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Bodanriu Family

Help Bodnariu family.

91 Created: 2016-01-13 Statistics

Wattpad: New Profile & Old Profile

Recently, there have been several controversies related to new and old Wattpad profile. Many users have given up their account because of the new profile and they think it does not fit with the spirit of Wattpad.  Most people still love the old profile and his uniqueness and they do not think it needs to be in trend with twitter and facebook. Here are some things that users don't like to the new profile: - circular icon cut edges of initial picture;- there is no status bare;- the background ima

86 Created: 2014-10-18 Statistics

Stop the extinction of wolves in Norway!

UPDATE 2018-01-05 Norwegian: ULVENE TRENGER DIN STEMME NÅ! Norge er i gang med den største lisensslakta på ulv på 40 år! 16 av 16 ulv er allerede skutt i Julussa- og Osdalsreviret hittil i år. I tillegg kan 26 ulv til skytes. Ulvens Dag skal til Klima- og Miljødepartementet torsdag 11. januar og vi trenger så mange underskrifter som mulig! Sammen med Naturvernforbundet, WWF, NOAH og Foreningen Våre Rovdyr skal vi vise regjeringen at folk flest vil ha ulv i norsk natur!   Samtidig pågår en retts

91389 Created: 2016-05-22 Statistics

Declaration of the 25th Conference of Social Firms Europe

Social Firms and Social Enterprises set all their hope on Europe Suceava, Romania 20th - 22nd September 2012 The participants of the 25th Conference of European Social Firms CEFEC from Austria, Belgium, Finland, Germany, Greece, Italy, Japan, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Republic of Moldova, Romania, Spain, Switzerland, Ukraine and the United Kingdom are formulating this declaration and appeal to the EU:Over the last 25 years national organizations and experts have been networking to define stan

130 Created: 2012-11-06 Statistics

We ask for Blue Air airline investigation regarding the way they managed the ticket cancelation situation!

I've created this online petition to draw the attention of the competent authorities in order to start the investigation on the Blue Air airline and the way of operating the canceled tickets / vouchers issued, during the state of emergency / alert. During the coronavirus pandemic,  from March 15th to June 30th , all Blue Air flights were canceled and for customers were issued vouchers, many of the customers not even received them. The main problem is that the VOUCHERS CANNOT BE USED ON-LINE (the

179 Created: 2020-06-16 Statistics

STOP the stealthy coercion to SARS-COV-2 vaccination!

On December 28, 2020, the World Federation of Hungarians (founded in 1938) issued the following protest against stealthy coercion of SARS-COV-2 vaccines. The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg on 27 January 2021 was the first confirming the prohibition of discrimination in the case of COVID-19 vaccinations. In articles 7.3.1, 7.3.2 and 7.5.2. of Resolution No 2361/2021.          Join us!   Let's help together Hungary to fulfil

5113 Created: 2021-02-17 Statistics

Give the Fridtjofsen children back to family

This is a "Opprop" to get Monica`s children back. Orkdal barneværn never helped this family. All 5 of the children said they just want to get back to their mother. Theres no problem in the home. No alcohol, no drugs, just a happy family. In 2001 Monica married a man, a really bad man. In 2005 she divorced him and he said he was gonna kill his children, because he would not let them grow up with

458 Created: 2016-01-24 Statistics

Vrem o scena A State of Trance la Untold (We want an A State of Trance stage at Untold)

Am realizat aceasta petitie pentru a strange impreuna fanii muzicii Trance din Romania care isi doresc ca la Untold Festival sa avem o scena dedicata acestui gen de muzica. Vreau sa le aratam impreuna celor din organizarea festivalului ceea ce ne dorim. English: I've made this petition for bringing together all the Trance music fans from Romania, and hopefully not only them, the fans who want a stage dedicated to this music genre at Untold Festival as well. I want for us to show the festival org

70 Created: 2017-08-20 Statistics

Ardabil is waiting for the train...

 Hi, after two decades from the starting day of Ardabil-Miyaneh Railway Foundation, the train hasn't reach to Ardabil yet! The people of the region have been hopeful since governments and parliament members made promises all these years but now we are aware that none of those were true. By the mean of this petition, we, the people of Ardabil, Call for all Iranians to help us reaching our voice to Parliament Members, Ministry of Roads & Urban Development and the President of Islamic Republic

5048 Created: 2016-09-08 Statistics


SAY NO TO PLAGIARISM ! SAY NO TO SELLING BOOKS WITH FOUL LANGUAGE, EXPLICIT AND VIOLENT SEX SCENES TO YOUR CHILDREN !LET'S SHOW THE TRITONIC PUBLISHING HOUSE THAT WE ARE NOT AFRAID! WE WILL NOT ALLOW THEM TO MAKE THEIR MONEY ON OUR CHILDRENDS BACKS!SAVE THE ROMANIAN LITERARY WORLD!I have initiated this petition because two days ago it was put on sale in the online world the book called Dangerous Love written by an unpopular author from Wattpad named Georgiana Sandu, not only she shameless

72 Created: 2016-07-12 Statistics