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Pour que Big Time Rush vienne faire un concert en Suisse

Bonjour ! je fais cette pétition pour que Big Time Rush vienne en Suisse. C'est un groupe de 4 mec, Kendall, James, Carlos et Logan.   Big Time for Rush to come to SwitzerlandHello!I make this petition for Big Time Rush come to Switzerland.This is a group of four guy, Kendall, James, Carlos and Logan.

Created: 2012-06-11

Time period All countries Switzerland
All time 95 65
2012 71 45

Stop selling ThunderCRACKER toys

This is an online petition to stop Hasbro from selling toys with racist slurs. It all started last week when my husband and son got back from the store. My son proudly showed me his new toy, a blue jet robot.  He told me that its name is "Thundercracker." I was taken aback.  If you don't know, "Cracker" is a racist slur used against people of caucasian lineage. It's the equivalent of the "N" word. I told my son that it's not right and we gave the blue jet a new name.   I couldn't think of a reas

Created: 2012-10-04

Time period All countries United States
All time 76 49
2012 70 46

Per nje ligj efektiv mbi Mbrojtjen e Kafshëve në Shqipëri / For an effective Animal Protection Law i

  Ju lutem shkoni ne fund te faqes per te firmosur. Faleminderit. To sign this petition, please go to the bottom of this page. Thank you.   (English and Russian version below Albanian Text)   Shkëlqesisë së Tij, Kryeministrit të Shqipërisë: I nderuar zotëri, 1. Duke pasur parasysh se është detyrë e njerëzve që t'i respektojnë kafshët dhe të garantojnë përfitimin e tyre nga legjislacioni që i mbron në mënyrë të mjaftueshme dhe të efektshme; 2. Duke pasur parasysh se kjo detyrë po njihet d

Created: 2010-07-21

Time period All countries Albania
All time 1316 711
2012 70 48

Oppose SB 703

LOUISANA RESIDENTS OPPOSED TO SB 703 We, the undersigned, are in opposition to SB 703 that grants “quick-take” property expropriation powers for road and sewerage projects in Ascension Parish for the following reasons. Ascension parish, like every other parish in the state, already has expropriation powers under DOTD statutes.  Ascension parish presently, however, has NO road or sewage plans with timelines, prioritized projects, or cost analyses. Because there are no specific plans that address

Created: 2012-05-18

Time period All countries United States
All time 69 69
2012 69 69


We, the undersigned, hereby demand from Samaa TV in no uncertain terms and with all the venom we can possibly muster that Maya Khan be taken off the air for her wanton attack on the privacy of indiviuals within this nation, the nerve to assume the role of moral police, the balls to subject people to abject humiliation on TV whose only 'crime' is spending time with someone they love, and - of course - for being an absolutely hypocricital, insufferable and colossal BITCH. If you are a Pakistani th

Created: 2012-01-23

Time period All countries Pakistan
All time 69 56
2012 69 56


This petition has been created in conjunction with my facebook page Parental Guidance.  Our goal is to help ward off cyber bullying and create guidlines for a youth free at large on the social networking sites.  We are hoping to gain enough support to make our politicians realize some sort of precedent be set in place.  Our goal is only to protect our youth and not to intimidate or judge others. Please help show support for this important cause, and make a positive change for the kids of tomorro

Created: 2012-10-18

Time period All countries Canada
All time 67 65
2012 67 65


This is an online petition to stop a corrupt toy company from making toys with harmful names that can subliminally corrupt our children's minds. I first encountered this when my kid got a toy robot that turns into a blue jet called "Thundercracker."  Cracker is a racial slur used to disparage Caucasians.  I started an online petition for this, but as I did more research, it seems Hasbro is hell bent on putting bad ideas into our children's brains. Besides, Hasbro's corporate lackeys have flooded

Created: 2012-10-29

Time period All countries United States
All time 136 78
2012 66 36

Let's Turn Over a New Planning Leaf

We the undersigned call for a restoration of a Planning Commission in the city of Troy, N.Y.  We ask that the commission replace the current planning board and be comprised of people with relevant professional and civic backgrounds.

Created: 2011-12-30

Time period All countries United States
All time 122 122
2012 63 63

SAY NO to the UNLAWFUL CLOSURE and POLICE RAID of the Labyrinth Buda Castle

The attack    The invasion of the Labyrinth of Buda Castle to expropriate its assets and cultural investments for the private benefit of a group of government officials.      The Budapest riot police and forces of the authority acting for the Hungarian State raided the Labyrinth of Buda Castle and simply forced the large number of Hungarian and foreign visitors to leave the exhibition spaces, closing down the Labyrinth. Because of the brutality of the action, many tourists believed that a terror

Created: 2011-08-16

Time period All countries United States
All time 345 64
2012 63 11

GemBar Petition

We the people of Lambton, Klipoortjie, Parhill Gardens, Hazeldene and Hazel Park, hereby call on the municipal structures to assist in the closure of the following venue: GemBar, Corner Webber and Third Avenue, Germiston. The motivation for closure is based on the following observations: These places harbour unsavoury characters that often incite violence, cause harm to people and property, as well as fuel general civil disobediance. Contravene the Liquor Act, 2003, by selling alcohol

Created: 2012-03-26

Time period All countries South Africa
All time 59 59
2012 59 59

Action for the NHFC & HFC to both stand alone in the TFL

AFL Tasmania has recently advised the North Hobart Football Club and Hobart Football Club that only one of these teams would be granted entry into next seasons league. They have made these two clubs fight for one licence available. The action by the General Manager of Football Tasmania Scott Wade has been heavily criticised over the past fortnight and as his time as manager. His request and handling of this matter has shocked the Football community of Tasmania. I am asking you sign this petition

Created: 2012-07-24

Time period All countries Australia
All time 58 58
2012 58 58