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Oppose German Shepherd Dog Standard Revision coat, color, and DQ

We OPPOSE the revisions to the coat, color and disqualifications sections for The German Shepherd Dog Standard submitted by The German Shepherd Dog Club of America and subsequently published by The American Kennel Club Secretary's page for comment in October 2013.

Created: 2013-10-28 Statistics

youth in trouble - help me!!!

Today, parents of minors are legally and financially responsible for their behavior.  If a parent decides to committheir child to therapy, a hospital, rehab, etc., the child must voluntarily go.  Even if they do agree to go, theycan check themselves out at any time.  It doesn't matter if these minors have drug addiction, behavioural issues and evenmental illness - the law as it stands now, renders us- the parents, helpless. I would like to try to get this law changed to put the power in the hand

Created: 2013-09-30 Statistics

Operation Swapnote Revival

This petition is a petition set up by a Nintendo fan on behalf of all Nintendo fans everywhere. Recently, Nintendo shut down the Swapnote (a.k.a. Nintendo LetterBox) service due to them believing people were sending offensive messages. Most people want to bring back this awesome application so, if you have any goodness in your heart, sign this petition!

Created: 2013-11-01 Statistics

We want Bamon in TVD !!!

Because they make sense together. Because sometimes love is stronger than hate. Because together they can really be themselves. We want Bamon in season 6 !

Created: 2013-07-25 Statistics

End Post Limit

Dear tumblr staff, We, the users of tumblr, are here to purpose to you a topic that tumblr users everywhere have agreed on. We know that you are not able to cater to our every desire, and we are willing to accept your declination of this petiton. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to giving us such an amazing website. Now, onto the reason behind this petiton; we, the tumblr users, would like to end the post limit of 250 posts per day. We understand that your website is a free service a

Created: 2013-02-11 Statistics


  We want the United Nations to put the Iranian Government under tension to respect human rights   United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moonIn the negotiations 1+5 countries with Iran and in line with solve Iran nuclear conflict , the present politicians offer a lot of suggestions ,so that many concerns were created in different groups of iranian nation and the supporters of human rights with regard to negotiations are secret.Considering the fact that Iran's Regime has been known as one of

Created: 2013-11-27 Statistics


12-16-13: YAY I get to keep my babies. Thanks to all that helped and thanks to all for the kind words of encouragement.  Lisa I am asking for your help and your signature on my petition. After 12 years of dog rescue, the city of Wood Dale, Illinois is taking away my Department of Agriculture Licensing and that means that 4 rescue pets in my home, including several senior unadotpable dogs' lives are in danger.  I have worked so hard the past 12 years and a few complaints when a few dogs got loose

Created: 2013-10-30 Statistics

Za Muzeum romské kultury/ For the Museum of Roma Culture

My, níže podepsaní, nesouhlasíme se sloučením Muzea romské kultury (MRK) a Moravského zemského muzea, které je navrženo v rámci Usnesení vlády České republiky ze dne 16. 1. 2013 č. 37 jako součást úsporných opatření v oblasti zjednodušení agend a zrušení duplicit ve státní správě. Muzeum romské kultury hraje nezastupitelnou roli v předávání a uchovávání poznatků, hmotných dokladů a informací o romské historii a kultuře v celosvětovém kontextu, ale je také považováno za nedílnou součást etnoemanc

Created: 2013-04-06 Statistics

Scare More

Dear Mr.AdminMore(aka Eugenio Croitoru[aka a sexy mathafaka]) We've got "Feel More" and "see more" but we need "Scare More". plz and thanks. we love you(totally homo)

Created: 2013-12-23 Statistics

Save Mount Taranaki

This petition has been set up for all people to ultimately protect Mount Taranaki. The biggest challenge we currently have in front of us, is the Resource Concent that has been permitted to TAG Oil to drill 220 meters from the Egmont National Park and Mount Taranaki.  Tag Oil have indicated that they will begin roading work before christmas and will notify all stakeholders 20 days before drilling. Tag Oil will be Exploration Drilling to the depth of 4000 metres and one well extending to 5000 me

Created: 2013-11-28 Statistics