Most popular petitions in Finland in 2017

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Reduce DSTV subscription prices

DSTV is too expensive considering that the mostly watched channels have repeats playing all day. Please sign this petition to force Multichoice management to review the prices or have BCC investigate these exorbitant prices.   

Created: 2017-07-26 Statistics

Tropenrooster FonsVitae

Deze online petitie is er om een tropenrooster voor deze te warme dagen te krijgen. Het is gewoon veel te heet om je goed te focussen tijdens de les.

Created: 2017-06-19 Statistics

Cannock Rd/ Redcotts Alley Closure

Please help in gettin this alley way closed down to stop the youths that are causing havoc around there, There has now been a stabbing of a local man just because he chose to walk through the alleyway, the mans life  was very nearly taken as he was stabbed very close to his heart, at the present time this local man is on the mend, slowly, the family and local residents are now campaigning to get this alleyway closed to prevent the youths hanging around here and causing the trouble they have for

Created: 2017-05-22 Statistics

Moira Secondary School- Save our school

May 15, 2017 We the students, parents and friends of Moira Secondary School respectfully request that the Hastings Prince Edward District School Board and the Trustees keep this school open. Moira has a diverse and multi-cultural community including the students of the Mohawks of Quinte and other Indigenous communities. Local business, community agencies and other schools will be greatly affected by this school's closure. Thank you for your attention to this matter.  

Created: 2017-05-15 Statistics


Hello Everyone! Mr. Knowles, (a social worker for JW Mitchell High School) was transferred for calling kids down from class!! He created groups and helped hundreds of kids stop drinking, smoking, doing drugs etc. and helped with a wide variety of mental disorders. He also helped with self confidence and changed our grades tremendously! Please help with this cause! It will impact hundreds of kids futures at JW Mitchell for years to come. WE WANT MR. KNOWLES BACK!

Created: 2017-05-10 Statistics

Sign to ban stupid toilet rule at le rocquier school.

Le rocquier school have taken matters into there own hands after a small percentage of students were staying In the toilets for too long ever day. They have locked all the toilets and made 800 students and possibly more use a small toilet located outside the office. students must write there name in a book and let the staff know they are going. students are saying this is a breach against there privacy and human rights. Children have also said that desease  will spread quickly. HELP get them unl

Created: 2017-03-22 Statistics

Grennaskolan is still fighting

  As several of you have already heard, Grennaskolan's existence is now on the line. It has been for the last 3 years due to the increasing lack of students and its current budget deficit. Jönköping's Kommun wants to shut Grennaskolan down next semester.   Right now the DP 1 students are sending an email and they need signatures from all of you that still want Grennaskolan to be alive! Please sign and share so we can get as many people as possible to sign because we at Grennaskolan will never st

Created: 2017-03-17 Statistics

derelict sight in whitburn

Petition on behalf of the people of Whitburn - Concerning the apperance and condition of the derelict site whitch was origionaly the Old Labour Club at 102A West Main Street, Whitburn, West Lothian. Help us make a difference to our town. WEST LOTHIAN COUNCIL PLEASE TAKE ACTION NOW!!!!!!     Petiton arranged by WhitburnTraders, Any questions/ queries please contact 01501 743533  

Created: 2017-03-07 Statistics

We want Robbie Mitchell working back at Walmart

Walmart in Angleton Texas fired him because his van broke down and when he got back to work they fired him for not calling in and he did. Hes been with the company for 22yrs we want him back he's a great guy that deserves better then this 

Created: 2017-11-29 Statistics

Stop Hothead Games' predatory marketing practices in KSB!!!

Given the current state of affairs in Kill Shot Bravo (KSB), we are attempting to gauge the level of discontent or unhappiness amongst the players. On a weekly basis, Hothead Games (HHG) has either implemented or removed some aspect of the game which only benefits them financially. Recently, the only move we've seen to help the KSB community as a whole were the elimination of mod apks back in early April. While this change was appreciated, frankly it was 10 months overdue. It's the responsibilit

Created: 2017-07-18 Statistics