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SA Farmers/Grain users Petision against the current JSE location differential methodology.

Against:The current JSE location differential methodology. For:A newly negotiated location differential …. What should be done:1. Put an immediate moratorium on changes to location differencials for maize, soya, sunflower and wheat untill February 2023?2. Reverse the newly published location differentials for soya.3. Keep the current 2021/2022 location differentials in place untill a new methodology is in place.4. Implement new model bases on Prof Strauss's model. How:1  Lobby for the petition t

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Fedex Drivers

This petition is to hold FedEx and is drivers to the responsible to make sure that packages are delivered to the correct addresses in rural areas. 

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Save the remaining 494± English Forest in Southeast Tallahassee

We the undersigned are opposed to the re-zoning and development of the remaining 494± acres of forest (PUD TRZ210013). As residents neighboring this English Forest, we are anxious about the numerous adverse consequences of the deforestation of 494± acres for construction purposes.  These are Primary Adverse Consequences: Increased flooding and erosions (due to eradication of forest floors) will continue to threaten in already high risk low-ground communities. Increased stormwater contaminants wi

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Show APA leader´s interview with announcements

By signing you agree that sam´s interview should be shown because people deserve to know the truth     for more information on the APA click here

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Stop Florida power and light from excessive charging

Florida power and light is overcharging its customers. Customers have been reporting much higher than normal power bills, and we think it's wrong.  Please sign this petition to let FPL know that we won't sit quietly and let them rip us off! I will send this petition to FPL, Gaetz and DeSantis.

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End mandatory masks in our school district.

This petition is to end the mandatory mask wearing in our school district. Our children have been masked for 2 years now and even with the less severe Omicron variant,  are forced to wear them outside as well. Neighboring cities and ither states are doing away with the mandates.  It's time to let our kids breathe and learn while seeing their teachers and peers faces again. 

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Make Masks Optional for Students in Charleroi School District

If you are sick of the mask mandate that Charleroi School District is still enforcing, please sign this petition to have the mandate lifted and let the parents choose if their child will wear a mask or not. This can include any taxpayer/resident who votes within the district or any parent that has a student in the district. Please help us get this mandate changed so that we can have our own choice on masks! *MAKE SURE TO CHECK YOUR EMAIL AND CONFIRM YOUR SIGNATURE TO MAKE IT SHOW UP!!

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7-8 yr old Little Britches class

Those signed would like to petition the yell county fair board's decision to discontinue the little britches division of livestock competition at the yell county fair. This division provides the children 7-8yo an opportunity to compete. Restricting those children to allow them to only compete at the age of 9 does not give them the equal opportunity as other counties in this area as well at state competition

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We the citizens of Buffalo, NY would like Superintendant Kriner Cash terminated with cause for violating the terms of his contract with Buffalo Public Schools.  Cash is insubordinate to the Board of Directors, remiss in his responsibilities to the children in which he was hired to serve, and has demonstrated a great disdain for the Buffalo Community has a whole; including but not limited deferring responsibility of his position to others that are subordinate of him because he refuses to accept r

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CenterPoint Energy Increases in Indiana

Like many, we have experienced extraordinary utility increases. While CenterPointEnergy sites rising gas costs, that isn't the entire story. Even those who have electric are experiencing extremely high increases with kWh usage doubling and higher than has been in 2 years. Of course, if gas is your heat source, you are especially suffering. Even with a small portion of gas usage such as a gas fireplace log or cook range, customers are experiencing exorbitant increases. However a driving component

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