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Support LGBT people at UoR after pro-conversion therapy for trans people talk

The point of this petition is announce support for the LGBT students at the University of Reading and the larger community as a whole. On the 25th of April, a pro conversion therapy for trans people speaker was invited to the UoR. The UN has called conversion therapy torture and the talk violated several University of Reading policies but was still allowed to go ahead. The University of Reading should make a public apology as the talk was abusive, disciminatory and harassment using the UoR's own

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Preserve the Educational Mission of GCC (Grove City College)

As friends of Grove City College, we write regarding recent controversies over Critical Race Theory and conversations about race at the college.    UPDATE (4.28.22) On Wednesday, April 20, a report from the Ad Hoc Committee of the Grove City College Board of Trustees was released to the public. Since the release, reaction has been strongly negative from many who signed a petition we initiated in March of this year. John Inazu, Law Professor at the University of Washington at St. Louis read the r

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GCC Alumni in Support of Dr. Jemar Tisby

We are writing to voice our concern in response to Grove City College’s review and report of the use or discussion of Critical Race Theory on campus and its response to Dr. Jemar Tisby’s talk at the college. As GCC students and graduates, we believe the use of critical methodologies is integral to the understanding and continual critique and analysis of the liberal arts. As a liberal arts college, Grove City should embrace and consider all theoretical frameworks and not censor or silence viewpoi

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Support Airline Workers Against Mask Mandates

Dear Reader, Federal Face Mask policies and procedures, due to Covid-19, have created daily challenges in every aspect of life over the past two years. These challenges are critically impacting the Aviation Industry, especially Flight Crews, and needs to be addressed with the utmost importance. Communication is one the most crucial components in executing a safe flight and can have a detrimental effect on both crew and passengers when it is obstructed. Face masks interfere with communication bet

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Petition to stop Ivy Board from accepting Master Association settlement

Whereas: The Ivy Board has a fiduciary and ethical duty to represent the best financial interests of Ivy owners, including oversight of funds to stop improper self-enrichment; Your Ivy Representative to the Master Association, Christine Michaels, has been unlawfully excluded from The Master Association meetings where critical lawsuit issues, including possible settlement, has been discussed; additionally she has been illegally ejected from Master Association without them having even legal right

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Stop Florida Shark Fishing Tournaments

It is crazy in the year 2022 we are still having conversations about barbaric, egocentric, brutal and simply unnecessary shark fishing tournaments! It is a topic ignored by the likes of FWC and NOAA, A topic that is constantly bought up and disregarded in many commissioner meetings. We hear worldwide of the depletion of shark species, the constant threats of finning and the long gestation period taken to reproduce these essential animals in our oceans. There is no lie at the wording "sharks are

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May the trees have a chance?

We understand that the trees in the boulevard are the property of the city.  We also understand that the trees being removed would eliminate several costs for the city. In the long haul for the future of the city - the present and future citizens that call Colby their home would like you to please consider this request. Our request is that the street work is completed without the removal of all the trees. The trees are a great asset for many reasons.  Oxygen for us as people.  Habitats for wildl

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our beloved friend... was gunned down by a repeated offender Donovan Bookout Tuesday morning while doing his security rounds...there was no reason to shoot and kill a security guard doing his took away a son a father a brother and a friend...his life was cut short leaving behind 6 children... we all want justice for his death and as a friend I seek keep Donovan behind bars and don’t let him back out...

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Residential Petition - Town of Loomis. Say No to application #21-04 RV Campground on Brace Road

We are against the building of an RV campground on Brace Road.  Here are some of the reasons why. 1) Traffic will be impacted and the heavy trailers (some over 30,000 pounds) will damage the already distressed road and put in danger bikers along Brace Road. 2) If trucks miss the turn off they will be forced to turn around potentially on private roads down the street. 3) There is no freeway access putting the burden of traffic on Brace road which goes through residential neighborhoods. 4)  No tho

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Improving CA Science Education (AB 2565 amendment)

Dear Assembly Member Rubio, The State of California has made great strides in advancing TK-12 science teaching and learning over the past decade. Despite these advancements, the members of the CA TK-12 science education community are deeply concerned about the current state of science education. Our concern is considerably heightened in respect to TK-5 science education. Due to a lack of state funding for teacher and administrator professional development, a lack of funding and support for an in

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