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No Golf Course Contract for S-G II Association

As a homeowner in the S-G II Association, I am signing this petition to object to the signing of a golf course contract between the S-G II Association and Sterling Golf Inc. The golf course located at 16500 Houston National Blvd, Houston, TX 77095 is not connected to any of our properties in the Association. It is of no value to me or my property. This contract is not in the best interest of our Association as a whole. 

Created: 2021-09-09 Statistics

Please sign this petition to impeach Biden and Harris

Ever since Biden had taken over as president, the very first thing he did was shut down thousands of jobs and he opened up the borders and thousands of illegal immigrants came into our country and they turned everything around for the worse , they have broken into our houses and they stole peoples cars broken into our lives are trying to live off our money that we need for our own country, Biden gave Harris the job of going to the borders and she couldn't even do that she hasn't done anything fo

Created: 2021-06-23 Statistics

Demand Middletown Public School Administrators Give All Our Students A Choice Before Erasing our Homecoming Dance Tradition

Sadly, we know the drill in Middletown, New Jersey.  Please help us save yet another tradition that the MTPS Administration is intending to take away without a care given to the voice of our children or community.  It has been dictated, without even a survey,  that our traditional Homecoming Dance will not be offered this year.  We have asked for a survey of all high school grades at both high schools and have been told that would not be happening and that they are moving foward with the Adminis

Created: 2021-10-08 Statistics

Petition to deny the rezoning of the property located at the corner of Falcon Ridge Parkway and Conestoga Parkway. Anthem Sun City case no. ZCM-21-004B and TM-21-007

 We the residents and homeowners of Sun City Mesquite respectfully request that the Mesquite City Council vote NO on Case no. ZCM-21-004B and revise TM-21-007 to remove the Rec 2 AR-CR1, the requests to rezone the property located at the corner of Falcon Ridge Parkway and Conestoga Parkway from Residential to Commercial Residential. This rezoning would result in the building of 16 pickle ball courts and 1 basketball court, as well as a parking lot and lights, resulting in undue stress on the sur

Created: 2021-10-04 Statistics

Do not Rezone Berkeley and Timberland Schools

This petition is being created to gather support against rezoning Berkeley and Timberland schools. Students shouldn't be forced to change from the school system which they are established.  Parents and students shouldn't be forced to change their ways of life due to the lack of planning to accomodate residential development in the area. The study that was performed researched ways to relieve the schools being overpopulated, but no studies were done to research how this would affect our community

Created: 2021-10-13 Statistics

TCCA School Zone

After witnessing a driver run a red light and almost hitting one of our scholars, it's time for Treasure Coast Classical Academy to have an official School Zone and have officers parked enforcing said school zone during Drop off and Pick up times.     Please sign so we can show that us parents are over the lack of security and safety for our scholars to walk across cove road.  

Created: 2021-09-23 Statistics

Farmingdale Prayer Room

We believe as students attending a recognized institution such as SUNY Farmingdale State College, a prayer room must be provided to the student body, which allows devoted Muslim students to perform prayer in a clean, safe and peaceful environment.

Created: 2021-10-16 Statistics

Support Henderson County School Board Member Stacey Caskey

As a Henderson County School Board Member, Stacey Caskey has worked tirelessly to advocate for the safest and most effective learning environment for all of our public school students. She has continued this important work, despite threats to herself and her business from people who oppose the implementation of safety measures that protect our students. Most recently, she stood her ground against a member of congress who is using our local school board meetings as an opportunity to sow divisive

Created: 2021-09-29 Statistics

Traffic Signal for Unsafe Co. Rd. 81 and Territorial Road in Dayton

The Hennepin County Road 81 and Territorial Road intersection in Dayton, Minnesota is a very busy, unsafe, poorly-lit intersection controlled only by a stop sign on Territorial Road. With the boom of new residential developments in Dayton, Maple Grove and Rogers, this intersection’s traffic levels warrant a traffic control signal with appropriate road striping as soon as possible. This signal will permit Territorial Road traffic to safely turn left and right as well as south-bound County Road 81

Created: 2021-10-27 Statistics

hold animal hospitals liable for pets death and fraudulent billing

I want everyone to know that every single signature and/or comment that has been added on here, I have read them all. 100% are in complete support of this cause and I am so grateful for the short moments of silence I am given as I read, in tears, all your encouraging words and suggestions. Thank you for all the love  I WANT MY STORY TO BE 100% TRUTHFUL. I am not out to profit, nor have I profited in any way by telling this story. No GoFundMe, no donations, not even a lawsuit (they are already in

Created: 2021-07-07 Statistics