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Justice For Sushant Singh Rajput

As we all know Sushant Singh Rajput died on 14 June, 2020 (Sunday) by committing suicide.But is it fair to only call it a sucide and move on? We all know there is more to this case than just sucide. brilliant actor, student, philanthropist cannot be of weak mind. Such situations were created and pressures were made where he was forced to take such a step. Strict investigation is needed in this matter, every angle every person needs to be taken into consideration. Also we as an audience can play

Created: 2020-06-15

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This petition is protesting the City of Pearland Planning & Zoning Committees approval of the variance to create irregular shaped lots for 2809 Green Tee Drive

CONSIDERATION AND POSSIBLE ACTION – VARIANCE TO CREATE IRREGULAR SHAPED LOTS VARP 20-00012 A request of Cathy Fontenot of Survey 1, the applicant; on behalf of Kevin Kiran, owner; for approval of Variances Permitted in Section (b) (1) of the Unified Development Code, Ordinance No. 2000-T, from the requirements of Section of the UDC to allow approval of the creation of irregular shaped lots described to wit: Legal Description:A subdivision of 5.367 acres(233,728 sq. ft.) in th

Created: 2020-06-13

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South East High School Needs Their Classrooms Back

Mr. Jose Huerta, We are following up on the promise you made to the community on March 15, 2018.  You stated that Valiente Charter would be co-locating in South East High School for just two years.  Community representatives had brought to your attention that Valiente Charter: -Had inflated the list of students they submitted to justify co-locating, -The co-location would take away the Robotics class, Art room, Woodcraft Rangers After School Program, Advanced placement classes, and free East Los

Created: 2020-06-12

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Boycott Amazon for supporting BLM and ANTIFA

Dear Amazon! I was your loyal client since you were born. I believed your motto “A customer comes first.” I loved the revolutionary and delivery strategy.  I even ignored the voices claiming slavery conditions at Amazon warehouses! I preferred to be ignorant because I loved the convenience mode! When you proclaimed your new motto “Black Lives Matter”, I immediately thought how racist it is. ALL LIVES MATTER, AMAZON! If brutality is systemic, it is NOT systemic just for blacks. Facts matter! What

Created: 2020-06-11

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Request that Allison Rozek voluntarily cede the chair of the Village Board immediately

Dear Shorewood Village Trustees, We, the residents of the Village of Shorewood, WI are deeply concerned about the recent actions and behavior of our Village President, Allison Rozek. We request that she voluntarily cede  the chair  of the Village Board immediately so that appropriate accountability measures can be put into place and the important work of our Village Board can continue. Our specific concerns are listed below:At 10:58 pm on Saturday May 30, 2020 a curfew was imposed on the Village

Created: 2020-06-11

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Induct the Bay City Rollers into the Rock and roll Hall of Fame

The Rollers in the 1970's were a phenomenon. They are the only band other than the Beatles to have had an actual Mania.  Millions of albums sold world wide and merchandise from socks, t shirts, pins, posters, shoes to board games and puzzles. They even had 2 television shows of their own.  Too many have choose to ignore their existence in the music industry and press but enough is enough.There are still thousands of Roller fans worldwide and they are still out there playing to sold out crowds of

Created: 2020-06-10

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Fallout 76 needs more Enclave Content! 🇺🇸

Dear Bethesda,  As a Member of the Fallout Community I've stuck through the beginning and so have hundreds of thousands of others. The people love fallout 76 through its worst times and it's best times because it's always brought camaraderie and a mostly positive community to friends and family alike.  We even take money out of our accounts and give them to your organization in the hopes that money will be used as both as means to provide for yourselves, your families and to make the experience

Created: 2020-06-10

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The City of Oulu must abandon the project of building a new campus into its center

The University of Oulu, Oulu University of Applied Sciences, Natural Resources Institute Finland, Finnish Environment Institute and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd., as well as more than 200 companies in Linnanmaa area, together form one of Europe's largest science and innovation campuses. They occupy 300,000 square meters of space, have 20,000 students and 12,000 employees. In its meeting on 28 April 2020, the Board of Directors of the University of Oulu made a decision to start p

Created: 2020-06-26

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Twitter Abuse: "Delete" @adamfeuerstein's Twitter; Demand @StatNews Take Action

Enough is Enough. The vitriol and attacks from @adamfeuerstein twitter account are extermely inappropriate for a journalist and incompatible with any notion of fairness   His vituperative attacks on Dr. DL Bhatt are simply the latest example -- and the last stray.    @StatNews must force @adamfeuerstein to delete his twitter account.   If only in defense of its own reputation, if not out of respect for responsible journalism, @StatNews must act without delay.  

Created: 2020-06-10

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A Letter to the Pleasantville Board of Education Demanding Change

To Whom It May Concern,       My name is Emily Payamps, a Pleasantville High School Graduate of the Class of 2009.   I, on behalf of many, am writing to you in light of the injustices against Black Americans that have been committed not only recently, but have been going on for far too long in this country. I would like to address this cruel reality that we are faced with – racism--specifically the brutality that our institutions and citizens have shown toward Black people.     Unfortunately, th

Created: 2020-06-09

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