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Essex county to adopt provincial ATV by-law

I would like to try to get as many signutares as possible to get Essex county to adopt the already in place Provincial  by-law of allowing ATV's to be riding on the roadside, The abilty to travel to work visit friends, and evn perhaphs create more accesabilty for trails in Essex county What qualifies as an all-terrain vehicle? ATVs are listed under off-road vehicles (ORVs) which encompasses any compact vehicle designed specifically for use on rough terrain including: Single Rider (ORVs with only

Created: 2015-08-10 Statistics

Sunday Detention

  'We the parents are against detentions on Sunday.We believe the girls need to have a day to relax from their intense , extremely long school days, and the parents deserve a day off as well.' So we refuse Sunday punishments.Also more consideration has to be taken for girls missing school... school days are extremely long and girls have personal things that need to be attended to... the school has to respect the parents decisions a little more Yours respectfully  The Parents  Generally , we woul

Created: 2017-12-24 Statistics

Save Nuntii Latini, the world’s only weekly Latin language news broadcast!

Save Nuntii Latini, the world’s only weekly Latin language news broadcast!       We demand that the Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE should continue its Latin language news. For over 28 years a small group of dedicated Finnish Latinists has produced a news program which is a testament to the vitality and flexibility of Latin. It is a unique phenomenon that unites language enthusiasts – from experts to amateurs – throughout the world.       The program fosters interest in Latin and the history of

Created: 2017-11-24 Statistics

Geo test delay

If u sign this our 4th period class will not have to take our test  this unit has been very rushed and there hasn't been much explanation just notes  we are very unprepared  by signing this you would save the grades of many grade 9 students in 4th period geo

Created: 2017-04-24 Statistics

Let's demand to M. Justin Trudeau to ban niqab & burka in public in Canada.

Gaspésie, Dimanche 15 Novembre 15 | 15h15 Bonjour,  Canadiennes et Canadiens ... Soyons solidaires .   Let's demand to M. Justin Trudeau to ban niqab & burka in public in Canada.  Big big thank You !

Created: 2015-11-15 Statistics

Erik Hovey Needs Pink Hair

We gonna make him dye his hair pink 1. Seriously sign this 2. Bulut spent $8 3. This means so much to me 4. I don't understand how lists work 5. Yeah  

Created: 2017-06-01 Statistics

George McLean for the Order of Ontario

George McLean is a great Ontario artist: a living legend. He is self-sufficient, successful and has an international reputation.   For almost 60 years, he has chronicled life in the eastern woodland forests of Ontario with astonishing skill and unwavering conviction.   Through acute observation and excellence of technique, George McLean has created an enduring legacy of essential truths about nature.   We, the undersigned people of Ontario, recognize George McLean’s extraordinary accomplishment

Created: 2017-03-02 Statistics

جمع آوری امضاء برای لغو حکم اعدام سینا دهقان و محمد نوری

  The abolition of the death penalty Sina dehghan and Mohammad Nouri   Sina dehghan and Mohammad Nouri due to activity in virtual networks have been sentenced to Execution We demand the abolition of the Execution penalty are two prisoners   The two persons are now in prison in Arak   .........................................................   لغو حکم اعدام سینا دهقان و محمد نوری   سینا دهقان و محمد نوری دو جوان ایرانی هستند که به دلیل نشر مطالب در فضای مجازی توسط نیروهای امنیتی جمهوری اسلامی

Created: 2016-09-22 Statistics

Revision of the regulation on overnight parking in Chateauguay

Under municipal regulations 4.7, the parking of vehicles is prohibited on all streets of the municipality, from December 1st to April 1st, between 23: 00h and 6 h, to ensure cleaning of the road network. " We think, by the fact that this Regulation should be revised. The winters are not what they were, and often the first snow does not arrive before mid-December, which complicates the parking of citizens unnecessarily for a month. We offer in this air technology, the city revises its approach as

Created: 2016-06-20 Statistics

EASA Special Meeting

The president of EASA, Jason Rietveld is calling a special meeting of The Edmonton Adaptive Sports Association to be held Wednesday, May 17th 2017 @ 7:00pm. The special meeting will be held at the Broadmoor Public Golf Course. Jason Rietveld is calling the special meeting to present these resolutions to the membership. Special Resolution - To adpot new society bylaws Special Resolution - To adopt new objectives of the society  Only active EASA members may sign this petition. Thank You

Created: 2017-04-26 Statistics