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Act Now: Tell the Town of Port Royal to Save the Landmark Live Oaks on 12th Street!

A developer’s plans for five identical home sites on a subdivided parcel on 12th Street in downtown Port Royal threaten two landmark live oak trees that are estimated to be 200 years old or more. We the undersigned do petition the Town of Port Royal to deny the removal of the 43-inch and 60-inch diameter landmark live oaks on 12th Street for the following reasons:   1)    Landmark live oak trees, which are at least 24 inches in diameter or greater, are irreplaceable and provide a variety of pub

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Tell Dollar General You Support Local Businesses

We, the residents and property owners of Scott Township, say “No” to Dollar General and yes to locally owned and operated businesses. We are against the proposed Dollar General store at the corner of A&H in Scott Township, Burnett County, Wisconsin. We want to preserve the Townships rural way of life. This corporate owned box store not only threatens our family owned and operated businesses in the area, but also the local suppliers.  In addition, it would take away from the “up north feel” o

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all-inclusive playgrounds for Stafford

Stafford County is in desperate need of an all-inclusive playground, for ALL children of Stafford to engage in play together and find THEIR community. This petition is meant to show the Board of Supervisors that there is a desire for such an area within the community, outside of one person's opinion.

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Disband and get rid of P.E.T and S.H.I.T on PGN.

Myself as well as everyone that has signed this petition is sick and tired of PET and their actions on server. Although for some it's comedic, their behavior and antics continuously add to the stress LEO and FD have to face on a daily basis dealing with already problematic civs and back-to-back priorities with no end or peaceful RPs in between to balance the stress out.  This petition is a call to action to disband PET and remove it's assets from PGN completely giving space for resources that a

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Equal Rights Amendment to the Oregon Constitution

We demand the Oregon Legislature amend the state constitution to include equal rights for women and person's capable of pregnancy and childbirth. A guaranteed right to reproductive choice by constitutional amendment including abortion as currently outlined in state legislation not to be ceded unless by a referendum of the people.  A guaranteed right to contraception in all insurance plans including employer, private and state sponsored plans and access to contraception as a private matter with a

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Save Kim the little Jack Russell from Roscommon

This petition is to revoke a district court and judge order to euthanize Kim a friendly jack russell who made one single minor "mistake".A couple of months ago Kim a little 5 yr old jack russell terrier nipped one woman passing by outside Donal’s house. She had been lying in the sun at the front of house on the grass when strangers arrived on the road and she ran out and nipped the woman on the leg.Kim means a lot to her owner, he has nursed her back to health after she broke her legs, she sleep

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Say NO to the Clinic- Save our Children.

We, the people of Cottage Grove, OR, do not support the Federally Qualified Health Clinic that is scheduled for renovations August 1, 2022, on LCC property, next to the high school. We petition you, the City Council and Mayor to NOT publicly support or contribute financially to this project.

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Petition for Gates to be Operational in El Prado Pod and Closed outside of Construction Hours (6pm-6am)

We have been told that the developer (The Lookout Group) will not start closing our gates for our security until the construction of all the homes in our pod is complete. We have already had burglaries in our pod that may have been prevented if we had our gates closed during that time. I am asking you to sign this petition and if we get all of our neighbors in El Prado to sign, maybe that will motivate the Developer to get our gates working now vs. waiting until the pod has finished building all

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June 25th, 2022 Dear Board of Directors (CSA) - The following letter and commentary was prepared in response to an email sent on Monday June 13th  2022 by Karla Baumann RE: Subject: HV CSA BOARD MEETING – JUNE 28th 2022 at 10:00am. And in particular an attachment titled: “PROPOSED RULE CHANGES / ADDITIONS:  Effective July 1, 2022”.  In preparation for the aforementioned meeting and in contemplation of these proposed changes and potential future issues that will effect owners / members and their

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Shipment of the Championship Trophy

The trophy must be shipped and delivered within one month (30 days) of crowning a new champion. Failure to do so will result in a punishment of a wheel spin of the sacko punishment list. 

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