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Convince Teran to let his gf drive his car.

It is with great sadness that we report that his car has been washed and detailed but she still can't drive it. Sign this petition and with 100 signatures we can not only get him to sleep in the couch, but let her drive his car. (This has no bearing on real life and I have no life which is why I made this)

Created: 2019-09-12 Statistics

Shawnee Indians Entrance Song

How cool would it be if we ran out to the Avengers theme song at homes games? skip to 1:22 in the video  

Created: 2019-05-22 Statistics

Save USV Midget Full Tackle Football

If USV is to change Midget Football to flag football, it will lose most of the participants.  The boys want to play what they know.  Some of these boys are very physical, full contact boys, and they needed an outlet for their aggression.  This had been the only sport offered at USV that gives these boys that outlet. Midget Varsity also needs to be prepared to move into Junior High Football.  By eliminating tackle football, these boys would not be prepared, and parents would not feel comfortable

Created: 2019-04-04 Statistics

Oppose Townhomes

We, the undersigned, hereby OPPOSE the proposed development of the 61 Townhomes on and around Moore Street.  

Created: 2019-09-02 Statistics

Stop the annual dolphin slaughter in Taiji

Every year between September and March, hundreds of dolphins are captured and killed in the most horrible way in Taiji, Japan. Twelve boats sail to the open sea almost every day to search for wild dolphins. A few kilometers from the coast, the dolphin hunters spread out to continue their search. This search sometimes take a few hours before dolphins are found. When a dolphin family is found, dolphin hunters take their position. The hunters start striking with a hammer on a metal pole that is at

Created: 2019-03-30 Statistics

Bring Dr DeAnn Bell back to Bangor!

Students of creative writing at  Bangor university are devastated to hear the news that Dr DeAnn Bell has been (in our opinion) unfairly laid off. DeAnn is in many ways a vital organ to the school of Languages, Literatures and Linguistics- especially for literature and creative writing aspect. She has gone far beyond the call of duty for each and every student that has needed her help and assistance. She is the prime example of what a good teacher should be. Not only inspiring us to believe in o

Created: 2019-05-10 Statistics

to convince parents to let Amaranta go to madison

so i want to go to public school for highschool but my parents are mean to me 😔 anyways pls sign this 

Created: 2019-07-18 Statistics

Spring Valley, MN City Administrator position. Out with the Old! In with the new!

Spring Valley as a City has sat stagnant for many years with little growth!! It is time for a Change and in my opinion and from what I've gather from community members is it really starts with our City Administrator position. It is a hired Position done by our Mayor Tony Archer and Elected City Council. I have personally been lied to and railroaded by the City at the hand of Deb Zimmer(City Administrator) She has got to go!! She's bad for business and bad for the City!!  Just as Chris Danielson

Created: 2019-05-30 Statistics

Add Merge modifier to Blender

The strength of Blender in term of modeling are modifiers. Blender already has several modifiers with a merge option, but most of them are limited. For example, the array has a merge modifier but combined with a curve or a simple deform, the merge will only work on the array part, not on the deformation part.   In this example, the Simple Deform Modifier comes after the merge modifier and it doesn't have a merge option, so the final result is bad as you can see. The curve modifier doesn't have

Created: 2019-09-18 Statistics

Petition against forest logging due to the construction of the summer ski hall in Donovaly

The forests of Donovaly represent a unique natural wealth. They are an irreplaceable natural environment in which thousands of residents and visitors regularly relax, do sports and recreate and provide a unique microclimate for all of us. These are forests in the protection zone of NAPANT (Low Tatras National Park), where there is a II. degree of nature protection, they are home to a number of protected animals, plants and biotopes of European and national importance. This wealth is increasingly

Created: 2019-11-07 Statistics