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Gun Owners Stand up

We are tired of stores caving to these Anti Gun groups and banning guns in their stores. We want to show them how many Pro Gun People are out there. It took 400,000 signatures for Target to mention a ban on guns. Lets double that number and I will send this to Target, Sonic, Starbucks, etc. Lets show them how strong we are. Lets shut these anti gun groups down.

Created: 2014-07-03 Statistics

End Corruption Now

The corruption.  The backroom deals.  Special privileges for friends and family.  Nepotism.  All of that ends now.   We, the people of North Miami, are ready to demand better.  We're tired of the string of negative headlines casting a shadow on a city where we live, work, and play.  We're sick of a government that is more preoccupied with self-service than it is with community service. With new elections coming, we are going to demand better from our candidates.  And we're going to demand better

Created: 2014-05-27 Statistics

Help Save Chicago Police Officers and Fire Fighters!

We the undersigned call upon the City of Chicago to install Automatic Defibrillators in all Chicago Police Department and Fire Department facilities. We further call upon the Fraternal Order of Police and Police Benevolent and Protective Associations to use their Safety Committees to push the City of Chicago, and its various elected officials to install, maintain and train the employees who work in these facilities in the proper use of these lifesavers. If the City Colleges can have AEDs in its

Created: 2014-02-12 Statistics

Stop electronic cigarette prohibition in New York

electronic cigarettes have helped thousands quit smoking and are helping more everyday. Please stop the government from prohibiting these cigarettes from being sold and used in New York state.

Created: 2014-04-04 Statistics

We Call Them the Dirty Dozen!

We are filing this petition on this 6th day of February in 2014 in order to voice our opposition to Virginia House Bill HB1253 which "Creates the Hampton Roads Transportation Accountability Commission to manage regional transportation planning in Planning District 23. The bill moves the responsibility for approval of projects and the priority of such projects pursuant to the Hampton Roads Transportation Fund from the Hampton Roads Planning Organization to the new Commission." First we had HB 320

Created: 2014-02-06 Statistics

Elizabeth City Utilites are too high

Elizabeth City N.C Utilities is currently able to change rates at anytime up or down with out notice nor feasible reason. The rates being charged are un justifiable. The meters are reading correctly but the rates that coincide are not fair market value with the surrounding areas. With Elizabeth City Utilities  being  the only source for citizens, WE THE PEOPLE SIMPLE have no choice but to pay. But in doing so our quality and health is lowered, some might call this inhumane. We the people petitio

Created: 2014-04-07 Statistics

CHS Varsity Cheerleading

As of December 1, 2014, Suffolk county has named cheerleading a sport. The Copiague High School cheerleading squad has been categorized as a "high school team" meaning if we're not on competition level then we can no longer stunt or tumble. If you would please just sign the petition below, we can show the athletic office how many people support our team in becoming a competition team.

Created: 2014-12-03 Statistics

Save the Danish National Chamber Orchestra

The Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DBC) has announced that it will shut down the Danish National Chamber Orchestra (DNCO) on January 1st 2015 due to budget cuts. The DNCO employs 42 musicians as well as the artistic team working with them. In Denmark, the DNCO is mostly known for its groundbreaking work in bridging the gap between classical and popular music. Under the direction of their world-famous chief conductor Adam Fischer the DNCO has, in the last 15 years, also gained international ac

Created: 2014-09-08 Statistics

Keep the cross on the Whitewater Memorial State Park Carving

This is for those individuals who have not signed a petition at Bertch's Hardware Store or Carquest in Liberty, IN.  Sign the online petition in support of keeping the cross on the memorial carving at Whitewater Memorial State Park.

Created: 2014-08-14 Statistics

Route 66 Gasconade Bridge: REPAIR, DON'T REPLACE

MoDOT (Missouri Department of Transportation), recently closed the 90 year old bridge over the Gasconade River near Hazelgreen, MO over safety concerns. While this will immediately impact travelers of Route 66, there is a serious risk MoDOT will demolish the old bridge and replace it with a more modern design. They also claim they want to move fast on this one, so support for preservation of the bridge is urgent at this point. The 1924 Gasconade bridge is eligible for the NRHP (National Register

Created: 2014-12-26 Statistics