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To remove the mask mandate at Mack Trucks due do evidence of ineffectiveness and other health risks.

Masks packaging indicates that it does not provide the ability to prevent coronavirus. This should be enough for everyone to take pause and think. But there is a lot more. 14 CDC funded studies show no substantial difference in mask effectiveness. Assuming masks are effective is unreasonable. “Evidence that masking as a source [of] control results in any material reduction in transmission was scant, anecdotal,

Created: 2021-02-27

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2021 41 41

Petition for Mr. Ken Foley

We the undersigned submit the following petition to show that that Mr. Ken Foley was of vital importance to the business Nevada Smiths. Mr. Foley worked at Nevada Smiths from 1998 through 2010. He built and ran the basement level bar starting in 1999, booking all of the events during the years he was employed. These events included comedy nights, live jazz nights (which he performed in occassionally), karaoke nights and various other social and philanthropic events. Anything that wasn't soccer r

Created: 2021-04-12

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2021 41 40

Make School Lunches Healthier!

I believe that school lunches should be healthier. I believe this because making school lunches healthier can make kids focus more and it can even be cheaper if you find the right food. Mara Fleishman of Boulder Colorado says that you can make school lunches healthier and at a cheaper price. According to SELF, there are many different healthy foods that you can make for under $2. According to "" healthy meals boost kids' energy and make them learn better. According t

Created: 2021-01-26

Time period All countries United States
All time 48 40
2021 45 40

2021 Highland View Subdivision Annual Meeting

Due to community high turnover and 2020's illegitimate annual meeting voting results of board members, we are demanding a lawful re-vote of all board positions. During the annual meeting in 2020 not all votes were recast after the current board members nominated themselves. Secondly we would also like to make a motion to remove Skyline Management Company. 

Created: 2021-01-24

Time period All countries United States
All time 40 40
2021 40 40

Sunday Obligation

Dear Bishop Estevez, We, the undersigned, with all respect and humility, request that you reinstate the Sunday obligation for all Catholics in the Diocese of St. Augustine.  On March 16, 2020, you gave universal dispensation, to all Catholics in the diocese, from Sunday and holy day obligation due to fears of spreading coronavirus.  It was a time of confusion and fear of the unknown with regard to how serious this virus was.  Nearly a year has gone by. We now know, based on the science of this v

Created: 2021-02-25

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2021 38 38

🇪🇺 Európska únia

©2021 Bartolomej Andre™ 📃✍️ This petition was signed first by Donald Trump, Mark Zuckerberg and Angela Merkel. 🇸🇰 Slovak Republic  Change will not happen if we remain silent. The author of this petition stood up and took action. Will you do the same? Start with a social movement. By signing, I authorize the Slovak Republic to hand over my signature to persons or state bodies authorized to act in this matter. If you also agree that the Government of the Slovak Republic, Chairman of the Security C

Created: 2020-11-18

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2021 1135 38

Representation Matters for LSR-7 BOE Leadership

We must continue to move forward. On April 6th, we  elected only the second African American to the Lee's Summit Board of Education and we must not stop there. The current members of the board have an opportunity to take action to get representation in leadership, and to speak through their actions to show their community that it is time for meaningful change.  We are asking members of the board to vote on Thursday to place an African American in a board leadership position for the first time in

Created: 2021-04-11

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2021 36 36

Petition to Discipline Brian Mast FL-18

We, the undersigned, in affixing our signatures hereto, ask and petition the Speaker of the House to take necessary and appropriate disciplinary steps with respect to Congressman Brian Mast (R – FL 18) in response to his serious and inexcusable violation of the oath of office, and his unethical and immoral conduct outside of Congress. Congressman Mast's disgusting behavior brought shame on the highest and most consequential deliberative body in the land, for which he should be held accountable. 

Created: 2021-01-06

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2021 36 36

Oppose Abandonment and Annexation of Osceola Rd. Right of Way!

Dear Juno Beach Town Councilmembers, We respectfully ask for you to PRESERVE PLEASANT RIDGE “PARK” and DENY the Annexation and Abandonment of Osceola Rd. Right of Way to The Waterford.  The Pleasant Ridge Plat language states that this ROW is dedicated for “perpetual use of the public”.  It has long been used as a park by Pleasant Ridge and nearby communities. Your vote supporting this blatantly bad plan will result in stripping a beautiful park away from Pleasant Ridge residents that include ch

Created: 2020-07-25

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2021 36 36

Investigate 2020 Election Issues as fiercely as you did Russian issues in 2016!

We, the American voters, deserve an investigation into the voting irregularities, states' voting process changes, voting system malfunctions and election worker actions that have given rise at the grassroots level for concerns about the integrity of our elections. There is too much anecdotal evidence in many states relative to data mining for voters, ballot harvesting and physical poll worker tampering not to open a Congressional investigation.  These grassroots concerns give rise to this petiti

Created: 2021-02-22

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2021 35 35