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PLEASE JOIN US IN CHALLENGING THE APPLICATION FOR PROPOSED DEVELOPMENTS IN THE WYNFORD/CONCORDE COMMUNITY Fengate Asset Management has proposed two major developments on the west side of Wynford Drive Concorde Place/Gate, currently under review by the City of Toronto Planning Department. The developments include buildings to be demolished (the two office buildings at 1-3 Concorde Gate (Home Depot), 10-12 Concorde Place (ESRI) and the Don Valley Hotel) to make way for the proposed developments.  

Created: 2021-08-24 Statistics

A Fourth Diamond for Calgary Senior Men's Slopitch!

Calgary Senior Men's Slopitch League is growing!  There are many seniors in Calgary who would love to join our exceptionally fun and challenging slopitch league.  And we NEED to grow, because if we don't make the effort we will eventually wither and die as an organization. Toward that end, the League has talked for years and years about other venues or gaining control, through Triwood Community Centre, of the 'Triwood Baseball' diamond just south of the Triwood 1 diamond we already use.  The iss

Created: 2022-08-20 Statistics

Citizens of Nanaimo demand a revision of the proposed budget/tax increase for a revenue neutral 2022. No new increased spending/taxation.

The City of Nanaimo's website clearly states the following:  The Community Charter gives Council the authority to set budgets, levy taxes and establish policies to guide the growth, development and operation of the City for the benefit and protection of its residents. We, the undersigned, believe that the Nanaimo City Council is violating its Charter by way of exorbitant spending and property tax hikes, disregarding the benefit and protection of its residents. 2022 is not a normal year. Two year

Created: 2021-12-23 Statistics

Freedom For Tamara Lich: Canadian Political Prisoner

Free Tamara Lich. Tamara Lich, who assisted in the organization of the peaceful Ottawa Freedom Convoy protest in February 2022, has been arrested again on a Canada Wide Warrant. The reason for her arrest is alleged violation of bail conditions.  Upon her original arrest she was charged with mischief, counselling mischief, obstructing police, counselling to obstruct police, counselling intimidation and intimidation by blocking and obstructing one or more highways.  She was granted bail with sev

Created: 2022-06-28 Statistics

Health Insurance for exotic animals in Quebec / Canada

Currently, there is no company offering health insurance for exotic animals in Quebec and/or Canada and my veterinarian advised me to put our force together to call companies and put pressure to have this service. Unfortunately, there are many who must euthanize their birds due to lack of money while their birds could be cured and saved. It breaks my heart. I am not in this situation, but it is a cause that is very dear to my heart. Let's make a change together for the love of our birds and exo

Created: 2018-08-09 Statistics

CRD Volunteer Firefighter Vaccine Mandate

We, the undersigned community members, residing in the Cariboo Regional District and relying on the Volunteer Emergency services of the Cariboo Regional District, request the Vaccine Mandate for CRD Employees and Volunteers created on November 19th, 2021 be removed. The Vaccine Mandate, including 14 Volunteer Fire Departments, as well as multiple Search and Rescue departments, are heavily relied upon by small communities, that will suffer drastically if this mandate remains, due to unvaccinated

Created: 2021-12-10 Statistics

Relinquish fire pit ban

We, the residents of the town of Trenton,  want to see the town bylaw for the burning of wood products relinquished effective immediately.  We understand that any open fire must be in an approved burning unit and fully accessible to a water hose.  The resident is responsible to take great care whilst enjoying a campfire for entertainment purposes with family and friends. 

Created: 2022-11-13 Statistics

Support of Uniforms at Riverside School

Parents of Riverside School, As many of you are aware, our administration is looking to do away with uniforms at our school.  After speaking with many parents, the conclusion seems to be that most parents are in favor of uniforms.  Having been part of the school community since the onset of the science program, I believe unforms are an integral part of our students' wellbeing. Being an inner city school, there are many students who come from a variety of socio-economic backgrounds. Uniforms ease

Created: 2022-05-03 Statistics

Reinstate of ILIP (Integrated Learning Instructional Period) and late start Wednesday's at Bill Crothers SS

Prior to the pandemic in March of 2020, BCSS students benefitted from ILIP and late start Wednesday's.  As covid measures and mandates are lifted, we need ILIP and late start Wednesday's to return to Bill Crothers Secondary School. Rationale:1. Our students mental health. It feels like no one is speaking up for our students mental health. The ILIP period helps balance an extremely busy day for most of our student athletes. Many students have struggled with their mental health during the past 2 y

Created: 2022-03-21 Statistics


THIS OLD FARMHOUSE @ 4291 GLANFORD AVE has been a part of SAANICH for over 108 YEARS. The old gem does not DESERVE to be teared down .... On TUESDAY JUNE 21/22 let your voices be heard, we need to tell SAANICH NO. NO YOU CANNOT TEAR DOWN THIS VALUABLE ICON OF SAANICH HISTORY. The old house is an IMPORTANT community meeting place and much more. It holds MANY GREAT MEMORIES for majority of the community and hopefully only more to come. TO DEMOLISH THIS PIECE OF SAANICH HISTORY: IS WRONG IS U

Created: 2022-06-09 Statistics

End the nursing shortage, need action now!

Since 1990 nurses have known a shortage of qualified nurses was going to happen in 2000. In house trained programs closed in late 1990s and universities did not open more seats to keep up with the growing population that nurses would need to care for. LPNS (2 yr diploma) were an answer although massive amounts of LPNs who paid for private education found themselves out of work because there were too many. Many LPNs tried to get into RN nursing programs only to find that universities either did n

Created: 2022-02-06 Statistics

Ford government's decision to prioritize economy over an Indigenous teaching framework in the latest elementary science and technology curriculum.

Indigenous teachings have been taken out of the Ontario Elementary School curriculum. Our future generations will have no knowledge of Canadian history or current issues. Education minister, Stephen Leece claims that students need to learn about “Real-world experiences”. The Grade 6 expectation is to learn about the importance of biodiversity in supporting Indigenous agriculture around the world. Grade 4 students will learn about the importance of First Nations, Métis and Inuit geological knowle

Created: 2022-09-27 Statistics

City of Windsor Petition for Bylaws Regarding Boarding Houses

Dear Neighbour,  I am a concerned citizen living in downtown windsor. I have lived here since 1983. Recently my neighbour's house was sold to real estate speculators from Toronto. After the new owners failed to sell the house for a profit over the last 6-7 months, they have decided to turn the 3-4 bedroom single family house next to me into a boarding house with shared bedrooms for up to 12 people. I became concerned after seeing the 8-12 beds they ordered, and seeing this ad on Facebook, and re

Created: 2021-12-29 Statistics

Protect Journalists Covering Ukraine

  Journalists covering the Russia-Ukraine conflict need the support and protection of the Canadian and U.S. governments.   Many journalists who have published or broadcast material deemed to be critical of the Ukrainian government have been added to "hit lists" where they are identified as "Enemies Of Ukraine".  In some cases journalists have been targeted, arrested, detained, and some journalists have been killed in acts that may be connected directly or indirectly to these lists. There are al

Created: 2022-06-14 Statistics

Save the Penticton Creek Trees

  The beautiful pathway that is nestled between the creek along Nanaimo Street and 335 Braid has gorgeous mature trees which are going to be cut down according to city staff "The trees have to go." The trees have been meticulously maintained inside the property line of 335 Braid and the owners, Brent & Judy Richards are petitioning the community to help save them. So many trees along the creek have been destroyed​ and removed. It will take decades to see any such beauty & growth again.

Created: 2022-11-04 Statistics

New skatepark for Ingersoll

 This petition is to show support and to prove that there is a legitimate need for a new skatepark here in the town of ingersoll. The undersigned truely belive that our community and surrounding could strongly benefit from a new park. The undersigned strongly agree that our community and surrounding will benefit from a new park. The new skatepark will be a free to use, safe, inclusive and family orientated for users of all ages. The park will be professionally constructed by a company sellected

Created: 2019-09-13 Statistics

Stop The Vaccine Passport

STOP THE VACCINE PASSPORT IN CANADACanadian Chamber of Commerce says governments must get ahead of fourth wave right now, must use vaccine certification and rapid testing Let them know how you The city of Surrey Board of Trade has put forth a request to the federal, provincial and municipal governments in regards to implementatio

Created: 2021-07-30 Statistics

UARB ...say NO to NS Power Hike

Nova Scotia Power's rate increases are proposed to take effect in three stages, beginning this August and then on Jan. 1 for the next two years. Lets try and stop this Power Rate hike,at least voice our opinion. Will this help ? Who knows,  but we have to go outside of talking on Facebook. Once we have a thousand signatures, I will forward to UARB and our Government representatives.

Created: 2022-01-29 Statistics

Pétition! Maintenir les repas sains cuisinés sur place - Maintain the healthy meals cooked on site au Centre éducatif grandir ensemble et de la Maison Montessori de Parc-Extension

Nous refusons que la garderie change le service alimentaire en place par un service de traiteur, car cette décision n’est pas prise dans le meilleur intérêt pour nos enfants et leur santé. En tant que parents, nous avons à cœur que nos enfants reçoivent les meilleurs soins ainsi que des repas et collations santé et équilibré avec des ingrédients de qualités, afin de favoriser un sain développement. Nous avons pris connaissance du menu offert par le service de traiteur et nous croyons que ce menu

Created: 2022-09-15 Statistics

Exam final mark changes 30% - 10%

So COVID may have screwed a lot of people over but now the TDSB is enforcing a 30% exam in our final year of high school. We haven't even wrote an exam before and the board wants to make it 30%. This is clearly unfair and will affect tons of innocent students trying to apply to uni if you want a change then sign this petition and make one.

Created: 2022-10-05 Statistics