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101 Created: 2023-01-24 Statistics

HPV Owner Support of Ariana Sanchez

37 Created: 2023-01-24 Statistics

Allow equine animals( horses) to be apart of parade within city limits .

445 Created: 2023-01-24 Statistics

Request for Special Meeting for Little Hawks Program

24 Created: 2023-01-21 Statistics

TWL Community Yard Sales

65 Created: 2023-01-20 Statistics

Ask the West Nodaway R-1 Board of Education to grant Camryn Brady's appeals to remain in the A+ Program and go on senior trip.

1389 Created: 2023-01-20 Statistics

Reinstate the GSDCC board for 2023 - 2024 elected and acclaimed

63 Created: 2023-01-19 Statistics

We want Fall/Spring Break to Align with Sumner County Schools

9 Created: 2023-01-19 Statistics

Petition to Harper Collins to Restore Original Order of Narnia Series

29 Created: 2023-01-18 Statistics

Turun yliopiston etnologian professuuriin kohdistuvat säästötoimet tulee perua! (edit 17.1.2023)

2186 Created: 2023-01-16 Statistics

Oppose the promotion of homosexual pride at the Somerset Hills YMCA

11 Created: 2023-01-13 Statistics

Stage Run Community Petition for Birdsong Thoroughfare Restriction

178 Created: 2023-01-13 Statistics

Release from arrest Andrew and Tristan Tate, Georgiana Naghel and Luana Radu

366 Created: 2023-01-11 Statistics

Please Help Stop The Unsafe Practice of Firing a Weapon from a North Carolina State Owned Road or Highway in Sampson County!

12 Created: 2023-01-11 Statistics

The citizens of Charles County, MD, ask for the resignation of District 2 Commissioner Thomasina Coates –Effective Immediately!!!

291 Created: 2023-01-10 Statistics

Allie's Walkabout - Covington Location

77 Created: 2023-01-09 Statistics

We are respectfully requesting that our children receive the Sacrament of Confirmation prior to graduating from St Paul's Beach, starting with the current 7th grade(Class of 2024).

188 Created: 2023-01-04 Statistics

Increase Teacher Pay to diminish the Teacher Shortage Worldwide

12 Created: 2023-01-04 Statistics

Stop the wedding venue at 100 Raptor Point

51 Created: 2023-01-03 Statistics

Attention: Greywood Heights Homeowners that have not received the Exterior Coach Lighting that was to be included per our contracts with HistoryMaker Homes

17 Created: 2023-01-02 Statistics