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When JMPD came and started their training centre in Meadowlands Zone 5 four years ago they promised that they will make sure each intake of Students or Trainees they will make sure 30% of these participants are from meadowlands and other surrounding areas, but this hasn't happened yet and it surely seems like they have no intention of keepi ng the promise they made to the community where they are situated. The Community of zone 5 Meadowlands and surrounding areas are tired of JMPD playing games

Created: 2021-11-10 Statistics

Help Bring Planet Fitness To Justice

PLANET FITNESS had shut me out of my Business and took over my Assets, Lease Rental Deposit with no explanation. the multi-millionaire Manny Rivera, CEO and owner of 3 Planet Fitness Branches, Fourways, Illovo and Sandton, bullied and shut me out of my business and, destroyed honest citizens’ means of living, destroyed 7 jobs and families. I invested almost a million in a health coffee shop franchise positioned inside Planet Fitness Fourways Mega Gym with the then Planet Fitness Manager, to serv

Created: 2021-11-08 Statistics

Absence at school because of Period pains.

I would like everyone to support the absence of girls at school because of their periods. They go through unbearable pain and it is almost impossible to focus in the classroom. I am against female school learners attending school whilst on their periods. Girls should be given the power of deciding whether to attend or not. 

Created: 2021-10-21 Statistics

Alveda Park Wi-Fi Crisis

We the residents of Alveda Park, here collectively agree to send this Petition to Linteg Fibre Pty Ltd.  We here request indulgence and attention on the following matters; i) Poor and Constant interruption(s) to wi-fi & internet services.ii) Billing Problems,which includes wrong billing and invoicing based on unverified information.                                                                         iii) Price hike without consultation.                                                   

Created: 2021-09-30 Statistics

Vosloorus taxi drivers should stop harassing Bolt & Uber drivers kwanele

I am totally against the victimization of Uber and Bolt drivers and also our lives are in danger, because if they attack bolt or Uber with a passenger in the car you are left stranded no matter what time it is.  I'm pleading with Vosloorus residents to sign this petition to show our support to Uber/bolt drivers and let the authorities to know that we need Uber! Bolt services it is our right to choose who we want to transport us.  We will not be bullied by taxi drivers anymore it enough. 

Created: 2021-09-17 Statistics


TSHWANE BUS SERVICE UNPROFESSIONAL ACT This petition serve  to bring our concerns to TBS Herewith we need to get the following points addressed and solved by the management of TBS  1. The main concern is the faulty tapping machine which over charge 2. No busses or busses late 3. Over capacity of busses on routes  No social distance 4. Drivers left commuters stranded till very late in evenings 5. Late afternoon busses leaving earlier than scheduled time at terminus 6. Time tables / schedules not

Created: 2021-08-22 Statistics


The Residents of Hoedspruit demand sustainable, proper maintained, reliable water provision to Hoedspruit and surrounding estates.   We demand the replacement of old dilapidated infrastructure, the completion of long outstanding water projects and all maintenance be done by professional qualified technicians.  

Created: 2021-08-17 Statistics

No bail for Phoenix Massacre suspects

We plea to our people to stand by the victims, families and neighbours of the Phoenix Massacre which led to loss of many lives, physical scars, emotional scars and mental scars.We ask that you sign this petition so that these culprits and murderers do not get bail until they are sentenced to life imprisonment for the merciless killings they did to our innocent people.We would highly appreciate it.#NOBAIL

Created: 2021-07-28 Statistics

Msunduzi Lack of Service Delivery

Good day Mr. Mzi Thebolla The residents of the Northern Suburbs in Msunduzi request an urgent meeting with yourself and Senior Municipal Officials regarding the current electricity crisis facing the community.    The current situation is unacceptable with continued power outages over and above the Eskom load shedding schedule.    At the meeting the residents request a detailed report on the following with a further opportunity to raise questions:-   What is the current status of electricity supp

Created: 2021-07-02 Statistics

Open Up 4th, 5th & 6th avenues in Alberton North

We the residents of Alberton North and surrounding areas petition the City of Ekurhuleni to:  Investigate the road closures in 4th, 5th & 6th avenue with the purpose of opening these roads to vehicle traffic again. Complete a traffic impact assessment for both the current closure as well as the reopening of the roads.  That this impact assessment be made available to the public through the Ward Councillor and Ward Committee. If a favourable outcome for reopening is found that, it is implemen

Created: 2021-04-26 Statistics

Employ post community service professional nurses in kzn

Petition Employ post-community service Professional nurses who were exorcized after their hard work in Healthcare facilities We plead with the department of health to employ or absorb professional nurses who rendered their community service in different facilities in KZN. These professionals served the department during hard times of a pandemic during their contract, at the end of the contract period they were dumped to the streets to look for jobs more especially those who are from Private ins

Created: 2021-02-06 Statistics

SAVE BEDFORDVIEW! SAVE EKURHULENI! Demand efficient and effective Municipal service delivery now!

Residents Action Group (RAG) and Better Bedfordview demand that Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality urgently address the collapse of service delivery in Bedfordview and across Ekurhuleni. Our town is a disgrace. Our metro is a disgrace. Sewage flows down our streets and the most basic functions of local government are neglected. By signing this petition, you will help RAG to hold Ekurhuleni Municipality to account for its failure to honour its Constitutional obligations to ratepayers and reside

Created: 2021-02-02 Statistics

Help build a free, open skate park in George.

Since the privately-run Skatelab closed down in 2018, there is no safe place for avid and beginner skate boarders, longboarders or roller skaters/bladers to practise their skills in George.  George is a growing city. It has many young families moving here. It also attract tourists from all over the world. It deserves a place where people of all ages can go spend their day, at no cost, being active and interactive with fellow skaters. There has definitely been an increase in skater activity since

Created: 2020-11-09 Statistics

Att Bitou Municipality: Change is needed at The Plett Community Sports Fields

We, the undersigned, would like to keep Plett Community Sport Field, also known as “The Rugby Field” open to public sport playing leagues, such as the Sticks & Balls Sports Academy.   We do not accept the Plett Community Sport Field should be beholden to, controlled by, or solely managed, by one sport playing league.  This is a public facility. It should be fairly used, in an equitable and transparent manner.  We call for an open, honest, fair election of an independent board or committee to

Created: 2020-10-19 Statistics

We Support Wesley Neumann, Principal of Heathfield High School

We support Wesley Neumann in his fight against the WCED in their witchhunt against him. Mr Neumann was simply staying true to his principles and beliefs about the safety of the educators and learners during the Covid-19 pandemic.  Please sign this petition to show your support for Mr Wesley Neumann against the WCED acts of victimisation and bullying.   

Created: 2020-09-29 Statistics


After numerous attempts, trying to obtain an opportunity to train football/soccer long term at Jan van Riebeeck Stadium Mossel bay, without success, we are asking parents, Mossel bay residents and anyone who agrees, to sign this petition to prove the unfairness of allowing certain sports on certain fields and others not. The Jan Van Riebeeck stadium's 8 fields, situated in the upper central part of town, is a therapeutic space to be allocated to all different sport types without prejudice. They

Created: 2020-09-29 Statistics

We the residents of ward 28 Benoni demand from the Mayor of Ekurhuleni that the park next to the Homestead lake is properly protected by fixing the vandalised gate to prevent access for vehicles

The gate to the park has been vandalised and the toilets have been locked. The park is continiously used by people at night to enter the park with their vehicles and creating a huge disturbance with music and alcohol abuse. Various requests have sent to the EMPD and the Parks department without success The park is a popular atraction for the residents of Brnoni for peacefull leisure and picnicking

Created: 2020-09-27 Statistics

Support Guns@Work Shooting Range

Guns@Work shooting range situated in the Industrial area Zoned under Mining within the Germiston band is a fully registered and accredited facility with the National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications (NRCS) and the South African Police Services (SAPS) under the Central Firearms Registrar (CFR). The range is operated in a safe and secure manner by professionals within the firearms industry whom has been involved with the management of shooting ranges for the past 15 years. There are a handf

Created: 2020-09-22 Statistics


We demand radical transformation in the department of social development. Years have passed and no jobs for social workers. Promises are made each year, the dream for employment for our social workers graduates still remain elusive. We want transparency in the department We are tired of corruption We demand change and employment of our graduates Sign this petition to show support and put an end to the misery faced by social work graduates

Created: 2020-09-16 Statistics

Discovery Health and Breast Reduction

Breast reduction surgery for health reasons should be paid for by Discovery Health!   No woman or teenager should suffer because of large breasts. Breast reduction surgery costs up to R70000 Surgery should be covered by medical aids if valid references are obtained  Help me to make Discovery Health realise that the policy regarding such surgery NEEDS to be revised     

Created: 2020-09-12 Statistics