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Analytic Philosophy Department in Zagreb to be closed down

Call for Supporting our Colleagues in ZagrebDear All, the bad news from Zagreb philosophy circles is that Croatian authorities intend to close down the analytic philosophy department in Zagreb, the one belonging to the Faculty of Croatian Studies.This department is a very efficient center for analytic philosophy, doing mainly philosophy of science and philosophy of language. Also, they have excellent scholars in ancient studies and early modern philosophy. The department has always operated on i

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Stand with us Stop the slaughter of People with albinism in AfricaHelp us break the silent chain of  body part trafficking NOW! In February 2015 in Geita, Tanzania,  a one year old boy called Yohana was snatched from his mothers arms’.  The attackers came in the middle of the night and took Yohana away, leaving his mother badly injured by a machete as she tried to protect him. Yohana’s completely dismembered body was found several days later buried in nearby corn field. In April 2016, David Flet

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WHEN GENOCIDE BECAME "FAMINE" : IRELAND, 1845 - 1850 This petition seeks your support for a campaign to: * Persuade relevant authors, editors and website content providers to stop using the word ‘Famine’ for what took place in Ireland between 1845 and 1850, and start using terms such as, "The Great Hunger" or 'An tOcras Mór' * To call on the Government of Ireland and its Ministers, and members of all political parties to correctly call it  'An tOcras Mór' The Great Hunger. It should be signed b

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You Represent ARMY - Make an Oath to Respect BTS in Your City

As you may already know, from any number of social media, such as Twitter and Instagram, there have been a number of incidents involving BTS and fans, during the first leg of the Wings World Tour in Chile. We'd like to begin by stating that we here at ARMYPress do not condone or condemn the actions of these international fans. There are many stories and statements, videos and sources, and we do not stand behind any of them. The purpose of this petition is simple. Regardless of the possible actio

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Reinstate Mr. Liscinski as WHS Biology/Anatomy/Zoology Teacher

Mr. Liscinski has impacted many students throughout his 4 years at WHS. He was wrongly removed and replaced by a teacher that is highly favored by the board and superintendent. He was given the option to be removed or resign and chose to resign so that he could keep his options in the education field would still be open.  Factors leading to his removal Student who did not favor Mr. Liscinski complained to their parent on the school board Replacement has bragged to other teachers that this was pl

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ESPN sign Michael G Baron for the mets

ESPN: We write this to really help you. To help you all make a great decision about a new Mets beat writer. I've spent years now listening end enjoying the insight of Michael Baron, who is not only a phenomenal, dedicated writer, but also a true fan at heart. Something we believe is missing from a lot of beat writers, who develop a cold approach, and an inability to connect with their audience. We the fans just want to help you help yourselves, and help the fans, who are an incredibly loyal and

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Justice For Byron Blake

Byron Blake Is A Native Of East St. Louis, IL. In 2007, He Was Tried And Convicted Of A Federal Drug Conspiracy Charge Which Ultimately Led To Him Receiving A 35 Year Sentence In Prison. Since Then Byron Has Sought Relief Through The Remedies Provided To Him, One Of Which, Was An Opportunity To Directly Appeal The Decision Of The District Courts. In 2008, Byron Blake's Case Was Reviewed By The United States Court of Appeals For the Seventh Circuit. In This Appeal Byron Challenged The Drug Quanti

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Brookfield Signs for Safety: Four-Way Stop at Rockcrest Way-Rockcrest View Lane

PETITION SUMMARY & BACKGROUND: The intersection where Rockcrest View Lane crosses Rockcrest Way is dangerous to both pedestrians and drivers. Presently, the intersection is a two-way stop – with cars stopping on Rockcrest View Lane to enter Rockcrest Way; however, straight-through traffic on Rockcrest Way does not stop.  This is an issue because the intersection is at the top of a hill on Rockcrest Way, creating blind spots for pedestrians crossing the street and for drivers, when turning 

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Free Mr. Page

By signing this you are agreeing to the fact that Mr. Page should remain as a teacher at Cinco ranch junior high. He is a wonderful teacher who wants nothing more than to help his students in succeeding in his class. At the same time he try's to make his class enjoyable for his students but some are  not agreeing with his methods. Please help as he is loved by many current and past students.

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We the undersigned oppose giving Jereme L. Nelson the death penalty as well as a life sentence!        Have you ever heard the saying "Don't judge a book by its cover.", or how about "Before you go around judging people, you better make sure your own hands are clean.", or last, but not least (excuse my language on this one) "Don't believe the shit you hear about me, it could be true, but chances are its as fake as the person who told you." do any of these ring a bell?        I ask this because t

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