD's consultation process by emailing before 31st March 2014. Thanks

Created: 2014-03-25

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Heat 50m pool - Bundamba Swim Centre

Does the Ipswich Community need a heated 50m pool and/or would you use the 50m pool at Bundamba through Autum and Winter if it was heated to 27-28 degrees?   Benefits to the Community by having a heated Olympic Pool at the Bundamba Swim Centre. 1.It will free up space at smaller heated pools that are inundated by lap swimmers and squads through winter 2.It will promote swimming as an all year round activity for health & fitness. 3.It will strengthen the sport of swimming in Ipswich and offer

Created: 2014-05-27

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Call for Change at Taipans

I want to add my name to the list of Cairns Taipans supporters who are calling for change at Taipans Basketball Inc.  Specifically,I wish to add my support to the group of 15 Foundation members,who,in accordance with the Taipans Constitutuion have requested the current Committee immediately call an Extraordinary General Meeting following the resignation of President Adrian Garrone. I understand the Committe can an Extraordinary General Meeting with 14 days notice,and urge the Committee to do so.

Created: 2014-04-03

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Keep 19 Kids and Counting on TLC!

Let's petition TLC to keep the show 19 Kids and Counting on! There's a petition going around trying to get this amazing show cancelled. This family has brought inspiration to so many people including myself. With all of the disfunctional shows on TV and yes I am guilty of watching them, this show is about an amazing family that inspires me to be the best mother and wife that I can be. I am not the same religion, I don't have 19 kids, and I don't dress like them, but their message is something th

Created: 2014-11-19

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Voting Poll in Brisbane

Respected Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Australia As you are aware, the eleventh presidential election will be held on Friday 14/06/2013 (1392/03/24). Unfortunately we have been informed that a voting poll will not be provided in Brisbane. We, a group of Iranian residents of Queensland request; with due consideration that at the present time approximately four thousand Iranians with the eligibility to vote reside in Queensland; that a voting poll be organised for the city of Bris

Created: 2013-06-08

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Save teddy from being put down

Teddy bear is a loving and caring american bulldog who was taken from his home on friday illegally by the police under the dangerous dog act and will be put down this Thursday if he doesn't pass his behaviour test (bare in mind what dog would listen to a complete stranger in a strange environment instead of his owner ) ,he is not just a dog but a sentient mind, he is a gentle soul who is much a part of toms family. This is an animal not a monster, personally as a friend to tom and teddy, i am re

Created: 2016-02-06

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Created: 2017-12-06

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the grape & HOP wine bar

This petition is to show your support of the grape and hop wine bar as a valued business of Montmorency. the g&h is a fantastic local wine bar that is used mainly by locals but has a greater Melbourne reach of clientele that use the bar as a meeting place to catch up and enjoy the Were street amenity. The bar is easily accessed via foot, train, bus and bike. It has a mature friendly atmosphere that supports the local traders, community, residents and encourages local music artists.  Thanks

Created: 2017-02-21

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Say NO to more traffic and parking chaos in Glenmore Park

PETITION - Objection to the size and scale of proposed DA19/0419 to build 142-bed Aged Care Facility located 5 -7 Floribunda Avenue, Glenmore Park NSW on the following grounds: 1) It is not in the public interest to build this massive development, which contravenes Council Provisions for the current R2 zoning, which is for low density residential development without adequate provision of parking spaces and traffic management 2) The developer seeks to promote their own commercial interest at the

Created: 2019-08-17

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